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When you wanna dance….COME WATCH HERE!! We can get you movin’ and groovin’ right where you are! Then SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN, to see the fun you can have coming out to Live OUT LOUD Movement classes AND EVENTS! 

Some of the AMAZING women from classes at 1 Oscar Romero Place at Valentine’s Day!

St. Roch Elementary Zumba Lunch! WOOHOO!

LOOK!! This is a PARTY at the HANGAR for our YOUTH! Was sooooo much fun!!

What a way to celebrate a birthday! Happy Birthday Cidalia of Red Carpet Queen!

Random Fun with the Live OUT LOUD Movement!

 Latin Boat Cruise Fun with Clients & Friends on Lake Ontario!

Working with Special Needs people is one of my FAVORITE places to be! The joy and love that happens in this room is just phenominal!

Parties with my Zumba Mommy Mary ROCK!

Can’t think of a better way to celebrate a birthday!! 

Open House at Rhythm and Motion! Good FUN!

If you have NEVER done Aqua Zumba….YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON SOME AWESOME FUN! Here is a class Tammy taught in JAMAICA! Woohoo!


Tammy works with Community Living/Community Junction to offer Zumba Fitness classes to clients with special needs in Toronto. Recently, Tammy and one of her AMAZING students Michael were featured in the Community Living CONTACT exhibit for the month of May! Tammy LOVES working with people all across the city.  See Tammy and Michael HERE:



Tammy was recently featured in Canadian Tire’s online magazine. Check out the interview here:


Tammy often does work in high schools teaching all grades AND the teachers both zumba and laughter yoga. Here is a note she recently received:




Recently Tammy did an interview with Artik Promotions on being a small business owner and what it takes to develop a business ground up. Check it out here:


Tammy also works with Adults with Special Needs at Community Living and the Best Buddies program to bring Zumba and Laughter Yoga to some very inspiring young men and women!

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