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Are YOU Ready to Zumba in November?

I cannot believe that we are already into November tomorrow! 2018 is flying by and there doesn’t seem to be any brakes on this train!

That being said, it has been a pretty awesome year thus far and I am sure the rest of the year will be just as awesome!

This month, ALL CLASSES ARE ON! There are no adjustments to the schedule so please check your schedule and add your weekly Zumba class to your routine!

TONIGHT is HALLOWEEN and still October, so please note that with Halloween there is NO CLASS this evening. Enjoy  handing out candy or watching scary movies, or BOTH! 🙂

November will be jam-packed with GREAT music, new moves and on November 16th, the morning class will head over to the Starving Artist, AFTER ZUMBA, to enjoy some great waffles and espressos. Come and join us if you can!

Class passes will remain at the same price with no increases.

10 classes, good for 3 months, $85

20 classes, good for 6 months, $150

Drop ins, $15

For other pass prices please contact me directly!

I am looking forward to dancing with you all throughout November!

See you soon!acb87621a1516b0f5726d10869e38dc3

Mucho love,


Scheduling Notices

Long Weekend & Schedule May 23-25, 2018

With the long weekend fast approaching I am hoping you all have great plans to be on a patio, maybe a lake or in a cottage or even checking out something cool in our great city of Toronto!

Happy Victoria Day long weekend to all!

As a reminder to the newsletter that went out at the beginning of May, there will be NO CLASSES May 23, 24 & 25 at Oscar Romero Party Room.  I will be away!

Also FRIDAY MAY 18th, class will be 45 minutes in length and will start at 9:00AM.

If I do not see you before the holiday, have a great one!!

Zumba love to all,




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Zumba is so much fun!

If you are someone who goes to the gym and counts the minutes until your workout is over…it may be time for you to try something different.

I was there once too…

I used to go to the gym and get on a treadmill and within 4 minutes (and I may be stretching that a little to make it seem like I really gave it all I had to make it to 5 minutes…) all I could think of was how long I had to keep doing this to reach the end.

Sound familiar?

Don’t get me wrong.  The gym can be GREAT! Some people really love it and I encourage my clients to switch it up and go if it inspires them. Trying different things can keep you from plateauing in your workouts.

When I found Zumba, my first reaction to the video I watched was “This is AMAZING!! I wanna do this!”

When I found my first class and went my first reaction was (tons of laughter from me) and “What the heck am I doing? I must look like a clown right now!”

The difference between yoga classes and Zumba classes (besides the obvious differences) is this…when you laugh and can’t stop in is fun and contagious….when you laugh and can’t stop in yoga…they kick you out…

I learned that one on my own too

(hence why I also teach Laughter Yoga…Kinda more my style)

After taking a few Zumba classes (started out with one a week), I began to know the moves a little more and fell in love with music and how FAST the class went.  I felt like I just stepped into class and suddenly we were at the cooldown.


Just like that I was sweaty, relaxed and DONE my workout!! Felt so good!!

Each week came with more moves, new rhythms and then this class called Zumba Toning started and class was different but still as much fun as regular Zumba.  Then came Zumba Senato!!

What??!! All this from the Zumba Family??

The great part was that this class gave me a new way to continue doing what I loved and a new way to work my muscles so I didn’t plateau in my workouts.


Fast forward to 10 years now…2 years as a student and coming up 8 years teaching.

People often as me “Is Zumba just a fad?”

Honestly, I don’t know…I have been doing it for a decade now and I am not bored and have no interest in quitting. I love it. It is passion. It is play. It is sweaty fun with an AMAZING community of people! I cannot imagine going back to anything else.

I think there are quite a few people out there, just like me, that a decade has passed and we are all wondering where the time went because it is just that AWESOME and easy to get hooked doing it!

Hope you come have some laughs, sweat and groove moves with us all soon! It is NEVER too late to start!

Much love,

Tammy (Your friendly neighborhood Zumba Instructor)shake it till you make it-1


Benefits of Movement


Happy Family Day to all our clients, friends and family!

Today is a great day to be reminded of the importance of family and you can take on working out your own plan to have Family Day happening all the time in your home (if you don’t already).

Family is important and keeping the lines of communication always open will build strength in your family.

Physical activity can be a great way to participate as a family together!

The LOL Movement is interested in creating a Family Zumba program in the Junction/Stockyards area. If you are interested in participating OR know a family that may be, please contact us here and we will keep you posted!



Benefits of Movement

Discover YOU CAN Get Fit This Year!

