Benefits of Movement

Benefits of Physical Fitness: Live Longer and Happier

I know the term ‘working out’ just turns most of you off and just switch the ‘no’ button on. But if you really think of it, you’re working out every day.

When you bring that load of dirty laundry to the laundry room, when you’re picking up that frozen meat for tonight’s dinner, even picking up that remote control. I know, ‘how is that “working out”? Well it’s a very [very] minimal work out; you’re making your body move, that’s how it’s a work out. But if you incorporate more activities you’ll see that it becomes an everyday routine.

Studies show that when active, the body releases endorphin’s which make you feel good and better-just like chocolate; and you’ll lengthen your life span from 5-15 years. I know I’m getting all sciency on you but it’s true. And!!! When you’re active and busy you won’t want to munch- out on everything you see, you’ll also be more willing to do more stuff throughout your day.

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