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Anyone CAN Do It!

Recently I was in a conversation with someone who shared with me that they could not dance.  This statement always makes me wonder at what point in their life did they “make up” that they couldn’t?

Did someone tell them they couldn’t?

Did they try and felt foolish?

Do people ACTUALLY have 2 left feet? I have never seen that but for sure would love to sometime!

I often think that the judgements of not being able to do something is just simply put, a thought we have that we give power to.

I believe this when it comes to many things.

For me, dance is just a natural state. I often do not even realize when I walk across the floor that I will begin to “glide” (as my husband says)..I cannot help but move in a fluid motion, it has become natural.

I have recently taken on learning about finance and real estate. Why I bring this up is because when I started to learn, I had the thought “I cannot do this…this is hard”…and then I brought myself back to when someone tells me they cannot dance and my belief that everyone can…(even if it is to their own drum..they are STILL dancing).

Taking on that anyone CAN learn and do new things has opened me up to see that I am actually very capable of learning in the world of finance and real estate!

I do prefer to dance. I am more comfortable dancing, however, I am learning to not be limited!

Dancing teaching us flow. Flow through life, problems, happiness, sadness, breakthroughs and breakdowns.

Whether you dance to your own beat or in a class, I promise you…LIFE is just better when you DANCE! 🙂 11709645_10153211210138551_7110724180411041881_n

Benefits of Movement

What is Zumba Toning?

As you may or may not know Zumba is a latin cardio fitness dance that has swept the world! With its rhythmic music and easy to follow dance steps, people are getting fit and feeling more like they are at a bar (without the alcohol) having fun dancing with their friends than they are doing a common “workout” one may experience at the gym.

The Live OUT LOUD Movement embraces Zumba in MANY forms. One being Zumba Toning.  I took on becoming a licensed instructor in Zumba Toning because I was seeing the cardio benefit of basic Zumba and wanted to add weights in a safe and effective way for my clients. I have no interest in “bulking” up, however wanting definition in my body, I saw this as a great way to enjoy my favorite music and get toned all over.

Zumba toning incorporates in all the music one will hear in basic Zumba class but the moves are slowed down a bit and the participant will use 1-2.5 lbs (I am not kidding YOU WILL get toned from this!) hand weights.  When following your instructor and doing the motions with the hand weights it is a mind of matter experience.  I am clear the weights are 1-2.5lbs, however, move them as if they were 10 lbs.  If they are 10 lbs, you are not going to flail your arms all over the place, are you? No.

Moving the weights in your hands with intentionality and slowly as you would 10 lbs causes your muscles to work and your body to tone WHILE you are having fun in that dance club environment (without alcohol but LOTS OF WATER!) that makes you want to move!

Many of my clients ask me in the beginning, “where do I get these weights?” You have a few options.  Zumba Fitness sells weights that are 1-2.5lbs and the cost is anywhere from $25-$35. I highly recommend going this route.  By purchasing the weights specific to the fitness you are getting the perfect quality to suit your work out AND they are also morracca’s so while you are toning up you have also just become a part of the band! YA!

Another option you can do, go to your local walmart, target, Canadian tire or any fitness place and find weights that are no more than 1-2.5lbs (I cannot stress the weight enough! DO NOT bring 5 lbs weights to class! You will not be able to lift your arms the next day or worse, will injure yourself!), you can have dumb bell style or ones you can put on your wrists.  Your third option is two water bottles. Make sure that neither of these water bottles will be used in keeping you hydrated or you will have just unbalanced your weights when you get thirsty!

This really is a FUN way to continue on your fitness journey and add in some toning along with your cardio! Let’s work those summer bodies!

Hope to see you soon! ~ Tammy, Your Friendly Neighborhood Zumba Instructor!

If you would like to come and try a Zumba Toning class for FREE, please come to one of the following classes:

Thursdays 7PM at Children’s Palace (2389B St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto, M6N 1K9)

Fridays 930AM at Children’s Palace (2389B St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto, M6N 1K9)

Please RSVP to or call 416-857-4862