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Zumba & a Pint Wednesdays are sooo much fun!

People are talking about how much fun they are having each week at High Park Brewery!  The time flies, the ladies are all awesome & the beer is delicious!

I have always wanted to run a community class in our neighborhood. In fact, I actually have been running community classes in our neighborhood for 8 years!! The issue had always been location….NOW that problem is solved! 🙂

High Park Brewery is a great spot with tons of space & the atmosphere is super friendly!

Come try it out on your own or bring friends, co-workers, spouses, whoever you think might enjoy!  You can also make Wednesday night a fun night to bring a group that you belong to!  The more the merrier!

I keep the moves easy to follow. The point is to have tons of fun, laugh lots, sweat lots & shake away your stresses!  Hope you can come out soon!


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90’s Zumba DANCE PARTY September 18!!

Did you love the 90’s? Do you hear a 90’s song on the radio & you instantly begin to smile? 🙂 🙂

It was a fun time FULL of great dance music (tons of colorful wild clothing), whether is be pop, latin, hip hop, reggaetone, you name it…GREAT music, fun clothing came out of the 90’s.

In honor of this great era, we are dedicating next week (September 18th) to celebrate ALL GREAT music of the 90’s!

Prize entries for those who wear their BEST 90’s gear to class!

1. Come for Zumba + beer
2. Just come for Zumba
3. Just come for DELICIOUS beer
4. Come in your 90’s gear & enter to win a prize
5. Be the one having a beer hanging with your kids or dog
6. Cheer on the people doing Zumba
7. Sing along to all your favorite songs WHILE Dancing
8. Sing along to all your favorite songs WHILE Drinking a cold beer!

SOOOO MANY WAYS TO PARTICIPATE!!! :):)  AND we are doing it in one of the GTA’s COOLEST Breweries! High Park Brewery!! 839 Runnymede Road!!

This place is so much fun! TONS of free parking & all are welcome, including your dog if you like! 🙂

This is going to be a very FUN event you do not want to miss!

Hope you can make it!!

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Our NEW Wednesday Home for Zumba!

I am excited to share with you after 2 amazing events at High Park Brewery (839 Runnymede Road), we have found our new Wednesday night 6:45pm Zumba basics class spot!

This space is INCREDIBLE & FUN! AND these are Zumba & a Pint nights! Come for the dancing, stay for a cold brew of Toronto’s finest beer if you like!

$20 gets you a one hour Zumba class & a pint of beer or soft drink.

We will be back at High Park Brewery Wednesday August 14th & moving forward, every Wednesday!


See you next Wednesday!!


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Anyone CAN Do It!

Recently I was in a conversation with someone who shared with me that they could not dance.  This statement always makes me wonder at what point in their life did they “make up” that they couldn’t?

Did someone tell them they couldn’t?

Did they try and felt foolish?

Do people ACTUALLY have 2 left feet? I have never seen that but for sure would love to sometime!

I often think that the judgements of not being able to do something is just simply put, a thought we have that we give power to.

I believe this when it comes to many things.

For me, dance is just a natural state. I often do not even realize when I walk across the floor that I will begin to “glide” (as my husband says)..I cannot help but move in a fluid motion, it has become natural.

I have recently taken on learning about finance and real estate. Why I bring this up is because when I started to learn, I had the thought “I cannot do this…this is hard”…and then I brought myself back to when someone tells me they cannot dance and my belief that everyone can…(even if it is to their own drum..they are STILL dancing).

Taking on that anyone CAN learn and do new things has opened me up to see that I am actually very capable of learning in the world of finance and real estate!

I do prefer to dance. I am more comfortable dancing, however, I am learning to not be limited!

Dancing teaching us flow. Flow through life, problems, happiness, sadness, breakthroughs and breakdowns.

Whether you dance to your own beat or in a class, I promise you…LIFE is just better when you DANCE! 🙂 11709645_10153211210138551_7110724180411041881_n

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One Step At a Time!

Do you ever just want to do some type of fitness but stop yourself because you have the thought “but will THIS be the thing I can stick to?” or “will THIS be the exercise I will actually get in shape with?”

Many people stop before they even get started due to mindset.

Myself included.

I knew for many years that I wanted to do some form of fitness and many times I would start at the gym and do some cardio, a bit of weights and then get frustrated because either

a. I wouldn’t be consistent because I couldn’t see where this work was going or

b. I just wasn’t having fun and it began to feel like another j-o-b and quite frankly I already had one of those doing 40+ hours a week!

When I discovered Zumba, I realized it was actually similar to something I would do often that would pick up my spirits. At home, I would crank up my music, clean my house, sing out loud, shake my bum while I tidied up!

