Benefits of Movement

Weather and Importance of Movement

I don’t know about you but I am DEEPLY affected by weather conditions. Some people think that is crazy. I am here to tell you that I do not believe it is crazy AT ALL!

This year I have been personally struggling. 

On cold rainy days, I want nothing more than to crawl into my bed and wait it out.  Had I done that though, I would still be hibernating between my sheets and we are halfway through May!

I have always been affected by weather.  It is a REAL THING so please know you are not alone if you have these feelings in your body show up. Symptoms include: pain in low back and neck, pressure headaches, eyes aching, respiratory issues, aching all over, mood swings.

For many of you who know me, you may be thinking this is ridiculous that I am saying this happens to me as I come across as cheerful most of the time…I am not and experience all these symptoms quite regularly with our current weather system.

Honestly, there is really only one true Godsend that I have found that works for me……MOVEMENT and lots of it!

Movement has been imperative to my health and even more so with the long winter we have had this year.

I struggle most days to “want” to get up and move. The good news for me is, it is my career so not really a choice to say “ah, I will go tomorrow.”  There are days I just feel my brain screaming “I do not want to do this today!” and everyday that these internal struggles show up, I know I have to go whether I like it or not and here is the best part….

It’s really juicy….EVERY TIME the music comes on, within 5 seconds of the first beat, everything begins to shift. It’s like coming up from holding your breathe under water for a long time. That first inhale is so refreshing…As the music and dance continues on, I can feel my WHOLE body and mind coming ALIVE as if I had been in a coma prior to that moment.  By the end of 60 minutes, those pains, breathing, headache, mood swings…they are GONE!


The hardest part in all of it is just getting myself to the location of a class. Once there, the whole world shifts.

In all my 42 years I have never found something that holds such a profound impact on not just my physical health but my mental and emotional health as well all at the same time.

I have spoke to many ladies recently who I am clear are dealing with the same thing. Many have commented on “I was going to come but I am just so tired right now.” Or “I was going to come but this weather has got me down.”

I want you to know I get it. I want you to know I experience it too.

I want you to know there is a way past all of that for you to FEEL GREAT even now, with the weather the way it is.

I cannot change Mother Nature, however, I can shift what I am doing to have my life working and positive no matter what Mother Nature decides to do, and YOU CAN TOO!

You are not alone. 

Come out to a class and let’s MOVE together! 🙂

Much love,



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Taking On Over-all Health Begins With a Workout!

I could not be MORE EXCITED to kick off this week with ALL Zumba classes ON!

I cannot wait to dance and play with all of you this week!

I have been learning so much out of a difficult few months how important physical activity really is….not just for physical health but being able to clear my mind and keep moving forward by literally putting one foot in front of the other and sometimes side to side in a Cha-Cha-Cha.

On the days when I really didn’t want to (and yes, even as instructors we have those moments) I got up and went and by the end of dancing for 60 minutes, I felt amazing again and clear-headed to be able to go back to my family and make a difference for them and for me!

Working out, in my opinion, should be a part of everyone’s day.  Whether it be a 20 minute walk in a park, a zumba class, bootcamp, hitting the gym, whatever it is for you that you love.  The point is, our bodies are meant to move so staying stationary at a desk or coming home at the end of the day and sitting on the couch or watching tv, is not what your body actually wants. It IS what our minds “think” we want sometimes, I am not denying that!

If you continue to set up your workout, just like you do your work schedule and have it just become part of your regular routine, trust me, everything will open up for you.

These past few months have been extremely emotional and difficult for me and I am also clear that it would have been ten times worse if I hadn’t gotten up and went to class everyday.  I managed to think clearer, smile more, open to new ideas and find more love than I ever knew was possible just by working out and keeping the happy endorphins flowing.

It wasn’t easy but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT and completely available to you too!

See you this week!

Want more info? Email me!


