Benefits of Movement

There Is Always A Choice With Fitness!

In life, we always have choices….even when there is only one option in front of us…instead of saying that is not fair…we can choose whatever that one option is and because you choose it, you have power.

The great part about choice in fitness is that there are lots of choices out there when it comes to styles and instructor or trainers.  Fitness gives you options and exhilaration in soooo many ways!

Maybe you like running, swimming, cycling, dancing, squash, skating, high jump, long jump, volleyball, basketball, football, pilates, yoga, tennis, horseback riding, kickboxing, martial arts, stretching, gymnastics, soccer, mountain climbing, laughter yoga, and the list goes on.

My point is, you cannot say that you cannot find something to suit you in fitness. There are so many choices. I invite you to try many different styles of fitness and when you find the one or two that you love to do, stick with it (them) and add it to your schedule as a part of taking care of you.

Physical activity not only supports you physically. It supports you emotionally and mentally as well. When you are active your body is releasing healthy endorphins that give you that “good all over” kind of feeling.

Also, when you try something and you didn’t like it or weren’t comfortable, consider taking the class with a different instructor. It’s not personal, just sometimes you may see that you like the activity but struggle with the instructor in the way they teach.  Everybody is different, otherwise we would be robots and quite frankly, I do not want a robot teaching me to dance!

Ask questions, let yourself take on an activity full-out! See what shows up and be amazed at how awesome you really are!

The only limit in your life is the limit you put on yourself! BE LIMITLESS! 🙂

Want to try zumba? First Class Free….email me below.

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