Fitness & Nutrition 4 Life

You are at the beginning of your extraordinary life!

What makes us healthy is balance.  When you discover balance when learning to ride a bike, you never lose it.  You may not ride for a while, however, when you get back on…balance is still there.

Once you discover the regime that works for you, you will discover your own balance for your life.

Stats Canada shows in 2014 54% of adults were either overweight or obese, while our youth, ages 12-17, 23.1% fell into the same category.

There is a growing population of people in Canada that are dealing with and/or struggling with their weight and the answer can be pretty simple most times.  Like school, we are trained as human beings that if we follow a set of education that is laid out before us and we study really hard, we will get good grades and be successful. However, as we see many times, youth do not fit into one particular curriculum and succeed.  There are many categories and when you tap into which one works for you, you will flourish.

Another way to say it…..The great and most difficult part about being human is we are unique and not one program is right for everyone.

Work schedules, allergies and dietary restrictions are just some of the obstacles that can play a big part in what regime will best suit your needs.  I work with you to define what it is that doesn’t/hasn’t worked and we go to work to discover the programs, foods and lifestyle that WILL and DOES work for you!

Not to be overwhelmed by creating a program, we work together to design each aspect at a pace that fits your lifestyle.  Anyone claiming to see results “overnight” is selling you something. This is a process and one that works and I know because I live it every day.

Processes can take time…it is up to you how much time it takes.

To find out more about how I can support you, please contact me to set up an initial call.

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