Benefits of Movement

Tis The Season….Of High Emotions…

Tis the season….for parties, socializing, family, friends, gift giving, drinking and food….and much more. On the flip side, tis the season for feeling alone, financial struggles, depression, regrets, failures, world sadness. For me, I am finding that I have a few things that I struggle over even more so this year.

I miss my family the most this time of year. We are not nearby and I can’t drive over and drop in for christmas dinner.  We usually get together at some point throughout the year and we will cheer “Merry Christmas” while we are barbecuing in the heat of summer.  That always works and I still miss them all…I am human.  It is a choice I made to move far away and one that I sometimes wish there was a supersonic jet in my backyard I could hop on and fly home for a hug!

The thing that I am finding most difficult this year is to get into the holiday cheer when so many lives are being impacted around the world.  I haven’t “known” anyone personally who has been in any of these killings that have been happening but we do all share a common bond….being human.

My husband asked me what I wanted for christmas this year and all I can think is for everybody to get along. For people to stop killing one another.  For people to stop having to be right so bad that they will kill another person to “prove” they are right.

Many people are upset with one another over race, religion or other beliefs that they take it to such an extreme.  It is out of control and what is there for me this year is how do we/I make the difference and transform it?  My grandparents and parents taught me to treat others the way I wish to be treated and if I do not have something nice to say, do not say it at all.  In the latter, I know I have messed up from time to time (and I always go back and clean it up if I do).

How do we expect children to grow up and be highly functioning, compassionate, “love thy neighbor” adults who are game changers in this world if we continue to fight and put others down?  Can we really expect our future generations to be different if we don’t set some examples?

This is a highly emotional time of year for most people and with what is happening in the world today, the emotions are running even higher.

If your emotions are running on high right now, I highly recommend that you be sure to be in communication with someone that can support you and as crazy as it may sound, get yourself out to a fitness class and release some healthy and happy endorphins through fitness.  It will support you to think clearer and will give you the natural uplift we all need.

Fitness by far, is the one place where we can release the built up tension in our bodies and move through whatever sadness, anger, guilt, really anything you may be dealing with.

As for the world as a whole….let’s learn to get along, be peace.

If you need to talk and want to begin to create a world for yourself that makes a difference and can impact those around you in a positive way, please reach out.


Sometimes it feels like the weight of the world is on our shoulders.  Sometimes we just need others to talk to to make it a little easier.


Personal Stories

Lessons Learned in Relationships & Loving Myself First!

I discovered after many relationships, that I did not need to lose my own identity to be with someone.  I used to have it like when I was in a relationship whatever the other person needed was more important than my needs.  Every relationship that I was in that went this way and soon I became one of feeling neglected and used constantly.  It took me a long time to see that it was not THEM that were making me feel this way. It was my own actions and who I was being in the relationship that had these emotions coming on.

It was so easy when starting a new relationship to blame others for how I was “feeling”….like they were doing something to me that I couldn’t stop.

In truth, I was trying to “fit the mold” that I thought they wanted so that I would be more lovable to them. Isn’t it crazy what we do as humans? I cannot be the only one who has done this!  We really do train people how to treat us!

When I stopped caring so much about what the other person thought or needed all the time and began to concentrate on what it was I needed or thought I became a strong woman who made her own choices.  I was no longer stopped by what they may think.  It is not even that I stopped caring all together or became selfish, I still cared.  There is a fine line between being there for another human being and being there for YOURSELF.

I learned that when I value myself and my opinions and take care of me first then it is so much easier to be there for someone else.  This even rang true with regards to my fitness.  As soon as I began to take care of myself physically by creating a workout plan AND sticking to it, I began to grown strong mentally and physically and no longer depended on the thoughts or opinions of others.  I became very independent.

