Benefits of Movement

Children Deserve Fitness Choices Too!!!

More and more I hear of schools that do not have a policy on having regular fitness programs being a mandatory part of the curriculum.  This may be good in the sense that children are not being forced to do something they really don’t want to do, however, it may also not be good that fitness doesn’t play a larger role in supporting children with increasing their productivity and promoting healthy minds.

Statistics have shown that people who take on a fitness regime remain calmer and more relaxed, able to deal with stressful situations in a clearer way.  Why wouldn’t we promote this to our children?

Children can get a lot out of taking on physical activities.  Possibly having more options than football, basketball, track and stretching classes would interest children more.

The great news is our school systems have been branching out in fitness based programs to offer children more diversity.  One fitness style is not necessarily enjoyable to everyone.  The more creative the school becomes in educating children in fitness, it gives children an opportunity to find their own fitness passion and as we have seen, people who work out tend to be less stressed individuals.

If we harvest promoting fitness and healthy minds at a young age, we have more of a chance of children developing routines in life that have them succeed and handle stress and stressful environments from a healthier point of view.

Let’s teach our children positive healthy ways to deal with the world’s stresses!

If you are a student or a school advisor interested in alternative forms of fitness to attract your students to find positive ways to deal with stress, please click here and contact us today!


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