The Program & Tammy

What makes the Live OUT LOUD Movement unique is the services it offers under one umbrella and Tammy’s love and passion to support people in what’s important to them shines through.

Tammy is the Owner/head instructor, coach and wellness coordinator for our movement. Bringing years of experience in getting healthy herself and developing fitness programs that are FUN and ENERGETIC to her COMPASSION and STRAIGHT TALK to support people, she really brings it all to the table!  You will see great results for yourself when you follow her processes for success!

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In our Coaching Programs, you will work one on one with our owner Tammy.  Tammy listens. Sets the coaching depending on what your needs are whether it be personal, business or career related, fitness and nutrition related, she can work with you on it all.  The program is unique to each individual with some tried, tested and true techniques that work!

In our Zumba Programs, we teach you to move your body and become STRESS-FREE! Utilizing multiple formats of zumba from zumba basics, toning, sentao, aqua, core and kids programs we have developed easy to follow dance rhythms that will leave you with a healthy endorphin rush from head to toe!  You will experience in 60 minutes a TOTAL BODY workout and a euphoria sensation that will have you ready to take on the next day with GUSTO!

Our classes are not just about getting fit or losing weight. While that can and usually is a bi-product of what we do, our company vision is about providing stress-relief, laughter and fitness to people of all ages!

In our Laughter Yoga Programs, we teach you to laugh again.  That may sound silly in itself, however, over time we begin to laugh less in our lives. Through laughter yoga not only will you benefit from whole-heartedly laughing like you were a child again, you will also benefit physically and emotionally. 20 minutes of solid laughter is equivalent to 45 minutes on a rowing machine! NO KIDDING!

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