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Tragedy Gets Us Present To So Much More…

I have had a hard time writing since friday.  I got a message from a friend in the U.S. about a shooting in a saskatchewan school and the fear I had for my niece and friends who are teachers in that province and here in Toronto left me completely paralyzed in my thoughts.

There is so much violence in the world that it has become so common that I saw how I have become numb in a way to what has been going on….

Saturday morning when I heard what happened on friday was one of the first times, I can see in a long time, that I had the experience like all this violence was much too close to home.  I was filled with so much sadness and upset for the world in which we live. For me, it was like that was the one place where that kind of violence could never happen and yet it did.

My heart goes out to those families and the communities all across the province and all the world that are affected by the ongoing violence.

Growing up on the prairies was such a gift that my parents gave me.  The community and love that you find in saskatchewan is like no other.  There is a closeness.  A genuine love for each other and caring in my experience.

What I continue to learn daily is that staying positive, being kind to others, looking for the silver lining is not only a way of life for me but it is my job to ensure others are able to look at their lives and deal powerfully with whatever shows up and create a life they love too.  This may be a small piece that I can give back to the world and it is something I will work at everyday to ensure those around me have freedom.

They say by positively impacting one child the reach of that child can be as great as 10,000 people….I can only hope that by giving that to people of all ages the reach can expand to hundreds of thousands of people.

The message for today: Be kind to one another. Do something that lights up your soul, has someone else smile, that brings joy to those around you.

If you are having a tough day, be in communication with someone who can support you and/or get to a fitness class and sweat out some HAPPY endorphins so you can think clearly.  You are never alone in this world.

I love you all.




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