Benefits of Movement

The Excitement IS Building!

This is my favorite week! The week where everyone has got the kids school schedules down pat again and are ready to get their own schedule moving and grooving again!

This week ALL of our Zumba classes (in many different forms) come BACK!  There are many classes to choose from in the Junction/Stockyards area of Toronto and I am so happy to be able to bring them to you!  There is also STILL a chance for you to win 10 classes on me by making a short 20-60 second video of you/ you and your friends dancing like nobody is watching in the GTA and post it to our Facebook Page!

Free classes, Full schedule, The sun shining, Kids back in school….Life really IS sweet!!

Come join us THIS WEEK!  First class is always on me! 🙂


Benefits of Movement

Class Times To Fit Everyone’s Schedules

Our Zumba Class Schedule is forever growing to accommodate as many people as possible.  Check it out here:

MONDAYS:  Zumba Basics 4:00 pm King Edward Public School (112 Lippincott)

TUESDAYS: Zumba w/Sentao 7:00 pm Children’s Place (2389B St. Clair Ave. W)

WEDNESDAYS: Zumba w/Sentao 9:30 am Children’s Place (2389B St. Clair Ave. W)

WEDNESDAYS: Zumba Basics 3:30 pm St. Bruno’s School (402 Melita Cres.)

WEDNESDAYS: Zumba Basics 6:45 pm Children’s Place (2389B St. Clair Ave. W)

THURSDAYS: Zumba Toning 7:00 pm Children’s Place (2389B St. Clair Ave. W)

FRIDAYS: Zumba Toning 9:30 am Children’s Place (2389B St. Clair Ave. W)

** All classes above are public classes and anyone can attend! Drop in cost is $15 or if you have an LOL pass card, you can use that instead!

You do not need to know how to dance to join the fun! How ever you move is PERFECT! 🙂

If you are looking to have a class at your place of work as well, GOOD NEWS, we travel! We can bring Zumba classes in many different forms right to your work place! Inquire within!

Tammy's 35th birthday at Snap Fitness

Benefits of Movement

Are YOU That Person Too?

I am the one you will see on a street corner tapping her toes and shaking her leg for what appears to be no reason….(until you spot the earphones)…

I am the one that hears a song playing in the grocery store and breaks into a mini choreopgraphy using the shopping cart as a prop…..

I am the one who sitting on a streetcar will begin to bop her head and do hand motions that you are not sure if I am calling you over or just hand dancing….

Begin to hear the music everywhere in life and soon….every place you go…is worth taking a moment to groove out, make yourself smile….and others around you wonder…”what is that woman up to?”

Keep’em guessing! Keeps life interesting!

Happy Friday Everyone!


Benefits of Movement

Bring On The Sweat!

Sweating is healthy. Stinky sometimes but quite healthy! AND is a great indicator that you are burning lots of calories!

In our zumba classes you won’t even realize that you are sweating until half way through the class.  It sneaks up on you in a good way! I like to refer to it as “fun sweat”….you know when you are having such a good time that you forget you are actually working out!

Each and every one of my clients leave class with an awesome glow and the best part is you can go home….wash it off…and come back and get that glow on again the next day! 🙂

Sweat and FEEL GREAT!

Come see what I am talking about! First class is free and sales are on until January 31, 2015!!


Benefits of Movement

We Are All Busy…Make Time!

Let’s face it…..we are ALL busy.

Whether it’s because of family, children, work, school, pets, commuting, we all have commitments that involve time and us being busy!

Some of the busiest people in the world still make time for their workout.  It may take you some time to sort out what time and which workout really supports you and your schedule but I promise you the busiest people workout because they know the benefit of taking care of themselves first really does make them more productive and focused in their day.

Take time this week to come out to a class. Schedule time for you and see the benefits!



Benefits of Movement

Come and Shake It With Us!

Even Miss Piggy knows a great workout when she sees one!

Come and shake it with us in Zumba! Never tried it? Don’t worry….just know you will have a TON of fun and NO previous dance experience is necessary.

We keep the moves simple so they are easy to pick up. The music will move you to many parts of the world and will leave you floating out of class….or at least going “what?? we are done?? Where did the time go??”

Yes, that is my kind of workout….where the clock doesn’t even matter for the next 60 minutes!

Come try it out and have some fun! Life is much too short to be wrapped up in work all day!

60 minutes JUST FOR YOU!!


Benefits of Movement

Yes! It Has Been Cold…No…It Is Not Reason To Quit!

Don’t let the weather take you out of your game this year! The weather will always be changing and with it your moods for what you can and can’t do.

Acknowledge it and move on.

Our zumba classes will warm you up all toasty like you’re on a caribbean island so you may as well come get warmed up! 🙂  Be sure to pack warm dry clothes to change into after class!

Outsmart the weather and see the results you are looking for!

See you soon!

too-cold-forZumba outside….YES…much too cold.

Good thing we are INDOORS! 😉