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Goal Check-in….Where Are You At?

Today rounds out the last day of 2 months since we made New Years Resolutions (If you made one).  I like to look at the 2 month mark as a check in to see what path I am on for the quarter to be able to finish strong.  No point in hiding out from what you created, face it head on know where you are at!

The questions I start with for myself are the following:

  1. What were my goals? (may sound crazy but by 2 months later some of us may have forgotten all together what the goals even were!)
  2. (If the goal is regarding fitness) Am I attending the number of classes I need to meet my fitness result?
  3. Am I eating the way I need to so that I am taking care of my health?
  4. Are all the relationships around me working?  If no, what steps do I need to take to have them all working?
  5. Am I inspired in my life? If no, what lights me up? Get connected to passions…
  6. Do I need to re-adjust any of my goals? (It is okay to make adjustments.  Sometimes we make a goal and then life gives us a completely different path to walk on than we originally figured and the goal makes no sense anymore.  Rather than beating yourself up, re-adjust your sails and create something new!)

I write these questions in a book or in a Word document and I just begin to write.  I write down the truth.  I write down what is actually so with all my goals. I do not lie to myself or beat myself up if I am not where I wanted to be. I simply look to see what it is that I may need to do to have it all work and then move forward.

A “New Year” is just another day that starts a new cycle but really it is just the day that follows December 31st so give yourself some space to create again.  Your year is NOT shot because things haven’t gone the way you wanted them to.  What has really happened is simply put….LIFE….and this is just how it looks sometimes.

I am giving myself freedom today to re-adjust what I need to and celebrate all that I have accomplished thus far! I get one life, so do you. Be your biggest fan!


If you need support in meeting any of your goals, I am here.  Email me and I am happy to work with you!



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