Dancing as a family can be so much fun for every age! Once a month Tammy opens the floor up to people of all ages and welcomes children to the dance floor. 

This class is FREE for EVERY AGE to attend! 

The class brings some of your children’s fave song from they love to hear to the dance floor and many Mom and Dad can groove to and know too! Come join the fun at no expense to you! Feel free to invite your family and friends too!


For ages 3 and up! Music suitable for all ages.

DATE: Thursday August 24, 2017

Time: 7:00pm – 8:00pm (class is approx.. 45 minutes in length)

Location: Oscar Romero Party Room (2352 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto)

Contact Info: Call or Email Tammy c: 416-857-4862                                                                       or e:

Even With Long Weekend Upon Us…Class is Still On!

If you are wondering if we are open and you should come to Zumba…the answer is YES and YES!

Yes! We are open our regular class times and will not be effected by the holiday!  Come join us TONIGHT (Thursday) for Zumba Toning/Core at 7pm and TOMORROW (Friday) for another round of Zumba Toning/Core at 9:30am!

2352 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto!

If you have never joined us before, you are welcome to come in for a FREE class! What a great way to kick off the long weekend! Bring friends, come on your own, whatever works! 🙂

See you soon!



Failing is Part of Life….Your Reaction is Yours…

Recently I put myself out there for something that I could have sworn would be a perfect fit for who I am and what I am up to. I told myself that I wasn’t attached at all to how it turned out and if it was meant to be, it would work out. What really happened was when it didn’t work out, I realized how attached I really was and how bummed out I was that it didn’t work out.

It took me some time and reflection to see that it was okay that it didn’t work out and there were other opportunities that will present themselves and most importantly, I am okay and the decision that was made was not personal to who I am, rather it was the perfect decision for the people who presented the opportunity.

The point is, being sad or discouraged can be a perfectly normal reaction to what’s going on. Staying sad or discouraged is really up to each of us. I choose not to stay in that place for any longer than a day…or so…or less if I can wrap my head back into the game. I know that I am worth it and will have many opportunities show up in life and it is up to me to seek them out, discover and go for it, no matter what.

Failing is just part of the game of life. Stay real my friends!



Zumba for Summer is BACK!

All our classes are back on normal schedule starting TONIGHT at 7:00pm.
Regular schedule is as follows over the summer:
Tuesdays      Zumba SENTAO at  7:00pm
Wednesdays Zumba BASICS at   6:45pm
Thursdays     Zumba MASHUP at 7:00pm
Fridays          Zumba CORE at      9:30am
LOCATION: 2352 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto. (Oscar Romero Party Room!)
**REMINDER: Next wednesday July 26th we will be our 90’s Zumba Party followed by a dinner (if you choose to join or not is totally okay!)
**REMINDER: Next Thursday July 27th we will be having a Family Zumba night and this is FREE for everyone to attend! If you have a youth age 7+ and up who would like to join in the fun with you, you can bring them out!

See You SOON!


Zumba PARTY 90’s STYLE!


Take yourself back to a simpler time when the music had a quick beat, your hair had lots of VOLUME, neon was the only color to wear!


When:  Wednesday July 26th at 6:45pm-7:45pm

Dress code: Whatever you want BUT best dressed 90’s ROCKSTAR will win a PRIZE!


Community is always important to me AND we have one of the BEST communities of ladies in the West End of Toronto!

You are invited to join for dinner and drinks after class if you like! (usual price is around $15 per person)



 Bring a friend and you AND your friend will attend for FREE!

2352 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario

Contact Information:

Tammy Gunn- Host/Instructor



C: 416-857-4862


Decade Check-Ins for Women…

Yes, I said it and I think you all know what I am talking about….the decade check in….for women this is unbelievably a part of life…I seriously can’t be the only one? Or am I?

When you are born you know no better about what you look like or who men or women are. That takes time to develop….as many things do with each decade I have learned.

When I was 10, I recall realizing that I no longer wan to play with Barbie’s but was now becoming more and more fascinated with NKOTB (If you knew that was New Kids On The Block before I just had to write it here….well you had a cool childhood!). At 10, I experienced one of my first deaths in life, my Grandma Gunn whom I adored.   This was a pivotal moment in life of witnessing how my Mom stepped in to care for my Grandpa. Every night (or every second night) my Mom would walk down a plate of dinner to my Grandpa. I know she did so much more for him but that memory sticks out clear as day.  I began to develop as a women, the knowing to take care of others. Thanks Mom!

As my twenties rolled in like a big storm cloud and I was out there “being” who I thought I needed to be as a married women (At 19, I really think it should illegal to get married….I am thinking till your 30 is actually a superb plan but I don’t condemn anyone who thinks otherwise….I just don’t agree….hahaha) Life took a sudden turn from being super fit and single to married, confused, trying to find myself, heavy and an avid smoker  to divorced at 25. Yep, my 20’s screeched in like a Formula 1 car taking the sharpest turn. I wasn’t sure I would get to do my 3rd Decade Check-in due to my journey of a thousand roads 20’s…but here I am…2 decades later and the war wounds have held up nicely!

When I got to my thirties, the view of this decade had me doing strange check-ins with myself physically, mentally and emotionally. My body began to change. It’s like one day you’re 29 and then POOF….the #30 buzzer gets pushed and a woman’s body goes into an exploration of self-confidence, humor over the things that jiggle that never did before(I cannot be the only one who experienced their first jiggly underarm when doing a chin up. ) I began to love long sleeves for a while till I got that under control again!  My thirties were true golden years. I grew into loving myself and knowing what I will stand for, to still fighting at times to know if I am headed in the right direction, to ROCKIN this 30’s party like it was 1999!

Life was seriously AMAZING in my 30’s. Best DECADE to date!

Then May 2 of this year happened….the marker of a new decade and not just ANY decade…but my 40’s. Honestly, before this one, all other decade self check-ins were never as intense as this year has been.  Having had my 39th year be exciting, challenging, tragic, expanding, re-invention and so much more….it was so weird to begin the thought process that I am now 40.  I always have said “you are only as old as you think you are!” suddenly I had to check in to ask myself “how old do YOU think you are??” Suddenly, I had aches where I had never experienced pain before…I began to examine the wrinkles in my face, every crevice of my body…..then I began the check in to my thoughts, my business, my relationships (personal & friendships…) my entire life seemed to have really come into the spotlight for a FULL ON evaluation and I was being graded like I went to MIT, Standford and Harvard all combined!

I was never this hard on me before.

It has been surprising to me to see how far I have come and then to see how far I have to go.  When I really began to examine things I could see my laugh wrinkles as “Happy Bench Markers” of years well-lived.  The aches began to feel like a good pain of years spent dancing the nights away and loving every minute of it.  I began to embrace all things in which I had been resisting and owning them like medals of honour for how far I have come and always remembering how far I have to go yet.

I know I am only a month into my 40’s but slowly and with time I feel like this life is only going to get better with time and there will be some spills of this fine wine along the way, however, I feel that the opportunity to age well staying positive, creating new challenges and pushing past boundaries will happen in this decade. There is a wisdom in this decade. One that challenges the mind and shapes the future.

I cannot say what my 5th check-in will bring.  It may be like the 4th or it may be a piece of cake (or I will just want cake…not sure yet….we shall see….if I am lucky) All I know right now is that I do not feel like I am 40 (more like 27 and holding) and I hope that it will always be like this. Wisdom, laugh wrinkles, in shape, having fun, loved & loving all that surrounds me.

Let’s raise a glass to all the spectacular women embracing their 40’s in 2017 and those who are on your way to your next decade check-in no matter what the year!

Love you ladies,