Benefits of Movement

Never Give Up!

In everyone’s life, at some point, we are faced with something that will have us wanting to throw in the towel or call it quits.

In those moments of feeling defeated is when we need to strap on our dance shoes (or runners) and get back up!

See, what I have learned over the years is that things are going to happen that are completely out of my control, however, how I respond to what is happening is 100% my choice!  I have found the one tool I can use in my tool box that always lights me up, is hitting the dance floor and rocking out to a great beat.

How does that solve the problem? You may be thinking…..

It doesn’t solve it.  This action takes care of me and how I relate to what is happening. By releasing healthy endorphins through my body by dancing, I shift the stress out.  This is my way of meditating, I guess you could say.  I am able to come up with solutions and/or just be able to manage my emotions about what is going on in a much more positive and productive way.

Try it out for yourself and never give up! You owe it to yourself!

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!quote-19-wipe-the-sweat-off-your-face

Benefits of Movement

Need A Mini Vacation? Find Out How!

I know I need a vacation and I will definitely take one but until then I am on the mini vacation plan.

What is it?


The coolest part I find about zumba is the music will take you on a 60 minute tour of the world….you can soca to some Caribbean beats, land in India and Bollywood your way over to Portugal, Spain, Italy and finish your tour right in America….or wherever your tour guide…also known as your zumba instructor….plans to land your mini vacation!

It is a pretty awesome way to take your mind out of the day-to-day and into another place even for a little while.  The heat from all the dancing you do will have you feeling like a drink with a pink umbrella may be needed afterward!

So while you wait to take your next vacation, please come join us for some “mini vacations” along the way!  The other “vacationers” are AWESOME too!

Every class is a little different and visits many tropical and european destinations along the way!

Cheers! Oh! Can you bring the suntan lotion next time? Thanks! 😉


Benefits of Movement

Discover What Lights You Up!

Part 2 to yesterday’s post….

You didn’t think I would leave you hanging like that, did you? 😉

Wherever you are at is perfect in the inquiry.  The good news is that in a split second you can really choose to start taking care of you (which makes it so much easier to take care of others once you have given yourself some love too) and make fitness and food choices that line right up with what you want!

Start by doing some research….what are things that you do that make you super happy?  Do you like to swim, dance, bike, run, play volleyball, golf, Frisbee, spend time with your dog? Whatever it may be, look into it.  Make a list of your top 10 favorite activities, then narrow it down to 5! Find places/programs around the city or near your work or home (the way to really win is make sure you make it easily accessible to you…ie. by work or home. This will give you a greater chance to sticking with it on those days the “I don’t wanna’s” show up!) that light you up!

Get in touch with whoever runs those programs and the schedules and then book it into your calendar.  Make a 3 month commitment to try one or more for 3 months. Give it an honest GO and see what you enjoy. Then, once you have established what you enjoy doing, do lots of it.

Look at your schedule and see how you can fit a minimum of 2-3 hours a week in just for you and a fitness routine.  People constantly tell me how busy they are. I totally understand HOWEVER taking 2-3 hours that are just for you, I GUARANTEE will have you be more productive in the hours you spend working on what it is you work on and you will most likely be able to accomplish it all in less time.

The goal for 2015 is to have you win. Win in your life, win physically, win emotionally, win mentally!

It is a great game to play and one worth playing!

If you have dance of ANY form on your Top 10 list….you should fill in the form below and let me support you in getting your GROOVE on!


Benefits of Movement

Lose Yourself In Music and Find Your Passion

Music is like the world and all its happiness and sadness speaking to you.  I love music and I never really realized how much until I began Zumba fitness.  Whether I know the language or not, I find myself lost in the words and beats and loving the feeling the different instruments take me to.

Music is a universal language.  You can feel what an artist is expressing through the passion that comes through in sound.  On days when I feel down and need a “pick me up”, I always hit my playlist to all the happy tunes that bring back happy memories or thoughts of future memories I look forward to having.

Latin music, in my view, moves the soul and spirit.

