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I Am Under Construction…It Is A GREAT Thing!

I have discovered that everything in life, jobs, relationships, being alive, is always evolving and if I stay “static” or not moving in one area then everything eventually seems like it gets “stuck”. It becomes a force that is very hard to move forward.

The beginning of 2018 brought upon many incidents/accidents that have had me begin to re-evaluate much of what I have been working on.  Not like a problem, only that knowing when many challenges show up, sometimes it is like the universe’s way of saying “HELLO TAMMY!! Are you listening?”

The most prominent that started my year were 2 car accidents less than 2 month’s apart. Both times I was rear-ended and ended up with whiplash and concussions. The second time I was hit, my car that I just purchased less than 6 month’s prior to the accidents, it didn’t make it.

Being that I work primarily in the fitness industry this was very hard physically to see some of the limitations I was having after both accidents.  I had headaches regularly, my body was very sore constantly.  I would easily forget things I had just done or said in the first few weeks following these accidents. It was terribly frustrating at the time.

Thankfully, I know my body well and went directly to my chiropractor and medical doctor right after the accidents. I immediately got the support I needed and have bounced back extremely quickly so I can keep working doing what I love.

That being said, the accidents also opened something up for me. I realized I really had no back up plan if something were to happen that I didn’t “bounce back” again if something else were to happen. The question to myself was “If I am not able to dance anymore, then what?”

I realized this year that my passion is and always will be to support others in discovering what lights them up. Supporting others in finding the relationships they are looking for. Supporting people of all abilities to move and find their groove! Supporting others in making their dreams reality, whether it be fitness goals, relationships, financial, building businesses, creating extraordinary events, and so much more.

The company I have built, the Live OUT LOUD Movement, is so much more than just a fitness program based primarily in Zumba Fitness.

The Live OUT LOUD Movement is a LIFE MOVEMENT.

A place to take all that seems like heavy weights on our shoulders and discover the silver lining within them all to produce extraordinary results in the face of no agreement in life.

I truly believe that everything happens in our lives for a reason. Even all the “bad stuff” that I wish never happened. I see it as it had to happen to show me something that I couldn’t see was available before. In the moment, it never “feels” that way, however the true gift of this MOVEMENT is the opportunity to look more in-depth at what is happening and discover what I/we can’t see right away.  Discovering the knowledge that is hidden deep within what ails us to creating a strong and vibrant life that impacts ourselves and others by what is discovered!

I am in the process of rebuilding new aspects to the Live OUT LOUD Movement and new offerings over the next few months to really dive deep into what is possible through this company to help people in a unique way.

I hope you stick around to see what is next and how it all plays out. I will always continue to dance for as long as my body will let me, you can bet money on that and now is the time for me to take what I have built thus far and expand it far beyond where it is today!


I'm under construction and loving it

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Honest Answers To Clients Questions Part One

I get asked a lot of interesting questions by my clients about how I maintain myself with teaching multiple classes and some of the basic questions too…here are my responses:

Many of my clients ask me :

“What do you eat for breakfast? I mean….how do you have that much energy?”

TRUTH: It is oatmeal….I LOVE oatmeal….”sticks to your ribs!” as my Mom says (since I was a little kid!)

I used to go without breakfast a lot as a teen and a young adult…but now I have gone back to my roots and good old plain oatmeal with a dusting of brown sugar and a bit of coconut milk just hits the spot and carries me through my morning of classes.

“Do you drink coffee? “

TRUTH: Yes, I do. I either have an espresso in the morning with a teaspoon of agave or I will have a black coffee.  Having coffee and not “adding” anything to it, it actually not bad for you!  It is when the sugars and milks get added that coffee is then not a great choice.  I wouldn’t drink a lot of it and most certainly I do not have coffee after 3pm ever….unless I want to be up until the next morning!

“Being that you teach 3-5 classes a day….do you eat whatever you want?”

TRUTH: Yes, but what I want is fresh foods 98% of the time.  My body craves fruits and vegetables and chicken and fish.  The odd time I do go all out for a steak or nachos but it is definitely not a “go to” food.  Vegetables are my main love, even before fruit.  I love juicing and frankly could sit down watching a movie and eat a head of iceberg lettuce all on its own! (Been doing that since I was little….LOVE lettuce! I think I was a rabbit in a past life…)

“How old are you anyway?”