For some, it is hard to see how fitness can really be so important in that.  Think of it this way, when you are happy in your body… know when you put that NEW dress on and it just slides over your body and you didn’t have to “tuck” anything in. It just fits perfect….or that moment when you do your hair and every curl falls exactly where you wanted it….or you do your makeup and you know you look hot?   It is a sensation of being on top of the world….like nobody can knock you down.  Fitness provides that to your body without needing to “fix up” your hair or makeup. It is not completely outer body need. Fitness supports you both inside and out!  You can’t put a bandaid on how you feel on the inside like you can with makeup and curling irons.  That stuff just hides the REAL YOU.

With working out, you can look like a sweaty mess BUT your confidence in that moment of having completed a class or lifting a certain amount of weights you have never done before or running that extra mile when you thought you may not be able to……THAT is the moment that your confidence and who you are soars!

I am often a sweaty mess.  Living in my workout gear. I can tell you one thing though….through fitness, I know who I am, what I stand for and exactly what I want in my relationships. What I will compromise for and what I won’t because at the end of the day I know I am worth it.

Loving yourself first and knowing who you are will give you the confidence and determination to find the right relationship for you. Never settle for anything less.  Fitness is freedom in relationships and in your life.

I can help you find the plan that works for you! Let me.


Tammy has mad skills in supporting women (and men) in discovering who they are and what they want out of life.  If you are ready to take your love life and your love of yourself life to the next level, write to her now. First consultation call is free.

Personal Stories

Relationships: Tammy & Nino…NOT Love at First Sight!


The truth is, Nino and I were NOT a “love at first sight” couple. In fact, quite the opposite.  Nino thought I was stuck up and I thought he was a guy who dated everybody.  While we knew of each other and were taking a course in the same room for 7 months, I had no interest in getting to know him and had no interest in getting to know me.

It wasn’t until one night while our whole class was in new york for a weekend session (literally the month before the course ended) that Nino walked into my friends hotel room on the friday night before class and asked “who wants to go for a martini?”, that I finally spoke up.  Surprisingly, I didn’t want a martini at that time….class was going to start shortly and I was actually offended that he wanted to have a drink before class. (yes, I may have been a little up tight back then….)  I told him that he shouldn’t be going for drinks before class but if he wanted to get one after class, I would join him.  He agreed and so set the events that led to our relationship.

That night we went for a martini after class and talked and talked and talked.  It was like two people who knew nothing about each other just picking random topics to ask the other about.  Neither of us were looking for a relationship.  It wasn’t even a date or anything. Just two people talking.  The first night we closed the bar down talking. We agreed to have a drink again the next night and keep talking, and we did.

By sunday, Nino came to me during the day and said “I am really not looking for anything however, when get back to Toronto, I would like to keep hanging out with you. Are you up for that?”  I thought to myself there is no harm in that and I am not looking for anything either. “Sure.”

When we came back to Toronto, the adventure continued and as we grew closer and more intimate and our coaches (from the program we were taking) found out about our relationship and they asked us to take the coaching and not have an intimate relationship for 60 days. To take 60 days and just get to know each other intellectually and if at the end of 60 days we still felt there was something there then we could go for it.  We lasted ALMOST 45 days (sorry guys…we didn’t make it 60 days!), I think it was, when we knew we both were really attracted to one another both mentally and physically.  It was some of the BEST coaching I have ever taken!

We were related to one another on a much more intimate level than just physical.  We had become great friends, listeners and understood how each other worked and thought.

At about a year together we sat down and agreed we should have the “deal-breaker” talk. What this was for us was that in relationships often times there are things for each us of that if the other person does it or doesn’t want it, it is what gets in the way of the relationship working and will slowly have it all unravel and fall apart so we decided to lay all the “deal-breakers” out on the table at one year together so if it was a big enough breaker then we could walk away then or work it out and no one gets hurt.

