Benefits of Movement

Do You Work at a Desk All Day? Tips to Keep You Moving!

For the past two days I have taken to working at my “official” home office desk.  Many of you know that before I went full-time in the fitness industry, I worked full-time at a desk job.  I was at a computer for 8 hours a day. In the past year of working in classes and then being mobile with my laptop I often move all over the place during my work week.

Until today I had forgotten what the experience of being stationary really felt like. I can tell you now, I feel your pain….literally!  When one becomes stationary for too long it is not good for your joints, posture, wrists from typing, etc.  Coming out of that sedentary state can feel like learning to walk again, thus the benefit to setting yourself up to win in the area of your work space.

A few tips that I recommend:

1)      If you work at a computer all day, put your phone at the other end of your office (or at least far enough away that you have to stand up to pick it up)  This small change will have you move a few times more than you currently do.

2)      Use the stairs instead of the elevator at your office. If you have the choice, take them!  Small workouts such as this will keep you limber.

3)      Go out for lunch.  It could be that you just go down the hall to another room and eat but do not do it at your desk in front of you computer. Your eyes AND full body need a break!

4)      If you work via laptop, move around.  I move from my kitchen island, to the couch, to my desk, to propped up pillows on my bed.  Moving around and elevating feet from time to time supports keeping everything moving.

5)      If your feet do not touch the floor in your chair, get a small stool to raise your feet. Keep a balanced posture to support you entire body.

6)      STRETCH! Whenever you get the chance to stand up and stretch….TAKE IT! Set an alarm to get up every 30 minutes and give a little stretch! Your body will thank you for it.

These are some simple ways to keep your body moving throughout the day, until you get to your fitness class…of course! 😉

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