TRUTH: 36….I will be 37 in a week and a half and I have never felt better in my life! (AND I am not just saying that) I wake up feeling strong and in touch with my body.  I cannot wait to be 40 years old!  I get younger every year. (I got asked for ID at the LCBO the other day….I blessed the man…and gave him a high-five)

These are just a few, in a series of questions, I receive week to week!  Next week we will discuss burning questions like “how many calories do we burn each class?” “What do you eat after a workout?” and more!

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Best No Bake Bars Ever!!

With every workout you need to refuel your body. I have found an EASY to make recipe that literally will take you minutes to make! This is a great snack bar to grab because not only is it delicious, well do we really need any other reason?

I modify it a little it by adding Trail Mixes full of peanuts, cashews, raisins, and I only add 1 cup of dark chocolate chips instead of 1cup and ¼ .

You can make a big batch of these and freeze them too. Pull some out 15 minutes before you want it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Quick and Easy!

No Bake Bars

1 cup natural peanut butter

1/2 cup honey

1/2 cup unrefined coconut oil

2 cups dry oats (not the instant kind) **I use Steel cut oats!

1 cup shredded coconut

1/2 cup chopped walnuts (optional)

1 1/4 cups dark chocolate chips

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

Melt peanut butter, honey, and coconut oil over medium-low heat. Once melted, remove from heat and add oats, coconut, chocolate chips, walnuts, and vanilla.

Stir until chocolate is entirely melted. Pour into 9 x 13 pan and cool in fridge. When set, cut into bars and enjoy.

Store in fridge.

This picture is them BEFORE they go in the pan and in the fridge….Your home will smell like yummy goodness!! Mmmmmm……1920212_10153829014860387_1772641227_n


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Do You Get Stressed in January?

January can be one of the toughest months of the year.  Physically, emotionally, financially.

For many of us, we live where it is cold and we can easily use that as an excuse to not going to the gym or studio for a workout…we just finished the holiday season and surprisingly even in the cold, flies will come flying out of your wallet where money once was.   Then for many of us, we have over indulged in both spirit and spirit’s through December and our mid sections are trying to play catch up!

You are not alone if you are feeling any or all of the above statements.  This can also be one of the most depressing months out of the year because people feel “trapped” in their circumstances due to all or some of the above.  You do not have to feel squashed by this. Recognizing it is important. It is a stage that is needed so you can go above and beyond what you see in front of you.

The important thing to remember is to not make yourself wrong about what you see you have done.  Remember, in the moment that you spent that money, ate that food, drank that wine you were having a great time making memories of some sort.  You didn’t do it so that in January you could beat yourself up!  Not at all. It is just what happened and when you get upset about it, it is all the upset you cause around it by making it mean all sorts of things about you!

A few tips that I have found really work this time of year are:

  1. Cook at home. Make healthy choices, dinners ahead of time and freeze them. This will save you money from eating out and will support you in staying away from rich foods. You can control making healthier foods that you eat.
  2. Acknowledge what you have in your bank account is what you have! Make it last! Play a game.  You know when you will have a bit more money so with what you have divide it by the days you have left until more comes in and play the game to only spend what you got! Leave your credit cards alone!
  3. Any time you think a nice cocktail would taste good, have a juice, glass of water, cup of tea. Make a virgin cocktail of some sort. Stay away from alcohol for a bit, let your body restore itself.
  4. Go to your fitness classes whether the weather is warm, cold or anything in between. There will always be a “good reason” for why you are not there. Play the game to find every reason why YOU SHOULD go and GO!  Reap the benefits of that mindset for weeks to come!
  5. Read a good book.  Allow your mind to be worked out as well rather than just worrying about what you cannot currently change.

By following some of these simple tips, you can easily make it through January and all the thoughts you have about it!  Take things one day at a time and know that where you are at is perfect and who you are is too!  All works out when you give yourself some room to breathe.

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