Benefits of Movement

Managing Stress With Fitness

Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed out that sitting down and thinking about everything just makes it worse?

Movement, in any form, can shift what is happening in the body quickly and efficiently.  I speak from experience.  In my early 20’s I was dealing with a lot of stress. Marriage falling apart, job changes, bills, unsure where I wanted to do with my life.  I got very stressed out and depressed.  I went to see my medical doctor and her answer was for me to take a pill to make me happy again.

In some cases, this may be a good solution. For myself, I wasn’t comfortable going down that route and wanted to try other more natural solutions first.  I turned to fitness and vitamins.  In the beginning I would walk on the treadmill for hours.  Then after a while I began running.

Within a year I had lost 50 lbs and my stress and anxiety was under control. I used my body as a tool to release its own “happy pill” of healthy endorphins.  Now, as a zumba instructor, I still from time to time deal with anxiety and stress however my outlet now is to dance. 60 minutes on the floor and everything shifts. Actually it shifts about 5 minutes after the music comes on! Such a relief!

Physical fitness is so good for you in more ways than just losing weight. Physical fitness provides relief to people dealing with mental and emotional issues as well.  Whether you have been prescribed something or not, I highly recommend that you find a fitness that you love to do and implement it into your daily living. Even on the days you “don’t wanna” do it….DO IT! Your body mind and spirit will thank you for it everyday!

Don’t stress….we have regular zumba classes each week and we are waiting for you. RSVP here to hold your spot and/or inquire about our schedule!


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