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Don’t Miss Out…Just Move!

As an instructor of Zumba, I hear from people who say “I have 2 left feet, I can’t dance…” or “It’s too hard, I have no rhythm.”

Understandably, some people seem to have better rhythm or are quicker to catch on than others, however, it is in my opinion that each and EVERY person on this planet CAN dance!

Dancing can look a variety of ways of course but dancing is dancing all the same.

How can I say that?


I have been fortunate to be teaching Zumba classes to people of all abilities. What this means is I teach people in wheelchairs, canes, crutches, mental, physical, emotional issues, epileptic, down syndrome, mute, deaf, Parkinson’s and of course those who say they have no rhythm for many years now.

What I have learned is that at the heart of every human being, there is a rhythm.

There is a basic ability, an innate way of being that has movement to music be present whether we can physically move our body or not. The movement can also occur within our mind while our body does something completely different.

Some people when they dance make it look so easy and fluent that they would be masterful in a dance competition. Others look awkward BUT in actual fact they are moving their body to the rhythm THEY hear and feel and truly are dancing no matter what it may “look like.”

In society, we tend to compare ourselves to one another in many areas, including our dancing skills. If we were just able to, for a moment, step out of comparing, we would all see we ALL have the ABILITY to move our bodies and be lost in music no matter what it looks like.

Therefore, we ALL have the ability to DANCE!

Stop worrying about others will think when you move to music. Give yourself over to the rhythm and in the case of my deaf clients, I teach them dance motion through mimic movements and they light up when they match my movements.

Just imagine for a moment how freeing it would be to just enjoy music for what it is. A beautiful sound journey that ignites your body, mind and spirit. A joyous playful rhythm that ignites your ability to move freely!

Anyone CAN do it and personally, I KNOW YOU CAN TOO!


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How Do You Listen to Music?

Musicians have an “ear” for it. Musicians hear things that we, as non-musicians, may not hear but know that there is something magnificent behind the sound.

Dancers can hear a specific beat. They count. They step with it. A world of colors through steps get created in every song. Have you ever been entranced watching someone dance?

Office people may hear music and try to relate the words to how their day is going…. “Baby! Don’t treat me bad! Cuz this could be the best thing you’ve ever had!” (Firehouse, oldie but a goodie!)

Teens may listen for what is happening in their life in the moment….”We are NEVER EVER getting back together….LIKE NEVER!” (Taylor Swift)

Children learn their A,B,C’s and 1,2,3’s to music! Sesame street is still on and still a BIG FAN of the sing a long!

This blog could go on and on into the number of genres of music that are out there! I, of course, have a love for latin music…..on any given day when I listen to latin music I feel like I have landed on an amazing island somewhere and my body will begin to instantly move to the beat. I have NO IDEA what they are singing about but I know all the words! (just not what they mean!)

Zumba fitness, which I teach, is all about music. Music that comes from all different genres and artists.  In zumba, we listen to music as if every song has fun, play, love, and stress-free living in every step and then bring that to the dance floor!

When you listen to music the next time, listen with a love and appreciation for the collaboration of fabulous artists that produce something for each of us to move to, to smile to, break up to, fall in love to, to let go our daily stresses.

Let music carry you to another world! Thank you to all the artists out there!!

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