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Do You Get the Mid Week Blues?

Never fear! Zumba Basics is HERE!!! 🙂

Okay, yes. I do get quite excited about this.

Here is why….many years ago now (before I found Zumba) I used to find Tuesdays to be a very long day and by the time Wednesday rolled around, I would be feeling super tired and wishing for the weekend….since discovering the great world of Zumba AND doing a Zumba class every wednesday, my energy to kick it through the week has been AMAZING!

I personally just want everyone to have amazing days and incredible weeks and now that we have moved into this uber cool spot of High Park Brewery, it has made it even MORE FUN (if that was even possible)!!

This location is especially great for those who have friends or family who want to join you but may or may not want to actually do the class for now.  They can come, sit on the patio or inside, enjoy a cold pint or soda, listen to the music and pick up on the energy whether they are doing the class or not! Pretty cool!

You get to do your fitness class AND spend time with those you care about! OR, if you just need a night away from everyone, this is just a really awesome place to get your groove on with some pretty spectacular ladies!!


Here are the Deets:

Wednesdays @ 6:45pm  High Park Brewery (839 Runnymede Road)

Come a few minutes early to get signed in!

Cost: $20 gets you the class & a ticket for a pint of beer or soda after class!

Wear comfy clothes you don’t mind sweating in! 🙂 And Runners are a must!

Bring a reusable water bottle (We got lots so you can keep filling up!)

Be ready to have fun and let loose!


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Are YOU Ready to Zumba in November?

I cannot believe that we are already into November tomorrow! 2018 is flying by and there doesn’t seem to be any brakes on this train!

That being said, it has been a pretty awesome year thus far and I am sure the rest of the year will be just as awesome!

This month, ALL CLASSES ARE ON! There are no adjustments to the schedule so please check your schedule and add your weekly Zumba class to your routine!

TONIGHT is HALLOWEEN and still October, so please note that with Halloween there is NO CLASS this evening. Enjoy  handing out candy or watching scary movies, or BOTH! 🙂

November will be jam-packed with GREAT music, new moves and on November 16th, the morning class will head over to the Starving Artist, AFTER ZUMBA, to enjoy some great waffles and espressos. Come and join us if you can!

Class passes will remain at the same price with no increases.

10 classes, good for 3 months, $85

20 classes, good for 6 months, $150

Drop ins, $15

For other pass prices please contact me directly!

I am looking forward to dancing with you all throughout November!

See you soon!acb87621a1516b0f5726d10869e38dc3

Mucho love,


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Zumba is so much fun!

If you are someone who goes to the gym and counts the minutes until your workout is over…it may be time for you to try something different.

I was there once too…

I used to go to the gym and get on a treadmill and within 4 minutes (and I may be stretching that a little to make it seem like I really gave it all I had to make it to 5 minutes…) all I could think of was how long I had to keep doing this to reach the end.

Sound familiar?

Don’t get me wrong.  The gym can be GREAT! Some people really love it and I encourage my clients to switch it up and go if it inspires them. Trying different things can keep you from plateauing in your workouts.

When I found Zumba, my first reaction to the video I watched was “This is AMAZING!! I wanna do this!”

When I found my first class and went my first reaction was (tons of laughter from me) and “What the heck am I doing? I must look like a clown right now!”

The difference between yoga classes and Zumba classes (besides the obvious differences) is this…when you laugh and can’t stop in is fun and contagious….when you laugh and can’t stop in yoga…they kick you out…

I learned that one on my own too

(hence why I also teach Laughter Yoga…Kinda more my style)

After taking a few Zumba classes (started out with one a week), I began to know the moves a little more and fell in love with music and how FAST the class went.  I felt like I just stepped into class and suddenly we were at the cooldown.


Just like that I was sweaty, relaxed and DONE my workout!! Felt so good!!

Each week came with more moves, new rhythms and then this class called Zumba Toning started and class was different but still as much fun as regular Zumba.  Then came Zumba Senato!!

What??!! All this from the Zumba Family??

The great part was that this class gave me a new way to continue doing what I loved and a new way to work my muscles so I didn’t plateau in my workouts.


Fast forward to 10 years now…2 years as a student and coming up 8 years teaching.

People often as me “Is Zumba just a fad?”

Honestly, I don’t know…I have been doing it for a decade now and I am not bored and have no interest in quitting. I love it. It is passion. It is play. It is sweaty fun with an AMAZING community of people! I cannot imagine going back to anything else.

I think there are quite a few people out there, just like me, that a decade has passed and we are all wondering where the time went because it is just that AWESOME and easy to get hooked doing it!

Hope you come have some laughs, sweat and groove moves with us all soon! It is NEVER too late to start!

Much love,

Tammy (Your friendly neighborhood Zumba Instructor)shake it till you make it-1


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As an incentive to get you ready for August and September I am offering AMAZING savings on passes!!
5 class pass (good for 6 weeks) $50    reg. $60
10 class pass (good for 3 mos.) $75    reg. $90
20 class pass (good for 6 mos.) $140  reg. $160
30 class pass (good for 6 mos.) $215  reg. $240
Unlimited 30 days $60                            reg. $70
Reminder: if you have classes about to expire OR are expired, purchase anyone of the passes above and your old classes will automatically RENEW to the new expiry date!
a.k.a: Oscar Romero Party Room
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Commit…It’s Not That Scary!

