Zumba for Schools During Covid-19

Your school is at the beginning of an extraordinary time!

Zumba is a FANTASTIC program to offer at your school OR ONLINE!  Tammy has created an online ZOOM &/or pre-recorded classes for your students.

Depending on what you need as a teacher, Tammy can work alongside you to create the PERFECT program experience for you & your students while we all navigate through this pandemic.

Tammy has been instructing Zumba Fitness class for grades K-12 for the past 7 years across the GTA.

“Young people love to move and Zumba is great fit for fitness and/or dance classes because Zumba incorporates so many different forms of dance, there is something for everyone!” ~Tammy

Tammy will take your students through a series of songs and choreography that will have every student feeling confident and having fun!

This program is great for boosting metabolism, learning coordination, building confidence, dealing with stress and anxiety and so much more!

To find out more about how we can support you and your school, please contact us below.AU_Zumba_0432

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