Benefits of Movement

Whether You Think You Can or You Can’t…You Are Right!

If you think you can….you are right…..If you think you can’t……unfortunately…you are also right!

Mindset is everything! Will you still fail sometimes with a positive mindset? Yes. Will you bounce back and see the silver lining to any situation faster? Absolutely!

I have had my own ups and downs (I would even bet to say more downs than ups!) and speaking from experience when I was/am being really hard on myself and in the mindset that I won’t be able to accomplish something or that I am a failure, I cannot accomplish what I set out to do OR it occurs as extremely hard to meet the goal.

When I stay positive and keep believing that I can and will accomplish whatever my goal is, it happens and sometimes (most times) not in the way I thought I would arrive at the goal and therefore being able to “see the silver lining” or said another way, when the thing that shows up that is not considered good and you can look and see the good in it anyway…you win!

Give yourself some room to fail. Give yourself some room to grow. Take this practice on in your fitness and then apply it to all areas of your life.  Find what you love to do in fitness, set a goal… ie. I am going to take 2 classes a week for the next 4 weeks. Then at the end of 4 weeks, look and see if you stuck to it. If you did not repeat this goal or look to see what didn’t work about it.

DO NOT SAY YOU CAN’T! Look to see what you need to re-evaluate to meet your intended goal.  If you are meeting your goal in 4 weeks, up the game! 3 classes a week for 4 weeks….whatever it may be for you! ie. I am going to drop 5 inches on my waistline.

At LOL Movement, we are here to support you in working this mental muscle we all have as well as your body!  You CAN do it! We know you CAN!

Come join us for a complimentary class and see what we mean!


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