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Are YOU Ready to Zumba in November?

I cannot believe that we are already into November tomorrow! 2018 is flying by and there doesn’t seem to be any brakes on this train!

That being said, it has been a pretty awesome year thus far and I am sure the rest of the year will be just as awesome!

This month, ALL CLASSES ARE ON! There are no adjustments to the schedule so please check your schedule and add your weekly Zumba class to your routine!

TONIGHT is HALLOWEEN and still October, so please note that with Halloween there is NO CLASS this evening. Enjoy  handing out candy or watching scary movies, or BOTH! 🙂

November will be jam-packed with GREAT music, new moves and on November 16th, the morning class will head over to the Starving Artist, AFTER ZUMBA, to enjoy some great waffles and espressos. Come and join us if you can!

Class passes will remain at the same price with no increases.

10 classes, good for 3 months, $85

20 classes, good for 6 months, $150

Drop ins, $15

For other pass prices please contact me directly!

I am looking forward to dancing with you all throughout November!

See you soon!acb87621a1516b0f5726d10869e38dc3

Mucho love,


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How Do You Listen to Music?

Musicians have an “ear” for it. Musicians hear things that we, as non-musicians, may not hear but know that there is something magnificent behind the sound.

Dancers can hear a specific beat. They count. They step with it. A world of colors through steps get created in every song. Have you ever been entranced watching someone dance?

Office people may hear music and try to relate the words to how their day is going…. “Baby! Don’t treat me bad! Cuz this could be the best thing you’ve ever had!” (Firehouse, oldie but a goodie!)

Teens may listen for what is happening in their life in the moment….”We are NEVER EVER getting back together….LIKE NEVER!” (Taylor Swift)

Children learn their A,B,C’s and 1,2,3’s to music! Sesame street is still on and still a BIG FAN of the sing a long!

This blog could go on and on into the number of genres of music that are out there! I, of course, have a love for latin music…..on any given day when I listen to latin music I feel like I have landed on an amazing island somewhere and my body will begin to instantly move to the beat. I have NO IDEA what they are singing about but I know all the words! (just not what they mean!)

Zumba fitness, which I teach, is all about music. Music that comes from all different genres and artists.  In zumba, we listen to music as if every song has fun, play, love, and stress-free living in every step and then bring that to the dance floor!

When you listen to music the next time, listen with a love and appreciation for the collaboration of fabulous artists that produce something for each of us to move to, to smile to, break up to, fall in love to, to let go our daily stresses.

Let music carry you to another world! Thank you to all the artists out there!!

For more information on how you can attend a zumba fitness class for FREE, click here!