A beat with steel drums can quickly have me tapping my toes and smiling.  I guitar wailing out in a flamenco or ramba will stir passions in me I didn’t even know were present.

When I realized that I had this connection with music, I just couldn’t get enough of it.  I listen to everything from Tony Bennett, Imagine Dragons, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Daddy Yankee, Kumbia Kings to good ol’ Garth Brooks and so many more and it really doesn’t matter which genre it is….I LOVE IT!

What I love even more about Zumba fitness is the love, passion, laughter and fun that happens in a Zumba class. Whether you can do all the moves or not, it really makes no difference to getting the desired end result which is an amazing sweat on and stress reliever.  My love for music makes each class its own entity. What do I mean? Many of my classes will have totally different music and themes to it to keep in interesting and fun.  I am not teaching you choreography so you can hit the Broadway stage, I am teaching you simple moves to keep you out of your head and on the dance floor!  To let you let go with passion and self-expression in a safe environment.

I couldn’t imagine my life without music!

Life is much too short….DANCE!

Brazilian Boat Cruise on Lake Ontario

Benefits of Movement, Health & Well Being

Do You Ever Experience Stress or Bad Days?

Do you ever have those days where it seems like nothing you do is right or will meet the end result of what you are working on?

Do you ever feel like the world is going to swallow you whole and you have no idea how to pull yourself out of what you are “in”?

You are not alone.

We all have those days, including me. In fact, to be quite honest, I woke up in one of those days myself today.  It is a part of being human. It is a part of having a brain and I am clear on days like these, you and I both wish we could stop thinking to make all of “It is not enough” or “ I am not enough” or “I can’t do this” thoughts go away.

The thing to notice in what I just wrote is that they are thoughts and those thoughts over take us and it starts to show up physically sometimes.  What that might look like is making silly mistakes for example walking into a couch and stubbing your toe, not wanting to get out of bed, feeling like you might be sick and/or literally making yourself sick or what I just did…dropping the computer charger on my little toe! OUCH!

Thoughts, more commonly have an emotional effect on us. When I have these thoughts about myself or what is going on around me, I become emotional.  I cry, and usually stand there crying not even knowing why.  You may become angry, not want to be around people, yell, become so quiet no one would know you were in the room.

Why do I share this with you?

I share with you because you are not alone with this and there are solutions, even though you may resist it, to having you change how you are thinking and feeling.  When you are feeling stressed, emotional, like you can’t do anything right, come to a Zumba class or Laughter yoga.  The first step is just getting yourself ready to come, get in the car or on your bike or put your walking shoes on and come over.

Then walk through the door to the studio.

When you come in chances are you are going to be thinking…..”this is a bad idea!”or “seriously, why am I here??”  Wait for the class to start and the music to come on.  Start to feel the rhythm of the music.  Count the beats(if knowing the beats supports you), move your feet, move your arms.  Before you know it your attention will no longer be on the problems you walked in with.  I promise you, if you really want to suffer in those problems or feelings you can pick them up again when you leave.

Here is the thing, when you shift your energy….move your body….clear your mind, most times all those feelings and thoughts you walked in with will begin to disappear or at least not be as big and dramatic as you made them out to be to begin with.

I teach Zumba and Laughter yoga because I can see in my own life where these are tools have supported me with the everyday stresses of life.  The meaning of life is not to be stressed.  It really is what you make of it.

Many of my students talk to me after class about what they had been dealing with before they walked into class.  Truth is, I can actually see it on their faces when they come in and I can tell you the moment they let it go and gave themselves permission to just BE. They leave class lighter.  They leave class happy and relaxed. When I have tough days, even as an instructor, there is nothing that makes me happier than knowing I get to go and teach a class and be lost in the music and movement and by the time 60 minutes is up, my energy has shifted, especially when I am dealing with all those thoughts myself.

Find ways to discover relief from your thoughts through physical fitness.  We are here and we understand.

For more information on our classes and how you can relieve yourself from stress through classes, please contact us today.