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Do You Get the Mid Week Blues?

Never fear! Zumba Basics is HERE!!! 🙂

Okay, yes. I do get quite excited about this.

Here is why….many years ago now (before I found Zumba) I used to find Tuesdays to be a very long day and by the time Wednesday rolled around, I would be feeling super tired and wishing for the weekend….since discovering the great world of Zumba AND doing a Zumba class every wednesday, my energy to kick it through the week has been AMAZING!

I personally just want everyone to have amazing days and incredible weeks and now that we have moved into this uber cool spot of High Park Brewery, it has made it even MORE FUN (if that was even possible)!!

This location is especially great for those who have friends or family who want to join you but may or may not want to actually do the class for now.  They can come, sit on the patio or inside, enjoy a cold pint or soda, listen to the music and pick up on the energy whether they are doing the class or not! Pretty cool!

You get to do your fitness class AND spend time with those you care about! OR, if you just need a night away from everyone, this is just a really awesome place to get your groove on with some pretty spectacular ladies!!


Here are the Deets:

Wednesdays @ 6:45pm  High Park Brewery (839 Runnymede Road)

Come a few minutes early to get signed in!

Cost: $20 gets you the class & a ticket for a pint of beer or soda after class!

Wear comfy clothes you don’t mind sweating in! 🙂 And Runners are a must!

Bring a reusable water bottle (We got lots so you can keep filling up!)

Be ready to have fun and let loose!


Benefits of Movement

Are YOU That Person Too?

I am the one you will see on a street corner tapping her toes and shaking her leg for what appears to be no reason….(until you spot the earphones)…

I am the one that hears a song playing in the grocery store and breaks into a mini choreopgraphy using the shopping cart as a prop…..

I am the one who sitting on a streetcar will begin to bop her head and do hand motions that you are not sure if I am calling you over or just hand dancing….

Begin to hear the music everywhere in life and soon….every place you go…is worth taking a moment to groove out, make yourself smile….and others around you wonder…”what is that woman up to?”

Keep’em guessing! Keeps life interesting!

Happy Friday Everyone!


Benefits of Movement

Failure Is Only A Word. Believe You Can!

Staying positive even through the rough times can make all the difference in what you are out to accomplish.  Yesterday I watched a documentary on Muhammad Ali (I actually watched three) a.k.a. Cassius Clay.  One of the greatest boxers the world has ever seen.

One of the things that really struck me about him was how positive he stayed and how he talked to himself about what he was able to do and who he was.  He never saw himself as someone who would not succeed and there were a few times that he did not succeed but it didn’t stop him.  With failure came more training and perseverance.

There is a lesson to be learned in who he was. See yourself as bigger than you may know yourself to be and BELIEVE you are!  Do not let failures knock you out. Get back up and keep moving forward.

I keep this quote below in my bathroom right by my mirror to remind me each day of who I am and it supports me in shifting myself when I feel the “failures” creeping up at me.

Do not let January be the only month you take on your fitness. Get up each day and know that you CAN do it and you will see the results you wish for quickly and easily! No excuses!

Let us support you!

Come join our classes and see what we are all about!16

Benefits of Movement

Fitness Doesn’t Come in a Pill

When we watch television or read magazines, there is always an ad of some sort about some “magic” pill that if you just take it you will drop 3 dress sizes in a ridiculous amount of time.

What they don’t tell you, not all the time but many times, is that exercise is so important and should be something that you take on first. We live in a fast food society and I find that this makes it easy to slip into a fast food fitness mentality.  What we learn from watching documentaries about fast food, is that over time this is extremely unhealthy for us.

The same theory can be placed on taking a “diet pill” rather than taking on our fitness.  Diet pills can serve a small purpose and work for a bit at the time but if you don’t take a serious look at what you do for fitness, you will continue to struggle all your life.

I am not trying to make you feel bad, just speaking the truth.

Please don’t fall victim to the magic pill theory.

I know I know, when you feel desperate you will try anything.  I have been there.  What I learned is that quick fixes never solve anything….that is just like putting duct tape over a hole in a water pipe….eventually the drip will return and without doing the work to repair it, the pipe will eventually burst and be a bigger problem.

Exercise is like going to work on repairing the issue rather than duct taping it. If you are worried or scared about where to start, take a bit of time to research different classes, talk to fitness professionals, discover what you are interested in and set yourself up a schedule.

Make YOU as important in your life as you make others!  There is MAGIC in taking care of YOU!

Come try a LOL Movement Zumba Fitness class on us by RSVP’ing here: