Benefits of Movement

Fitness Doesn’t Come in a Pill

When we watch television or read magazines, there is always an ad of some sort about some “magic” pill that if you just take it you will drop 3 dress sizes in a ridiculous amount of time.

What they don’t tell you, not all the time but many times, is that exercise is so important and should be something that you take on first. We live in a fast food society and I find that this makes it easy to slip into a fast food fitness mentality.  What we learn from watching documentaries about fast food, is that over time this is extremely unhealthy for us.

The same theory can be placed on taking a “diet pill” rather than taking on our fitness.  Diet pills can serve a small purpose and work for a bit at the time but if you don’t take a serious look at what you do for fitness, you will continue to struggle all your life.

I am not trying to make you feel bad, just speaking the truth.

Please don’t fall victim to the magic pill theory.

I know I know, when you feel desperate you will try anything.  I have been there.  What I learned is that quick fixes never solve anything….that is just like putting duct tape over a hole in a water pipe….eventually the drip will return and without doing the work to repair it, the pipe will eventually burst and be a bigger problem.

Exercise is like going to work on repairing the issue rather than duct taping it. If you are worried or scared about where to start, take a bit of time to research different classes, talk to fitness professionals, discover what you are interested in and set yourself up a schedule.

Make YOU as important in your life as you make others!  There is MAGIC in taking care of YOU!

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