A workout can even be very small to start. You work on the fifth floor….take the stairs instead of the elevator….You live a 10-20 minute drive from where you work…leave yourself enough time to walk or ride a bike to work instead.

You can only make it to 30 minutes of a group fitness class so you don’t go….GO!!! 30 minutes is better than no minutes!

Think about it…only YOU stop YOU!  If you are really committed to getting in shape, you will work out a way to get your work out in and you will not bow down to the excuses of time, being too busy…anything.

I have a client that can only make it to 30 minutes of one of my classes. She let me know ahead of time so I am able to set her up with some stretches for her to do on her own in the last 5-7 minutes she is in class.  She gets her cardio and stretch in and is so pleased that we made it work.  Yes, to attend the whole class is even better but if that literally is all the time you got and you love the class and are committed to your health, nothing will stop you….not even YOU!

Do not let your considerations of what you “think” a work out should look like be what stops you from taking simple steps to get fit this year!

I am here to support you in meeting your goals. Want to find out more about LOL Movement?

Contact me here!


Benefits of Movement

Come and Shake It With Us!

Even Miss Piggy knows a great workout when she sees one!

Come and shake it with us in Zumba! Never tried it? Don’t worry….just know you will have a TON of fun and NO previous dance experience is necessary.

We keep the moves simple so they are easy to pick up. The music will move you to many parts of the world and will leave you floating out of class….or at least going “what?? we are done?? Where did the time go??”

Yes, that is my kind of workout….where the clock doesn’t even matter for the next 60 minutes!

Come try it out and have some fun! Life is much too short to be wrapped up in work all day!

60 minutes JUST FOR YOU!!


Benefits of Movement

Yes! It Has Been Cold…No…It Is Not Reason To Quit!

Don’t let the weather take you out of your game this year! The weather will always be changing and with it your moods for what you can and can’t do.

Acknowledge it and move on.

Our zumba classes will warm you up all toasty like you’re on a caribbean island so you may as well come get warmed up! 🙂  Be sure to pack warm dry clothes to change into after class!

Outsmart the weather and see the results you are looking for!

See you soon!

too-cold-forZumba outside….YES…much too cold.

Good thing we are INDOORS! 😉


Benefits of Movement

Zumba Is MORE Than A Physical Workout

I am someone who deals with SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder. Yes, this is a real thing!

Many people around the world are affected in many ways by how the weather changes and usually it affects people’s moods more than physically.

Fitness, in all forms, are great ways to counter act the symptoms that show up for you when the weather changes.  Zumba, because of the music, is one way that can transport you away from the gloomy days and frigid temperatures quite quickly. Zumba can take you to a beach with drinks with umbrellas, sand castles being built, swimming in the ocean….just by the music alone.

Now imagine, 60 minutes of tropical life, the room and you warming up, a HUGE SMILE spreading across your face…your body being fully re-energized.

Aren’t you worth it to snap yourself out of the winter blues and take care of your mind, body and most importantly SPIRIT?

We KNOW you are!

Come try out a class and see what we mean. Seriously, it saved my life to find a way to deal with the winter blah’s.  I wasn’t always this happy! 😉

You can be too! AND we even have a SALE on this month! Who doesn’t LOVE a sale!!!Beat the winter blues sale.pages


Benefits of Movement

Zumba IS The Most Calories Burned!

Do you want to jump out of the gate in 2015 with your fitness goals?

Check out these stats:


YES! Zumba is in the lead for calories burned per one hour.  We do not mind at all if you think you have 2 left feet.

Here is the thing, as your instructor, I started taking zumba classes 7 years ago.  The instructor went left, I went right. I laughed and laughed. For the first couple of classes I had to figure out my body/mind coordination. My instructor was great and kept telling me to hang in there.  Then one class, it just all came together and I LOVED IT!  I teach the same way! There is no pressure to get it right. Just keep moving to the rhythm and eventually your mind and feet connect and you are off to the races! 🙂

Zumba is fun! You will not even realize that an hour went by!  Come see for yourself and make 2015 YOUR YEAR!

Contact us to receive a Complimentary First Class!

Benefits of Movement

There Is STILL Time! But Not For Long!

There is still time to pick up passes for Zumba classes at a great rate AND still time to take a couple of classes BEFORE 2015 arrives!

Do not wait until the New Year to start getting fit….take the leap and take a class NOW! Your body will THANK YOU FOR IT!

Tuesday at 7pm we will have our LAST evening class of 2014

Wednesday at 9:30am we will have our LAST morning class of 2014

In 2015, starting Tuesday night all classes will be back to your regular scheduled ZUMBA programs! 🙂

Hope to see you tonight!download