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Zumba & a Pint Wednesdays are sooo much fun!

People are talking about how much fun they are having each week at High Park Brewery!  The time flies, the ladies are all awesome & the beer is delicious!

I have always wanted to run a community class in our neighborhood. In fact, I actually have been running community classes in our neighborhood for 8 years!! The issue had always been location….NOW that problem is solved! 🙂

High Park Brewery is a great spot with tons of space & the atmosphere is super friendly!

Come try it out on your own or bring friends, co-workers, spouses, whoever you think might enjoy!  You can also make Wednesday night a fun night to bring a group that you belong to!  The more the merrier!

I keep the moves easy to follow. The point is to have tons of fun, laugh lots, sweat lots & shake away your stresses!  Hope you can come out soon!


Benefits of Movement, Health & Well Being, Scheduling Notices



Benefits of Movement, Health & Well Being, Scheduling Notices




Benefits of Movement, Health & Well Being, Personal Stories

Don’t Miss Out…Just Move!

As an instructor of Zumba, I hear from people who say “I have 2 left feet, I can’t dance…” or “It’s too hard, I have no rhythm.”

Understandably, some people seem to have better rhythm or are quicker to catch on than others, however, it is in my opinion that each and EVERY person on this planet CAN dance!

Dancing can look a variety of ways of course but dancing is dancing all the same.

How can I say that?


I have been fortunate to be teaching Zumba classes to people of all abilities. What this means is I teach people in wheelchairs, canes, crutches, mental, physical, emotional issues, epileptic, down syndrome, mute, deaf, Parkinson’s and of course those who say they have no rhythm for many years now.

What I have learned is that at the heart of every human being, there is a rhythm.

There is a basic ability, an innate way of being that has movement to music be present whether we can physically move our body or not. The movement can also occur within our mind while our body does something completely different.

Some people when they dance make it look so easy and fluent that they would be masterful in a dance competition. Others look awkward BUT in actual fact they are moving their body to the rhythm THEY hear and feel and truly are dancing no matter what it may “look like.”

In society, we tend to compare ourselves to one another in many areas, including our dancing skills. If we were just able to, for a moment, step out of comparing, we would all see we ALL have the ABILITY to move our bodies and be lost in music no matter what it looks like.

Therefore, we ALL have the ability to DANCE!

Stop worrying about others will think when you move to music. Give yourself over to the rhythm and in the case of my deaf clients, I teach them dance motion through mimic movements and they light up when they match my movements.

Just imagine for a moment how freeing it would be to just enjoy music for what it is. A beautiful sound journey that ignites your body, mind and spirit. A joyous playful rhythm that ignites your ability to move freely!

Anyone CAN do it and personally, I KNOW YOU CAN TOO!


Benefits of Movement, Health & Well Being

Do You Ever Experience Stress or Bad Days?

Do you ever have those days where it seems like nothing you do is right or will meet the end result of what you are working on?

Do you ever feel like the world is going to swallow you whole and you have no idea how to pull yourself out of what you are “in”?

You are not alone.

We all have those days, including me. In fact, to be quite honest, I woke up in one of those days myself today.  It is a part of being human. It is a part of having a brain and I am clear on days like these, you and I both wish we could stop thinking to make all of “It is not enough” or “ I am not enough” or “I can’t do this” thoughts go away.

The thing to notice in what I just wrote is that they are thoughts and those thoughts over take us and it starts to show up physically sometimes.  What that might look like is making silly mistakes for example walking into a couch and stubbing your toe, not wanting to get out of bed, feeling like you might be sick and/or literally making yourself sick or what I just did…dropping the computer charger on my little toe! OUCH!

Thoughts, more commonly have an emotional effect on us. When I have these thoughts about myself or what is going on around me, I become emotional.  I cry, and usually stand there crying not even knowing why.  You may become angry, not want to be around people, yell, become so quiet no one would know you were in the room.

Why do I share this with you?

I share with you because you are not alone with this and there are solutions, even though you may resist it, to having you change how you are thinking and feeling.  When you are feeling stressed, emotional, like you can’t do anything right, come to a Zumba class or Laughter yoga.  The first step is just getting yourself ready to come, get in the car or on your bike or put your walking shoes on and come over.

Then walk through the door to the studio.

When you come in chances are you are going to be thinking…..”this is a bad idea!”or “seriously, why am I here??”  Wait for the class to start and the music to come on.  Start to feel the rhythm of the music.  Count the beats(if knowing the beats supports you), move your feet, move your arms.  Before you know it your attention will no longer be on the problems you walked in with.  I promise you, if you really want to suffer in those problems or feelings you can pick them up again when you leave.

Here is the thing, when you shift your energy….move your body….clear your mind, most times all those feelings and thoughts you walked in with will begin to disappear or at least not be as big and dramatic as you made them out to be to begin with.

I teach Zumba and Laughter yoga because I can see in my own life where these are tools have supported me with the everyday stresses of life.  The meaning of life is not to be stressed.  It really is what you make of it.

Many of my students talk to me after class about what they had been dealing with before they walked into class.  Truth is, I can actually see it on their faces when they come in and I can tell you the moment they let it go and gave themselves permission to just BE. They leave class lighter.  They leave class happy and relaxed. When I have tough days, even as an instructor, there is nothing that makes me happier than knowing I get to go and teach a class and be lost in the music and movement and by the time 60 minutes is up, my energy has shifted, especially when I am dealing with all those thoughts myself.

Find ways to discover relief from your thoughts through physical fitness.  We are here and we understand.

For more information on our classes and how you can relieve yourself from stress through classes, please contact us today.