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Anyone CAN Do It!

Recently I was in a conversation with someone who shared with me that they could not dance.  This statement always makes me wonder at what point in their life did they “make up” that they couldn’t?

Did someone tell them they couldn’t?

Did they try and felt foolish?

Do people ACTUALLY have 2 left feet? I have never seen that but for sure would love to sometime!

I often think that the judgements of not being able to do something is just simply put, a thought we have that we give power to.

I believe this when it comes to many things.

For me, dance is just a natural state. I often do not even realize when I walk across the floor that I will begin to “glide” (as my husband says)..I cannot help but move in a fluid motion, it has become natural.

I have recently taken on learning about finance and real estate. Why I bring this up is because when I started to learn, I had the thought “I cannot do this…this is hard”…and then I brought myself back to when someone tells me they cannot dance and my belief that everyone can…(even if it is to their own drum..they are STILL dancing).

Taking on that anyone CAN learn and do new things has opened me up to see that I am actually very capable of learning in the world of finance and real estate!

I do prefer to dance. I am more comfortable dancing, however, I am learning to not be limited!

Dancing teaching us flow. Flow through life, problems, happiness, sadness, breakthroughs and breakdowns.

Whether you dance to your own beat or in a class, I promise you…LIFE is just better when you DANCE! 🙂 11709645_10153211210138551_7110724180411041881_n

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Family Zumba Coming to Children’s Palace!

Are you a mom, dad or guardian who is interested in getting fit and having fun with your child?

Family Zumba is all about connecting the family to music, dance and fitness in a fun way!  Children love to participate in activities with their parents when they are young.  Let’s take advantage of this precious time in their lives and yours where you can create some memories that will last a lifetime!

Zumba is a latin based dance/cardio fitness program where we will teach you all the moves from salsa to cumbia to reggaetone to the mambo and everything in between.  The great news about Zumba is you cannot do it wrong! As long as you are moving your body, you are winning at this program!

Family Zumba offers everything that an adult Zumba class offers minus any of those moves that we are all aware are inappropriate for children to know about or do.  We will teach you and your child to dance and play games inside of music.  Laughter and love will be a direct outcome of your participation in this program.

Parents who participate in this program have talked about the ride/walk home after class being fun and quite talkative and children getting a good night’s sleep!  Parents also speak about feeling like they don’t have time to do their own work but when it is combined with their children, they get a great workout themselves too!


This program supports you as a parent in having a newfound relationship with your child.  The program supports your children with building confidence and self-expression.

This program offers a great workout for you all to keep fit and have fun at any age!

This program is available to all parents or guardians and children ages 5-9 years of age….ADULTS: YOU MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY YOUR CHILD EACH WEEK! 🙂


Wednesdays: 530pm-6:15pm

Where: Children’s Palace (2389B St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto M6N 1K9)

6 week PROGRAM Dates: October 16, 23, 30, November 13, 20, 27



One parent and one child $95 (works out to $7.90 per person per class)

Two Parents and one child $125 (works out to $6.95 per person per class)

One Parent and two children $135 (works out to $7.50 per person per class)

Two Parents and two children $165 (works out to $6.88 per person per class)

**Prices also available for additional children, please ask**


**To run this program we need spots reserved for minimum of 10 families by October 8, 2013.**

Full payment due at first class, October 16, 2013/No drop ins

Please RSVP to or 416-857-4862 by Oct. 7, 2013

DON’T DELAY! RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY!!!couverture-facebook-zumba-family