Benefits of Movement

Need A Mini Vacation? Find Out How!

I know I need a vacation and I will definitely take one but until then I am on the mini vacation plan.

What is it?


The coolest part I find about zumba is the music will take you on a 60 minute tour of the world….you can soca to some Caribbean beats, land in India and Bollywood your way over to Portugal, Spain, Italy and finish your tour right in America….or wherever your tour guide…also known as your zumba instructor….plans to land your mini vacation!

It is a pretty awesome way to take your mind out of the day-to-day and into another place even for a little while.  The heat from all the dancing you do will have you feeling like a drink with a pink umbrella may be needed afterward!

So while you wait to take your next vacation, please come join us for some “mini vacations” along the way!  The other “vacationers” are AWESOME too!

Every class is a little different and visits many tropical and european destinations along the way!

Cheers! Oh! Can you bring the suntan lotion next time? Thanks! 😉


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