The best part with Zumba is I no longer had to CLEAN UP to get this inspiration going! 🙂 

I could just go to a class, stand in the front or the back and just dance and lose myself in the music.  I stopped having those thoughts of “will this get me in shape” or “will this be the thing I stick to.”

It just became easy because I fell in love with it.

A great zumba instructor and class has a freedom to it. Everyone is accepted. Everyone CAN dance and are in a safe, fun environment where people just let loose and sweat awesomeness everywhere.

You will be having so much fun that you don’t need to see the end result, you just ride out the journey….one…step…at…a…time!

See you in class!


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Movement Can Always Shift Our Mood!

When I was a kid I used to lock myself in my room with my cassette player and  Paula Abdul tape, crank it up and dance around my room singing into a hairbrush….those were the good old days! I will never forget spending hours making up routines, pretending I was teaching the back up dancers to get the steps….oh yes….this is a GREAT childhood memory!

Not much has changed now that I am well into my 30’s….I am still dancing around my house…now listening to my ipod…no longer Paula Abdul but always some latin based or hip hop song playing….I seldom sing into the hair brush anymore but I still belt out the lyrics to any song I think I remotely know (even in another language and have no clue what I am saying)….

The benefits to this behaviour is tremendous (can be a little strange for your families, however find a way to have them join in) letting yourself get lost in movement and music takes all of what is bothering you or what you are stressing out about and puts it all on the sidelines for a while.  Dancing and singing are two of the most natural HAPPY pills you could ever take.  Even when you are in a terrible mood, just by cranking up a song you like and starting to dance and shake your body around the room will shift your current mood.  This even helps you when the music is done to think clearly about whatever was bugging you in the first place.

Have you ever noticed when you’re stressed or upset about something its like your whole body is frozen and you can’t move?  That is the movement you NEED to get up and move!

Not many believe it but I sometimes have really bad days and I am really upset.  As soon as the Zumba music comes on and class begins, I am shifted to a whole other world instantly and I can feel a smile spreading across my face.  The same is true when I am at home and unhappy….I crank a song, sing at the top of my lungs….AND DANCE!  The energy given off in a 3+ minute song of total abandon of the everyday life situation I have going on…..I refer to this as bliss.

You and I have total control over how we see the world and how we deal with every situation.  Using dance, music, and even singing (whether you are good or bad at any of these) is an extremely positive and powerful tool to use to snap yourself out of any mood you may be in.

I have to go now….I hear a Soca song calling my name and I must go warm up my hair brush and my hips!!



Here is a song that will get you UP AND MOVING on a sunday morning!! ENJOY and you are always more than welcome to come join a class with me at 1 Oscar Romero Place, Toronto! Check out our ZUMBA PARTY SCHEDULE!

For more information on relationship coaching, wellness and nutrition or fitness programs, contact me below:

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Discover Your Passion and Make it Your Purpose!

Before creating the LOL Movement, I used to work many different jobs….for years I worked behind a desk as an office manager. Before that in ophthalmology and prior to that managing gyms and offices.  I would go from job to job thinking “this will be THE ONE!”

Does this sound familiar?

Excited at first. Delighted with the tasks I had in front of me and then at some point….I would lose my passion or drive for it.  It became a J-O-B….just something I did to pay the bills. While I continue to do it well, in my heart I always would know when the passion for it had left.

Upon discovering Zumba it was like my whole body came alive. I never saw it as a career or something I would be passionate about. It was just that class I took on Thursdays that allowed me to stop thinking or worrying for an hour.  When my instructor approached me one day and said I should teach this, I thought she had lost it….but later that night I began to think about it and weeks later, I found a training and threw my hat over the wall and went for it.

Best decision I ever made!

I started out small….teaching one class a week for about 6 months….then two classes for about another 6 months….then four a week….then (rearranging my day job to accommodate more classes) six classes a week…..then it just got out of control!

I realized that what I was doing for fun and what I loved were colliding together and it was awesome. I was suddenly consumed by choreographing…dancing on the subway to make up new routines…figuring out how I could do more classes and who else could benefit from this!

My passion became my purpose.  Now, nearly 2 years later on my own building this, I continue to live my passion and know that my purpose is to have people see how AMAZING they truly are and what they CAN accomplish.

Are there struggles? Yes.

Do I always win? No.

Do I get back up and keep going? Yes.

Will I ever give up on anyone? No.

Everyday is a gift. The moment your eyes open, you have been given another day to make the most of. Do not play small. Go for your dreams. Create visions. Dance like nobody is watching…..LIVE!

I want to me you. Come dance with us! Check out the schedule and take the LEAP onto the dance floor!


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It’s the Unexpected That Can Mean the Most!

I had a client of mine share with me the other day why she takes my class and I want to share it with you…..

