Benefits of Movement

Zumba Is MORE Than A Physical Workout

I am someone who deals with SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder. Yes, this is a real thing!

Many people around the world are affected in many ways by how the weather changes and usually it affects people’s moods more than physically.

Fitness, in all forms, are great ways to counter act the symptoms that show up for you when the weather changes.  Zumba, because of the music, is one way that can transport you away from the gloomy days and frigid temperatures quite quickly. Zumba can take you to a beach with drinks with umbrellas, sand castles being built, swimming in the ocean….just by the music alone.

Now imagine, 60 minutes of tropical life, the room and you warming up, a HUGE SMILE spreading across your face…your body being fully re-energized.

Aren’t you worth it to snap yourself out of the winter blues and take care of your mind, body and most importantly SPIRIT?

We KNOW you are!

Come try out a class and see what we mean. Seriously, it saved my life to find a way to deal with the winter blah’s.  I wasn’t always this happy! 😉

You can be too! AND we even have a SALE on this month! Who doesn’t LOVE a sale!!!Beat the winter blues sale.pages


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