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Rockin’ the Readers….Bring on 42~

Changes really DO happen at 40….I can speak about it now coming into my 42nd year! 😉

Crazy Canadian Girl Adventures

Age is but a number….I have always said this….it is like gravity is gravity, nothing much more to it than that.

My girlfriends over 40 say “oh! wait until you hit 40, then you will see!”  I would giggle and be like “sure sure, okay. It is just a number, no biggy!”

I take that all back….

Thursday I am turning 42 and as much as I do not like to admit it, some things HAVE changed….Here is the comprehensive list of NEW findings in my 40’s..

  1. My arm has had to extend much further out now to try to read my phone or a book without putting on reading glasses (which I now have a pair in every bag and drawer of my home!)
  2. When I jump up and down…I pee a little…also happens if I laugh too hard…it’s like the muscles down there just give way a lot…

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