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One Step At a Time!

Do you ever just want to do some type of fitness but stop yourself because you have the thought “but will THIS be the thing I can stick to?” or “will THIS be the exercise I will actually get in shape with?”

Many people stop before they even get started due to mindset.

Myself included.

I knew for many years that I wanted to do some form of fitness and many times I would start at the gym and do some cardio, a bit of weights and then get frustrated because either

a. I wouldn’t be consistent because I couldn’t see where this work was going or

b. I just wasn’t having fun and it began to feel like another j-o-b and quite frankly I already had one of those doing 40+ hours a week!

When I discovered Zumba, I realized it was actually similar to something I would do often that would pick up my spirits. At home, I would crank up my music, clean my house, sing out loud, shake my bum while I tidied up!

The best part with Zumba is I no longer had to CLEAN UP to get this inspiration going! 🙂 

I could just go to a class, stand in the front or the back and just dance and lose myself in the music.  I stopped having those thoughts of “will this get me in shape” or “will this be the thing I stick to.”

It just became easy because I fell in love with it.

A great zumba instructor and class has a freedom to it. Everyone is accepted. Everyone CAN dance and are in a safe, fun environment where people just let loose and sweat awesomeness everywhere.

You will be having so much fun that you don’t need to see the end result, you just ride out the journey….one…step…at…a…time!

See you in class!


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Zumba Zumba ZUMBA…..and a lil’ more ZUMBAAA!!!

Yes!! Starting Monday May 28th we are back with a FULL schedule of Zumba!

Monday 4:00pm Zumba Toning at King Edward Public School! 112 Lippincott

Wednesday 6:45pm Zumba Basics at Oscar Romero Party Room 2352 St. Clair Avenue W

Thursday 7:00pm Zumba Core at Oscar Romero Party Room 2352 St. Clair Avenue W

Friday 9:30am Zumba Core at Oscar Romero Party Room 2352 St. Clair Avenue W

Saturday 9:00am Aqua Zumba at One Health Clubs Mississauga


First class is FREE, Class passes available, gift certificates available!

Always good fun all week! Can’t wait to see you all!


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Do Not Let Weather Stop You!

In this chilly weather I am so clear how hard it can be to get motivated to get out of the house and get to a fitness class.  There are times when I don’t want to come out of the house myself but if I didn’t show then there would be no instructor so no matter what my thoughts are about it….I go.

I know I have wrote about this topic before, however, in the cold of winter it is always a good reminder that the hardest part of getting to anything you need or should get to…is simply getting yourself OUT OF THE HOUSE.

Once I am in motion to get somewhere, everything becomes simple.  There has never been a moment when I have gotten in the door to whatever event or class it was that I have regretted going once I have gotten there.

A few tips I have to support anyone coming out:

  1. Bundle up! Layer your clothing so that once you have completed your work out you can keep warm on your way home. OR change before you leave class.
  2. Come a few minutes early if you can to get settled in and warmed up.
  3. DO NOT stay home just because it is cold. If you do, you will find a reason to not show up often and before you know it you have no routine for your fitness.
  4. If you are sick, this is the only time to stay home and rest. Your body needs to be taken care of and if you are sick, give yourself the space to just be sick and rest.
  5. Do it for YOU! You are worth it.  Cold weather or not. Do not be stopped by environment…unless there is a huge ice storm or the news is actually saying to stay home.
  6. Drink lots of water. Sometimes in colder weather we do not drink as much water because we are not over heating…drink it like you normally do. Stay hydrated!
  7. Take the 60 minutes of class to get lost in the music, have some fun and de-stress by taking yourself to a tropical place in your mind!

Be the leader of your life and not stopped by environment or your thoughts! Live and play full out! We only got this one life so let’s live it!

Zumba classes are happening!! Check out our Zumba Party Schedule and come join the fun!



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Working Out Does Not Have To Be Work!

Do you have fun when you workout or is it just more work?

When I first started getting into fitness I really struggled with this….I had it that working out wasn’t supposed to be fun but a serious event in your day where you pushed yourself beyond your limits and then you would have a “feeling” of satisfaction.

It was true that at the end of pushing myself beyond my limits, there was that feeling of accomplishment, however, trying to keep myself motivated to doing it was like torture.  I hated and dreaded having to do one more thing that occurred like hard work.  I mean, I worked enough all day, why did I now have to go work hard again some more??