I was catching up with a friend over the phone yesterday and we were asking one another about how life was going and what we were up to these days.

My friend asked me “So, how is the life and relationship coaching and zumba going?”

I said “Good, lots of interest but only a few really commit to the program.” As the words spilled out of my mouth it was like an “a-ha!” moment for both of us and we began to laugh.

Relationship and life coaching….my fitness programs….all the things that we “say” are important to us really take a level of commitment that a good amount of people say they want but never really take the steps to commit to and then wonder why it never works out for them.

I talk to people who say to me “Tammy, I really want to have an amazing relationship with my partner”, or “Tammy I really want to get trim and fit this year!” I personally think it is awesome and then there are only a few people that really do the work or take the program on as designed to have that.

What is missing for most people IS commitment.

When I commit to something, I know that even if there are a few bumps in the road, I will succeed because I committed to doing it! I draw the line in the sand and say “this shall be” and nothing will stop me from it.

Webster’s dictionary for the word Commit is:

: to say that (someone or something) will definitely do something : to make (someone or something) obligated to do something

(The other definition is To Do and then its says something illegal or harmful which is not at all what I am talking about! We do not commit that way in my programs…just so you know!)

It’s really that simple.  When you commit to something or someone then you will definitely do it.  In relationships, life and fitness that may be scary to commit to something, however, I am here to tell you NO ONE has EVER produced miraculous results hanging out in their comfort zone.  You got to get a little uncomfortable to have the extraordinary life you say you are committed to!

What I can tell you all with certainty is those people who have committed to our relationship, life and fitness programs and have their plan/goals in place and are working them and with me….they are SEEING the results of happy awesome relationships, living big lives and looking super fabulous and feeling great from working out!

That being said, it’s back in your court….Are you ready to commit to your goals and dreams? 🙂

I am here to support you! Live big! Take Risks! SMILE MORE! Contact me today!



Benefits of Movement

Whether You Think You Can or You Can’t…You Are Right!

If you think you can….you are right…..If you think you can’t……unfortunately…you are also right!

Mindset is everything! Will you still fail sometimes with a positive mindset? Yes. Will you bounce back and see the silver lining to any situation faster? Absolutely!

I have had my own ups and downs (I would even bet to say more downs than ups!) and speaking from experience when I was/am being really hard on myself and in the mindset that I won’t be able to accomplish something or that I am a failure, I cannot accomplish what I set out to do OR it occurs as extremely hard to meet the goal.

When I stay positive and keep believing that I can and will accomplish whatever my goal is, it happens and sometimes (most times) not in the way I thought I would arrive at the goal and therefore being able to “see the silver lining” or said another way, when the thing that shows up that is not considered good and you can look and see the good in it anyway…you win!

Give yourself some room to fail. Give yourself some room to grow. Take this practice on in your fitness and then apply it to all areas of your life.  Find what you love to do in fitness, set a goal… ie. I am going to take 2 classes a week for the next 4 weeks. Then at the end of 4 weeks, look and see if you stuck to it. If you did not repeat this goal or look to see what didn’t work about it.

DO NOT SAY YOU CAN’T! Look to see what you need to re-evaluate to meet your intended goal.  If you are meeting your goal in 4 weeks, up the game! 3 classes a week for 4 weeks….whatever it may be for you! ie. I am going to drop 5 inches on my waistline.

At LOL Movement, we are here to support you in working this mental muscle we all have as well as your body!  You CAN do it! We know you CAN!

Come join us for a complimentary class and see what we mean!


Benefits of Movement

Working Out Does Not Have To Be Work!

Do you have fun when you workout or is it just more work?

When I first started getting into fitness I really struggled with this….I had it that working out wasn’t supposed to be fun but a serious event in your day where you pushed yourself beyond your limits and then you would have a “feeling” of satisfaction.

It was true that at the end of pushing myself beyond my limits, there was that feeling of accomplishment, however, trying to keep myself motivated to doing it was like torture.  I hated and dreaded having to do one more thing that occurred like hard work.  I mean, I worked enough all day, why did I now have to go work hard again some more??

I wanted to have fun AND still reap the benefits of a great workout! Was it even possible?


When I discovered zumba fitness I found a class where I could listen to some of my favorite music, dance all over and learn new moves and walk away 5 x sweatier than I did in my previous workout! I was laughing, having fun, pushing myself beyond what I thought I could do and within a few weeks I started to see the changes in my body and how I felt.

AND did I mention, I was having fun through it all? 😉

The struggle to get to the gym or class ceased. I was quickly not thinking up an excuse for why I couldn’t make it but began clearing my schedule to make sure it didn’t conflict with class!

I invite you to come try a zumba class with me and see what I mean. Working out should be a release from what you do in your day. Something to let the stresses of the day slide away. Come see what I mean by attending a class with me for FREE.

You have nothing to lose…..except the thought that working out is work! 😉