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Choices In Life Are Everywhere

When the new year begins for me there is always a certain period of time that I feel anxious, excited, stressed, exhilarated, worried about how this next year will go.  When speaking with a friend this morning I got present to the fact that while it is the end of the year, it is nothing more than the next day and the only significance is what I put on it.

I can choose March to be when I take on a new course rather than at the beginning of the year.  I can choose to take on my fitness and commit to it in February instead of January 1.  Do you get my point?

We often get hooked by if it doesn’t happen for me in the first month of the year or school year then the rest of the year is no good and this just isn’t the truth.  The truth is we can make anything happen at any time and often just need to set the plan and timeline to make it happen.  That is all it really is.

When I get hooked in my life by anything other than that then I go into a state of worry, fretting, wondering how it will all work out, if ever.

Life and everything we do in it is a choice. It may not seem like it in the moment but no matter what is happening in our life we have to choose something.  We can choose to worry, we can choose to be happy, even when there is only one option in front of us, it is still an opportunity to choose it.

That’s actually pretty cool when you can understand that.

Take a moment today and look to see what you are really choosing.  Are you choosing to be in panic or are you choosing to be happy and content? Are you choosing that career that you are currently in or are you choosing to resist it?

Look at the big picture of your life, journal some about it all and see what you see.  It may move you into some serious action or have you see how great things really are.

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Quitting Is NOT An Option….Discover, Be Honest.

Do you ever just want to quit? Quit your job? Quit your relationship? Quit whatever it is that at one time you were lit up about and then it got “hard” and you couldn’t see how to make it work?

If you have never had this thought….you may not be human…

In relationships I have wanted to quit. Give it all up and run away. Call it a day and be by myself again too.  I have, in my thoughts, actually seen me putting on running shoes and lacing them up like if I get the lace all the way done up, that means for sure I have to go!

I have learned that it really is normal to have these kinds of thoughts.  It is what you do with that thought that will either take you out of whatever it is or that will get you so determined that nothing will stand in your way.

To become determined, often times we require a support system. Someone or something that will not allow us to sell out on ourselves.  Whether that be from a friend, family member, stranger or an app, etc. Something or someone that holds you bigger than you know yourself to be.

When I have been at my lowest points and quit or gotten ready to quit, I could pretty much look around and see that I was either all by myself with my thoughts or the people I had in my life at the time were the people who thrived off others failures and were happy to see me crash and burn.

Either way, we always need to be aware of our environment, of what we surround with or who.  If you are not where you want to be in life and you are ready to quit, look around. What does your current environment look like?  Do you need to make adjustments to who you hang out with? Do you need to discover what it is you stand for so that it is clear to you?  Are you on track to meet the goals you wanted and then things got tough?

Look at the BIG picture before you throw yourself out of the game of the life you are creating.

When I have stood back and looked at my life as a whole, with a coach, I have always been able to discover what I couldn’t see before, make the adjustments and keep going.  For instance with changing careers, I loved the people I worked for but I was not enjoying the job.

Why? Because I love to dance, move and motivate people. It is who I am.

What type of job was I doing?

I sat at a desk and on a computer for 8 hours a day.

Can you see the disconnect?

I was miserable.  I really struggled with leaving what I was doing because although I was miserable, I loved the people I worked for and I felt that I would be letting them down.  The truth is, they knew I wasn’t happy and while they loved me too, it just wasn’t a fit for what they were up to or what I was up to.  When I got really honest with myself AND with them, it was just natural for me to leave and I ensured that they had someone in place to take over and that they were trained before I left.

Taking the time for me to actually see what lights me up and what I was committed to gave me the freedom to come clean to my employers in such a way that we all got what we needed. I didn’t just quit (and I had just quit jobs before and that never really goes well) I got honest with myself, my environment and the people in it.

It takes courage to stay in the game and be in communication where you need to however, if you are willing, the rewards of priceless!


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Benefits of Movement

Put Your Feelings and Weather Conversations Aside

I am starting this blog today by saying up front, I get it. I struggle at times with this too AND I refuse to allow the environment or my feelings to get in the way of living my life.  It can really be a choice and when you begin WINNING over the thoughts you have about it, you become stronger.

What am I talking about?

The weather and your feelings.

So many of us start a conversation with “how are you doing?” or “can you believe this weather?” (myself included in this)

As human beings we are constantly, and most times without really realizing what we are doing, put each others feelings and emotions about ourselves and the environment at the front of every conversation we start.  We begin by asking people to check in on their mental and emotional state of “feelings” which in actual fact, in not a true test of reality but one of a personal test to see what is going on.  Then we switch over to getting one’s “opinion” about the weather.

This really just sets us up to get very little accomplished in a day…..

What do I mean by this?

If there were a million dollars waiting for you to pick up every time you came out to your fitness class, would you miss the class?  I didn’t think so….

It would not matter how you felt or what the weather was doing, you would be there.  You would not only be there, you would be THRILLED and EXCITED every time you walked through the door. You would not be thinking about how you “feel” today….if the weather was off, you simply wouldn’t care (with a million dollars every time you came, you may just have a driver bring you each day…who knows!)

The fact is, when you get up and show up without consideration for how you feel or what the environment is like, you make a choice. The choice to take care of and love yourself.

I cannot stress enough the importance of fitness in one’s life.  Releasing healthy endorphins through working out (and frankly in a Zumba class the amount of fun you have, you forget it’s a workout) one can seriously free the mind and come up with MILLION DOLLAR ideas and much more!

Do not rob yourself by saying “Oh, I will go tomorrow, I had a bad day at work” or “Oh, it’s raining/snowing today so I will just curl up for the night and go another day” (firstly, we live in Canada, face it, it is gonna rain and snow…and secondly tomorrow may never come so live for today!)

Live today. Live for YOU today. Inspire YOURSELF. Get up and show up!

You are one fitness class away from your EUREKA moment!

See you in class!


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Benefits of Movement

Children Deserve Fitness Choices Too!!!

More and more I hear of schools that do not have a policy on having regular fitness programs being a mandatory part of the curriculum.  This may be good in the sense that children are not being forced to do something they really don’t want to do, however, it may also not be good that fitness doesn’t play a larger role in supporting children with increasing their productivity and promoting healthy minds.

Statistics have shown that people who take on a fitness regime remain calmer and more relaxed, able to deal with stressful situations in a clearer way.  Why wouldn’t we promote this to our children?

Children can get a lot out of taking on physical activities.  Possibly having more options than football, basketball, track and stretching classes would interest children more.

The great news is our school systems have been branching out in fitness based programs to offer children more diversity.  One fitness style is not necessarily enjoyable to everyone.  The more creative the school becomes in educating children in fitness, it gives children an opportunity to find their own fitness passion and as we have seen, people who work out tend to be less stressed individuals.

If we harvest promoting fitness and healthy minds at a young age, we have more of a chance of children developing routines in life that have them succeed and handle stress and stressful environments from a healthier point of view.

Let’s teach our children positive healthy ways to deal with the world’s stresses!

If you are a student or a school advisor interested in alternative forms of fitness to attract your students to find positive ways to deal with stress, please click here and contact us today!