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Our NEW Wednesday Home for Zumba!

I am excited to share with you after 2 amazing events at High Park Brewery (839 Runnymede Road), we have found our new Wednesday night 6:45pm Zumba basics class spot!

This space is INCREDIBLE & FUN! AND these are Zumba & a Pint nights! Come for the dancing, stay for a cold brew of Toronto’s finest beer if you like!

$20 gets you a one hour Zumba class & a pint of beer or soft drink.

We will be back at High Park Brewery Wednesday August 14th & moving forward, every Wednesday!


See you next Wednesday!!


Benefits of Movement, Health & Well Being, Scheduling Notices



Benefits of Movement, Health & Well Being, Scheduling Notices




Benefits of Movement, Health & Well Being

Do You Pass Along Positive Energy to Your Pet?

Recently, I have been asked to give a short talk on my services to a group of pet owners.  I thought a lot about this and how our program is about “Walking in with your stress, walking out with your laughter” and how this could actually benefit pet owners.

The answer became very clear and simple.

We, as humans, give off our energy to others including our pets. That energy can be one of stressed out, angry, upset, etc. With this energy what often shows up in our pets is a similar reaction. Your dog or cat may start not listening, being aggressive towards other animals or people. They may show signs of anxiety or more.

From a different point of view, when we come home to our pets and are happy, relaxed and playful, what often shows up is a pet that matches that energy.

We are the leaders of the pack and as the leader, your followers will follow you including the energy you give off.

The LiveOUTLOUDmovement classes actually have people have a good time and release all the stress and upset that may be lingering in their body from the day so that when they go home they can be present to their families and that includes pets!  You cannot fake your mood around your pet…they will KNOW!!  You don’t even have to be a dog or cat to know when the head of the household comes home yelling, you get out of the way!

Just like children, animals will pick up on your behaviours, actions and moods. If you want a happy healthy dog or cat, I highly recommend you take care of yourself and ensure that you are in a healthy happy state so you can bring that home to them.

I speak from experience on this with my 4 year old boxer.  When I come home grumpy, I get a moody dog. When I come home happy, he is beyond playful and his little tail just can’t stop wagging!

Suddenly “Sparky” will have an extra kick of happiness in his step too! Lucky dog!

For more information on how Live OUTLOUD movement programs can support you AND YOUR PET, CLICK HERE and leave your question!