I wanted to have fun AND still reap the benefits of a great workout! Was it even possible?


When I discovered zumba fitness I found a class where I could listen to some of my favorite music, dance all over and learn new moves and walk away 5 x sweatier than I did in my previous workout! I was laughing, having fun, pushing myself beyond what I thought I could do and within a few weeks I started to see the changes in my body and how I felt.

AND did I mention, I was having fun through it all? 😉

The struggle to get to the gym or class ceased. I was quickly not thinking up an excuse for why I couldn’t make it but began clearing my schedule to make sure it didn’t conflict with class!

I invite you to come try a zumba class with me and see what I mean. Working out should be a release from what you do in your day. Something to let the stresses of the day slide away. Come see what I mean by attending a class with me for FREE.

You have nothing to lose…..except the thought that working out is work! 😉



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Yes! It Has Been Cold…No…It Is Not Reason To Quit!

Don’t let the weather take you out of your game this year! The weather will always be changing and with it your moods for what you can and can’t do.

Acknowledge it and move on.

Our zumba classes will warm you up all toasty like you’re on a caribbean island so you may as well come get warmed up! 🙂  Be sure to pack warm dry clothes to change into after class!

Outsmart the weather and see the results you are looking for!

See you soon!

too-cold-forZumba outside….YES…much too cold.

Good thing we are INDOORS! 😉


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Want a “Summer Bum”? START NOW!

Nobody wants a “winter bum”! Winter bum brings up all sorts of unpleasing visuals. Everyone is looking for that body that when summer comes they are proud to strut in their favorite swimsuit, take a vacation and know they got it going on!

Summer Bum work starts NOW!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, to perfect that look you want, the work begins in January when you are cold and bundled up and quite frankly many times think “I don’t wanna go to the gym or the next class!” Yep! Ya gotta get past it! The work you do today will pay off tenfold  by the time the weather warms up.

But you have to do the “work”. I am actually here today to let you know that it doesn’t have to be work!  When you find the fitness you love, the experience is not one of work but of play. Yes, as an adult you can still play!! Children don’t get to have all the fun!

When I first got back into fitness, after many years of doing nothing, I started by running on a treadmill….oh how I loathed the treadmill. I did not find it fun and quite frankly the only thing that kept me doing it to burn off the excess weight was that the gym had tv’s and movies playing all the time so I could go in and run for 1-2 hours and watch a movie.  When I moved gym’s and they had no movies, I quit.

Next thing I tried was running outside. I am not an overly coordinated person, especially when there are levels to the ground so you can imagine that stepping on and off curbs did not go well for me.  I must have jarred my knees and twisted my ankles a bazillion times!

From there I tried cycling….that lasted all of one session.  My bum still thanks me to this day for not taking that up as a sport! Yikes! To all you cyclists and my cyclist friends out there, I commend you! You MUST HAVE bum’s of steel!!

My boyfriend wanted me to take up swimming….ummm….yeah….no….I think I got my red patch in swimming which basically means a 7 year old could do laps around me. I need a nose plug and I never enjoy getting my face wet unless it’s on purpose at the end of the day with a wash cloth.  My boyfriend’s daughters are both lifeguards now so I feel very safe on family trips….they know to keep an eye on me! 😉

I knew I wanted to do something in fitness but what?  When I was a kid, I danced! I LOVED dance! I was always good in practice and then when I got on stage for a performance I would seek out my Grandpa in the crowd and just wave and yell to him….”HI GRANDPA, I LOVE YOU!!!”  Yep! Always wondered why I didn’t make it into the big leagues of dancing…..

When I discovered Zumba, it was like the light came on! I could dance and get a workout….I could be myself, which is a bit on the silly side, and I could encourage others to sweat, have fun and laugh! What a winning combination!

Now back to your summer bum….what does any of this have to do with getting a “summer bum”?  Think about it….if you go on a journey to try new things and DISCOVER the one you love, it will not matter what time of year it is or what the weather is like, you will want to take it on and thus, without even really trying….be the owner of a FABULOUS swimsuit tushy by summer! VOILA!

Discover your passions, love what you do and summer bum (and MUCH MUCH MORE) is all yours!

Come join me for a COMPLIMENTARY ZUMBA CLASS at 2389B St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm

Wednesdays and Fridays at 930am