Benefits of Movement

Working Out Does Not Have To Be Work!

Do you have fun when you workout or is it just more work?

When I first started getting into fitness I really struggled with this….I had it that working out wasn’t supposed to be fun but a serious event in your day where you pushed yourself beyond your limits and then you would have a “feeling” of satisfaction.

It was true that at the end of pushing myself beyond my limits, there was that feeling of accomplishment, however, trying to keep myself motivated to doing it was like torture.  I hated and dreaded having to do one more thing that occurred like hard work.  I mean, I worked enough all day, why did I now have to go work hard again some more??

I wanted to have fun AND still reap the benefits of a great workout! Was it even possible?


When I discovered zumba fitness I found a class where I could listen to some of my favorite music, dance all over and learn new moves and walk away 5 x sweatier than I did in my previous workout! I was laughing, having fun, pushing myself beyond what I thought I could do and within a few weeks I started to see the changes in my body and how I felt.

AND did I mention, I was having fun through it all? 😉

The struggle to get to the gym or class ceased. I was quickly not thinking up an excuse for why I couldn’t make it but began clearing my schedule to make sure it didn’t conflict with class!

I invite you to come try a zumba class with me and see what I mean. Working out should be a release from what you do in your day. Something to let the stresses of the day slide away. Come see what I mean by attending a class with me for FREE.

You have nothing to lose…..except the thought that working out is work! 😉



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