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Commit…It’s Not That Scary!

I was catching up with a friend over the phone yesterday and we were asking one another about how life was going and what we were up to these days.

My friend asked me “So, how is the life and relationship coaching and zumba going?”

I said “Good, lots of interest but only a few really commit to the program.” As the words spilled out of my mouth it was like an “a-ha!” moment for both of us and we began to laugh.

Relationship and life coaching….my fitness programs….all the things that we “say” are important to us really take a level of commitment that a good amount of people say they want but never really take the steps to commit to and then wonder why it never works out for them.

I talk to people who say to me “Tammy, I really want to have an amazing relationship with my partner”, or “Tammy I really want to get trim and fit this year!” I personally think it is awesome and then there are only a few people that really do the work or take the program on as designed to have that.

What is missing for most people IS commitment.

When I commit to something, I know that even if there are a few bumps in the road, I will succeed because I committed to doing it! I draw the line in the sand and say “this shall be” and nothing will stop me from it.

Webster’s dictionary for the word Commit is:

: to say that (someone or something) will definitely do something : to make (someone or something) obligated to do something

(The other definition is To Do and then its says something illegal or harmful which is not at all what I am talking about! We do not commit that way in my programs…just so you know!)

It’s really that simple.  When you commit to something or someone then you will definitely do it.  In relationships, life and fitness that may be scary to commit to something, however, I am here to tell you NO ONE has EVER produced miraculous results hanging out in their comfort zone.  You got to get a little uncomfortable to have the extraordinary life you say you are committed to!

What I can tell you all with certainty is those people who have committed to our relationship, life and fitness programs and have their plan/goals in place and are working them and with me….they are SEEING the results of happy awesome relationships, living big lives and looking super fabulous and feeling great from working out!

That being said, it’s back in your court….Are you ready to commit to your goals and dreams? 🙂

I am here to support you! Live big! Take Risks! SMILE MORE! Contact me today!



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