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Anyone CAN Do It!

Recently I was in a conversation with someone who shared with me that they could not dance.  This statement always makes me wonder at what point in their life did they “make up” that they couldn’t?

Did someone tell them they couldn’t?

Did they try and felt foolish?

Do people ACTUALLY have 2 left feet? I have never seen that but for sure would love to sometime!

I often think that the judgements of not being able to do something is just simply put, a thought we have that we give power to.

I believe this when it comes to many things.

For me, dance is just a natural state. I often do not even realize when I walk across the floor that I will begin to “glide” (as my husband says)..I cannot help but move in a fluid motion, it has become natural.

I have recently taken on learning about finance and real estate. Why I bring this up is because when I started to learn, I had the thought “I cannot do this…this is hard”…and then I brought myself back to when someone tells me they cannot dance and my belief that everyone can…(even if it is to their own drum..they are STILL dancing).

Taking on that anyone CAN learn and do new things has opened me up to see that I am actually very capable of learning in the world of finance and real estate!

I do prefer to dance. I am more comfortable dancing, however, I am learning to not be limited!

Dancing teaching us flow. Flow through life, problems, happiness, sadness, breakthroughs and breakdowns.

Whether you dance to your own beat or in a class, I promise you…LIFE is just better when you DANCE! 🙂 11709645_10153211210138551_7110724180411041881_n

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Movement Can Always Shift Our Mood!

When I was a kid I used to lock myself in my room with my cassette player and  Paula Abdul tape, crank it up and dance around my room singing into a hairbrush….those were the good old days! I will never forget spending hours making up routines, pretending I was teaching the back up dancers to get the steps….oh yes….this is a GREAT childhood memory!

Not much has changed now that I am well into my 30’s….I am still dancing around my house…now listening to my ipod…no longer Paula Abdul but always some latin based or hip hop song playing….I seldom sing into the hair brush anymore but I still belt out the lyrics to any song I think I remotely know (even in another language and have no clue what I am saying)….

The benefits to this behaviour is tremendous (can be a little strange for your families, however find a way to have them join in) letting yourself get lost in movement and music takes all of what is bothering you or what you are stressing out about and puts it all on the sidelines for a while.  Dancing and singing are two of the most natural HAPPY pills you could ever take.  Even when you are in a terrible mood, just by cranking up a song you like and starting to dance and shake your body around the room will shift your current mood.  This even helps you when the music is done to think clearly about whatever was bugging you in the first place.

Have you ever noticed when you’re stressed or upset about something its like your whole body is frozen and you can’t move?  That is the movement you NEED to get up and move!

Not many believe it but I sometimes have really bad days and I am really upset.  As soon as the Zumba music comes on and class begins, I am shifted to a whole other world instantly and I can feel a smile spreading across my face.  The same is true when I am at home and unhappy….I crank a song, sing at the top of my lungs….AND DANCE!  The energy given off in a 3+ minute song of total abandon of the everyday life situation I have going on…..I refer to this as bliss.

You and I have total control over how we see the world and how we deal with every situation.  Using dance, music, and even singing (whether you are good or bad at any of these) is an extremely positive and powerful tool to use to snap yourself out of any mood you may be in.

I have to go now….I hear a Soca song calling my name and I must go warm up my hair brush and my hips!!



Here is a song that will get you UP AND MOVING on a sunday morning!! ENJOY and you are always more than welcome to come join a class with me at 1 Oscar Romero Place, Toronto! Check out our ZUMBA PARTY SCHEDULE!

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Injuries & Stress Can Be Good!

Yep! I said injuries and stress can be good things! I know I know….that sounds crazy but when you really look at it, when you get injured, don’t you take a few moments to look at what you have been doing? Evaluate how you have been?  See if you have been honoring yourself or taking advantage of yourself?

I know I do! Then I set up a new structure that works so that I can “get back on track”.  It’s the same when there is an accident with, let’s say, the transit system….something happens and everyone goes “Oh! That was not good! How can we improve it?” and then a solution gets formed and implemented.

Sometimes that is the same thing that happens with our selves and our health.  I DO NOT want you to go out and injure yourself now to prove my theory.  Please just think back to a time when you were injured or hurt by something and look to see what solution you came up with to avoid that happening again.  Then look to see if that solution has now had a positive impact in your life.

Taking this information out of the “injury” state, let’s put it into something many of us, if not all of us deal with….STRESS… many of you stay stressed out about something for days on end?

Come on, be honest.  You will even pretend some days that what was stressing you out is not now,  just to avoid having to talk about it and then you continue to cover up the stress until it festers into a health issue or you physically explode.

There are solutions to stress and to dealing with issues that are stressing you out.

An easy fun and simple solution to dealing with stress is to MOVE YOUR BODY! Crank up your favorite song on the radio and dance. If you think you suck at dancing, close the blinds….lock yourself in your room…this does not need to be a top performance on Dancing with the Stars for you to get relief out of dancing!  Let your body sway, get lost in the music (Be sure it’s not heavy metal….it is wayyyy to hard to de-stress to heavy metal….in fact, you may turn your stress into anger and that is NOT what we are going for here!) let your head roll around on your shoulders, let your feet tap and your arms do whatever they want! Now you’re moving and happy molecules begin to surge through your body!!

Ahhhh….relief at last!

Before you know it, you won’t even remember what was bugging you!  I highly suggest at this point, you don’t try to remember…just let it go…you didn’t need it anyway!

Let the injuries and stress in your life teach you positive lessons.  Learn from everything in your life!

Stay positive and KEEP DANCING!!