Some things that were deal-breakers were about kids. Nino didn’t want anymore.  Good news, I can’t have them so that wasn’t a big deal for me. Cheating on each other/swinging completely a deal -breaker for both of us so that was cool.  Where would we live IF we lived together….needed to be near his daughters, that worked for me (loved those girls from the moment I met them!)…..marriage was not an option either of us wanted to take on again (funny how 8 years passes and here we are married) everything that you can think of that could potentially split a couple up….we laid it on the line over a beer and some wings and saw that there wasn’t any deal-breakers we couldn’t overcome.

I have to tell you, as our relationship continued to develop and things continued to move forward we still didn’t say we were “in” a relationship.  With no titles spoken we were just hanging out, seeing where things went and knew that if we to wanted to leave we just needed to talk to one another.

We gave up all the dating pretenses of what titles need to be there, the happily ever after story, the “it has to look a certain way” and just began to enjoy each others company and craziness.  It was really no different when we decided to move in together.  We just adjusted to seeing each other everyday instead of the weekend relationship we were having.

What I can tell you from what I have learned is that to have a successful relationship I had to be myself, be totally in communication even when I wanted to with-hold my thoughts, be honest to myself and to him AND NEVER STOP CREATING. Everyday is a creation, even to this day. In our relationship, in our careers, in everything! (we do make jokes about each other to one another ALL THE TIME, the difference is we do not take them personally)

We create fun, play, adventures, dinners and when we stop doing that, it gets boring and we start to drift until one of us says “hey! This sucks right now! Let’s have fun again!” and then we get back to being full partners, lovers, best friends and the world is balanced again.

Relationships are a two-way street and the opportunity is to find the person for you that is willing to and up for the challenge of having an adventure filled juicy life AND shares it all in communication with you so the two of you can work anything out.

You have to be willing to stand up for what you want AND to not make others wrong for not wanting what you want. There is a fine line to having it all.  My recommendation is to not get caught up thinking you “know” what you want either….if I had stayed hooked in my first thoughts about Nino, I never would have met him for that martini and we wouldn’t be where we are now!

If you are with someone now and that person you are with is not open to talking, really doesn’t want what you want, you have a choice to either stay with them and be happy as is or to set them free and in a way that honors them and you.  If they are the man or woman of your dreams, continue to create. I highly recommend the “deal-breaker” conversation, it saves a lot of time and heartache!

I want people to know that what Nino and I have is not something special or different from anyone else.  There is just willingness on both sides to create, listen and honor one another everyday.


Relationship Coaching is available through the Live OUT LOUD Movement. If you are in a relationship OR want to be in a relationship and looking to create a plan/structure to have a successful, happy, loving, juicy relationship, let’s talk!

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You Are Not Alone….I Am With You

As I continue to expand and build the Live OUT LOUD Movement I am so present to the platform this business stands on and for.

A place for people to realize they are not alone. Telling one on myself at times for you to be freed up from your own thoughts and things that you hide away from.  A place for people to be coached, lifted up and to discover how to move forward towards your own goals and dreams.

I have met and continue to meet people who silently suffer with their health, their thoughts, thinking they are a bad person because they either are unable to get fit or for something that has happened from years ago that they make themselves wrong for and do not allow themselves the freedom to really live again.  For some, they have created a jail cell around them and they can’t see anymore that they live in a free world.

The mission is simple….take each and every person out of the their head/thoughts and have them Living OUT LOUD in their lives! Abundance, Love, Play.

Learning from mistakes and losses, celebrating the wins and happy moments. I use fitness and health as the platform to create a life of abundance and happiness. Gone are the stress-filled days you once walked through and present are the days of having the skills to deal with anything!

This has been a personal mission I have been on for the last 30+ years on to how to deal with what life throws at me and learning how to not make myself wrong for where I am at or what is happening.

Fitness and forward thinking and planning has moved my own life from one of complete despair to true joy.  I have seen my clients overcome some big obstacles with their health, how they feel about themselves and come out from hiding in their lives.  The joy that they have now, I want everyone to experience.

I know this program can work for you too.  Why? Not only have I seen some of my own clients succeed, I have done it myself. I have walked my own life through this system.

I have total compassion for what you are dealing with and ruthless determination to walk every step with you to meet your goals and dreams.

Life is truly abundant, when you can see it. I am here to take you on that journey, guide you and have YOU Live OUT LOUD!

YOU are NOT alone.


Are you ready to walk through the door to your joy-filled life? If you are, I am here! Please write to me and let me know where you are at, what is happening, and lets look together.  Everyone deserves to Live OUT LOUD, let me show you how!


Personal Stories

Let’s Get Aquainted….

So here I am….Tammy…38 years old….married for a second time…no biological children (2 step daughters who are super awesome)….me, living in Toronto.

Never would have seen this coming in my early twenties! That is actually the part of my story I think I love the most….I FEEL SO ALIVE NOW!

It really didn’t look like it does now many years ago, basically starting as a teen (but we will get to that later…let’s start with the 20 somethings…)

I got married for the first time when I just turned 20…thought I knew better, that I met Mr. Right…I realized after many years of blaming him for everything that we really were too young to really know what we wanted out of life.  Being divorced at any time is never a fun label to carry and I found being a divorcee by the time I was 25 living in a small “city” (pop. 34,000) quite a devastating experience at the time.  I couldn’t walk into any place without seeing a few people lean over to whisper and either giggle with their friends at me or just the sadness and sympathy they felt for me in what I was going through….but nobody wanted to speak up and talk to me about it….frankly, I do not know what I would have said.  It was not a good time for me.  I went through a period where I was so distraught I wouldn’t eat. My mom ended up taking me to emergency where they put me on antidepressants. I quickly learned that for me, this was not a good option and I had to get off of them quickly. (For some it really does make a difference so for sure stay under your doctors care)

Along with a relationship you don’t wish upon your worst enemy, was the weight gain and unhealthy eating habits.  In high school I was always very petite, 5’9″, 110 lbs….by 25 I was topping 175lbs and boy could I feel it. Being tall, you couldn’t notice it as much BUT I could feel it!

I smoked about a half a pack to a pack a day, depending on how “stressed out” I felt I was.  Woke up every morning feeling like I had been licking dirt! Yep! That is about as good as a half a pack or more of cigarettes taste like by morning!

I had gotten myself trapped in a routine of bad food (anything deep-fried or made with bread…YUM), smoking, and an all around negative attitude and feeling sorry for myself all the time.  Frankly, I was sick of being around me too!

I can’t tell you the exact day it all happened. Sometime after I moved back home with my parents, having to start all over again (I moved out after I just turned 18 so for me, although my parents are super awesome…this was a kick to my pride BIG TIME!), sometime between the counselling sessions I was going to and the Tony Robbins tape someone gave me to listen to, I decided enough was enough.

I do remember being in my car on a hot day and feeling the rolls of my belly producing sweat while I puffed on my cigarette and hearing Tony Robbins say “you don’t smoke to get cancer, you smoke to TRY and feel good and in the end you might get cancer…” or something to that effect…and it was in that moment, the pack of cigarettes I had bought got thrown out of the car (sorry Mother Nature…I should have put them in the garbage I know…it was an impulsive moment that had I waited to find a garbage can…I may have kept smoking!), I grabbed a towel and wiped away my belly sweat and thought…this is it.

I had been driving home from some small town. My parents greeted me and asked how I was. I remember telling them that I was now a non-smoker and they were excited to find out for how long. I told them 1 hour.  You can understand why they may not have believed me in that moment but they said “Good for you!”  If there is one thing that I have always had that is loving parents and brothers…not sure how they have loved me after some of the stuff I have done but they still do to this day!

Knowing that I was already over weight and now with quitting smoking I was bound to balloon even bigger, I got a hold of a friend of mine who was a trainer and asked him if he would help me get in shape.  He agreed.  I was so embarrassed physically, mentally and emotionally by what I had allowed to have happen to me in my marriage and what I had allowed my health to get to that I begged him to find a way that I wouldn’t have to face the “fitness” people at the gym.

