Benefits of Movement

The 10 Commandments of Zumba Class to Keep You Groovy!

Dancing like no one is watching can really have you get in touch with your self expression. (No mirrors at our classes so no one really is watching!)

There are only a few AWESOME rules for Zumba classes:1450756_10153428500940710_707949941_n


Please take a moment to review these and come to class this week! We will be waiting for you and happy to meet and greet you!

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Benefits of Movement

Dr. Gunn Is In Da House!!

Dr. Gunn….your zumba instructor specialist…. hmmm…….I am not a “real” Dr. but I do know a great prescription you CAN fill anytime you feel tired, low, bummed out…really ANY mood!

ZUMBA!  Yep! I said it and I know you are super surprised! 😉

I don’t just “tell” people that they should follow this…I DO IT MYSELF! I am not always happy. I have my moments and honestly the moment I am unhappy, tired, low, bummed out, I start to zumba. Pretty much wherever I am and my mood picks up immediately!

Zumba, no matter how you are feeling! Just get your body through the door to your local class and you will instantly feel happier! There is always a HAPPY instructor waiting to greet you! Well, for sure at our classes!

Zumba music is so catchy, so rhythmic, so playful…you can’t help but want to get moving the moment the stereo comes on!

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Prepare yourself for BEFORE and AFTER the holidays in style! ZUMBA your way into 2015!!



Benefits of Movement

Want a Dose of Happy Today?

This blog is not to discount the work of therapists by the picture post attached.  This is a reminder of the benefits of fitness to your overall health and can be a cost-effective enhancement to your overall health.

Fitness provides an emotional and mental release as well as physical benefits.  When you are raising your heart rate, listening to great music, moving your molecules around which you do in fitness programs you are also supporting yourself emotionally and mentally.

It is not to discount the work that one may be doing with therapy, however, imagine what benefit you could provide to your life by starting out even taking 1-2 classes a week of anything fitness related. Never get stopped by thinking by trying one thing and it didn’t work out that now all fitness programs are not for you!


If I would have stopped at cycling, swimming, running, lifting weights, boot camps…..I NEVER would have discovered my love of Zumba.  If I would have stopped at yoga or hot yoga….I NEVER would have discovered Laughter Yoga!


Walking to work is great however, discovering something in the fitness realm that may include other people can be exhilarating! A way to get fit, release healthy endorphins and meet other happy healthy like-minded people! It really is a win win!



Benefits of Movement

Relieve Stress This Winter With ZUMBA!!

Everyone’s moods shift when the weather changes, whether you believe it or not!  Many times when the weather shifts to colder, people deal with stress of the holidays coming, travelling to and from places, extra expenses and bills.

One way, or really FOUR different ways that you can relieve the winter stresses is through Zumba! Pick one and let us know so we can tell you where to take it and when! Give yourself the gift of fitness to relieve your stresses this winter!

1. Zumba Basics: Do you move your body or dance? PERFECT!!! This class is a great fit for you!!

Zumba is a latin cardio fitness class that incorporates in dance steps from around the world.  This class is typically 60 minutes in length and if you come to a LOL Movement Zumba class, you listen to your body, move, laugh and leave sweaty and happy!

2. Zumba Sentao: Zumba sentao takes the traditional latin cardio fitness dance and also incorporates in work with chairs. Honestly, this is one of the most fun, intense ab and leg workouts!

3. Zumba Toning: Using 1-2 lb weights you will dance and tone your body at the same time. This class is a blast!  You don’t even notice until the end of class how much you sweated and all the new muscles you worked out! It is amazing!!

4. Aqua Zumba: Do you struggle with land cardio classes because of the movement, possible jumping? Do your knees bother you? Never fear!! AQUA ZUMBA IS HERE!! Aqua Zumba is a brilliant class! 45 minutes of latin dance movement in the water. The water resistance with dance movements will give you a slow motion version that will provide the same level of cardio as a land Zumba class!