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Soreness From A Workout Happens….Keep Going!!

Do you ever do a work out and then the next day you are so sore you feel like you can’t move?

This is what commonly happens to people and puts them off from doing any work out right after.

DON’T STOP(and some things you can do), HERE IS WHY!

This week I have been changing up a bunch of songs in my zumba playlist.  I teach many forms of zumba….from in a chair (sentao) which is a killer core ab work out, to with 1-2lbs weights to tone up the body and then just good old-fashioned cardio that includes dancing.

When I start to change-up the playlists, I notice even as the instructor, that I get really sore ….like this week actually!  My muscles are yelling at me right now, even as I write this!

There are times when I get really sore that I think it would be great to take a day off but being the instructor, I don’t.  What I do though is I make sure to stretch lots in class and between classes and then I refuel my body with healthy muscle recovery shakes.

What I have found is that it is harder to get back into my workout when I take time off from it because I think I do not want to feel sore again.  That soreness though can be really good for you! It is waking up muscles that may not have been used in some time.  The more I continue on with my routine and work through the soreness, the less sore I am and the stronger I begin to feel all over.

It may sound counter-intuitive to be sore and continue on with your workout but if you really listen to your body, most times, your body does want you to work through it because on the other side is a healthier, more fit YOU!

If you are really sore, be sure to stretch lots. Take 20 minutes at minimum a day to just stretch out your body.  Stretching is extremely important especially when you do high intense cardio workouts.

With all this being said, you do need to take recovery days from your workouts and allow your body to relax BUT do not take too many days off or you have to start right back at the beginning again….and we all know what THAT feels like!


For more information on how you can participate in my zumba classes, email me below! Let’s DANCE together!


Here is one of my newest videos to get you UP AND MOVING!


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