I will never forget it.

My trainer obtained a key to the gym for us to go in after hours. He would set up a movie on the TV and we would run on the treadmills and watch movies and then weight train. I can honestly say, it was one of the most fun times I had….no one whispering, no one cared. Certainly not myself or my trainer.

Over the course of 8-10 months with a fitness plan in place and seeing a Naturopath to sort out what supplements to take and how to eat, I dropped just over 50 lbs.  I began to feel like ME again.  The fitness program, reading positive books, learning to cook and eat healthy, I regained my confidence to take on my life.

Shortly after I got back to being ME, I had an opportunity to come to Toronto for a conference.  When the plane began to descend over Toronto I had a sense of being “at home” for the first time in my life. I knew I was going to live in Toronto the moment that plane touched down….it was all a matter of when…..and how crazy was I?

Want to know more?

Stay Tuned….. Can anyone relate?


If you are looking for a way to start taking on your life again after something has happened and you feel stuck, Tammy is here for you. To reach out and learn more about her coaching programs, please fill in the contact below. Tammy answers all coaching inquiries personally. Talk to her.

Benefits of Movement

Another Reason to Take on Zumba!

If you need a reason to take on your fitness this year….maybe this is one….


Yes! We have a good sense of humor at the LOL Movement! 🙂

That being said, this could be your time to protect yourself from zombies and learn a few moves along the way!

Come join us and get started in 2015! Zumba classes burn 800-1000 calories, teach you new dance steps to take to any wedding or party you are invited to and each week you get to move, laugh, sweat and feel great with an amazing community of women!

Check out our schedule and RSVP when you would like to join us! Your first class is complimentary and class pass sales run until the end of January!

Benefits of Movement

Dr. Gunn Is In Da House!!

Dr. Gunn….your zumba instructor specialist…. hmmm…….I am not a “real” Dr. but I do know a great prescription you CAN fill anytime you feel tired, low, bummed out…really ANY mood!

ZUMBA!  Yep! I said it and I know you are super surprised! 😉

I don’t just “tell” people that they should follow this…I DO IT MYSELF! I am not always happy. I have my moments and honestly the moment I am unhappy, tired, low, bummed out, I start to zumba. Pretty much wherever I am and my mood picks up immediately!

Zumba, no matter how you are feeling! Just get your body through the door to your local class and you will instantly feel happier! There is always a HAPPY instructor waiting to greet you! Well, for sure at our classes!

Zumba music is so catchy, so rhythmic, so playful…you can’t help but want to get moving the moment the stereo comes on!

Don’t believe me? Come join us for a FREE class on me! Fill this out to receive your free class!

Prepare yourself for BEFORE and AFTER the holidays in style! ZUMBA your way into 2015!!



Benefits of Movement

Want a Dose of Happy Today?

This blog is not to discount the work of therapists by the picture post attached.  This is a reminder of the benefits of fitness to your overall health and can be a cost-effective enhancement to your overall health.

Fitness provides an emotional and mental release as well as physical benefits.  When you are raising your heart rate, listening to great music, moving your molecules around which you do in fitness programs you are also supporting yourself emotionally and mentally.

It is not to discount the work that one may be doing with therapy, however, imagine what benefit you could provide to your life by starting out even taking 1-2 classes a week of anything fitness related. Never get stopped by thinking by trying one thing and it didn’t work out that now all fitness programs are not for you!


If I would have stopped at cycling, swimming, running, lifting weights, boot camps…..I NEVER would have discovered my love of Zumba.  If I would have stopped at yoga or hot yoga….I NEVER would have discovered Laughter Yoga!


Walking to work is great however, discovering something in the fitness realm that may include other people can be exhilarating! A way to get fit, release healthy endorphins and meet other happy healthy like-minded people! It really is a win win!