Laura said that she came to my class at first to lose weight and feel better about herself. She has since discovered that by coming out twice a week, this is the one place in her week that she can shut off the “worries of her job and home life” that consume her from day to day.  She told me that the hardest part in the beginning was actually getting herself out the door to come each week but once she arrived she could feel the anxiety and stress of her week disappearing.

Laura spoke to me about losing herself in the music, feeling the corners of her mouth turning up into a smile and sometimes just laughing out loud while we danced away! This to Laura was freedom and the feelings and release she got from coming each week has been now carrying with her into her every day activities!

The great news is that sometimes you can discover a fitness that you like and can stick to and while you come to it for certain benefits, sometimes it’s the ones you least expected that make all the difference!

Try it out for yourself! Contact us for a COMPLIMENTARY class today!



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Want a “Summer Bum”? START NOW!

Nobody wants a “winter bum”! Winter bum brings up all sorts of unpleasing visuals. Everyone is looking for that body that when summer comes they are proud to strut in their favorite swimsuit, take a vacation and know they got it going on!

Summer Bum work starts NOW!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, to perfect that look you want, the work begins in January when you are cold and bundled up and quite frankly many times think “I don’t wanna go to the gym or the next class!” Yep! Ya gotta get past it! The work you do today will pay off tenfold  by the time the weather warms up.

But you have to do the “work”. I am actually here today to let you know that it doesn’t have to be work!  When you find the fitness you love, the experience is not one of work but of play. Yes, as an adult you can still play!! Children don’t get to have all the fun!

When I first got back into fitness, after many years of doing nothing, I started by running on a treadmill….oh how I loathed the treadmill. I did not find it fun and quite frankly the only thing that kept me doing it to burn off the excess weight was that the gym had tv’s and movies playing all the time so I could go in and run for 1-2 hours and watch a movie.  When I moved gym’s and they had no movies, I quit.

Next thing I tried was running outside. I am not an overly coordinated person, especially when there are levels to the ground so you can imagine that stepping on and off curbs did not go well for me.  I must have jarred my knees and twisted my ankles a bazillion times!

From there I tried cycling….that lasted all of one session.  My bum still thanks me to this day for not taking that up as a sport! Yikes! To all you cyclists and my cyclist friends out there, I commend you! You MUST HAVE bum’s of steel!!

My boyfriend wanted me to take up swimming….ummm….yeah….no….I think I got my red patch in swimming which basically means a 7 year old could do laps around me. I need a nose plug and I never enjoy getting my face wet unless it’s on purpose at the end of the day with a wash cloth.  My boyfriend’s daughters are both lifeguards now so I feel very safe on family trips….they know to keep an eye on me! 😉

I knew I wanted to do something in fitness but what?  When I was a kid, I danced! I LOVED dance! I was always good in practice and then when I got on stage for a performance I would seek out my Grandpa in the crowd and just wave and yell to him….”HI GRANDPA, I LOVE YOU!!!”  Yep! Always wondered why I didn’t make it into the big leagues of dancing…..

When I discovered Zumba, it was like the light came on! I could dance and get a workout….I could be myself, which is a bit on the silly side, and I could encourage others to sweat, have fun and laugh! What a winning combination!

Now back to your summer bum….what does any of this have to do with getting a “summer bum”?  Think about it….if you go on a journey to try new things and DISCOVER the one you love, it will not matter what time of year it is or what the weather is like, you will want to take it on and thus, without even really trying….be the owner of a FABULOUS swimsuit tushy by summer! VOILA!

Discover your passions, love what you do and summer bum (and MUCH MUCH MORE) is all yours!

Come join me for a COMPLIMENTARY ZUMBA CLASS at 2389B St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm

Wednesdays and Fridays at 930am



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What is Zumba Sentao?

Sentao means in a chair. No, this is not chair dancing in the form you are thinking of! Naughty…naughty… It is also not chair exercises like one might find at a senior centre. It is more of a mash between the two with its own twists.

Zumba Sentao takes all the great musical rhythms that you find in a regular Zumba class and you add a chair to do specific moves that benefit the overall body and in my experience, as an instructor of Zumba sentao, your core. You could be doing anything from standing beside your chair doing leg lifts and then dance is choreographed in the routine, to doing push ups off the chair, to doing leg lifts, you name it!

When I took the Sentao training I had no idea how well it would go over in class. After taking the training I asked my clients if they would like to try it. After the first class, my clients were hooked! They love the intensity of Sentao and they don’t have to lose any of their favorite rhythms to incorporate in a NEW fitness program!

Zumba Sentao works you over from head to toe and you will feel AMAZING!

If you haven’t tried Zumba Sentao yet, please come and try it!

Come for a first time FREE class at any of the times below!

Tuesdays at 7pm or Wednesdays at 930am
Children’s Palace
2389B St. Clair Avenue West
M6N 1K9

RSVP: or call 416-857-4862