Benefits of Movement

All Roads Lead to YES!

Do you ever have the thought “Should I go?”…. do not worry, you are never alone with this question. 

Majority of people will question whether to do something and especially when it comes to taking time for yourself and your own health & well-being, MANY people question and then choose to do something other than taking care of themselves.

Myself included, until about 9 years ago when I got serious about taking care of me!  I used to question whether I should go to a class or go to the gym a couple of times a week.  When it came down to going to the gym, I would often sell out on myself because I did not enjoy running on a treadmill or lifting weights. It was easy to say “no I won’t go.”

Even when I started Zumba, as much as I enjoyed it, there would be times I would say “nah, not today!” but what would end up happening is that one day would turn into a whole week and then I would feel anxious, lethargic and behind the game of taking care of me rolling into the next week….

Once I adopted the mentality of still asking myself “should I go?” with full intention of the answer always being “YES!” no matter how I felt (unless running a fever), I would ALWAYS feel better that I went.

It is so easy to sell out on ourselves and get busy in the day-to-day. Honestly though, once I started being consistent with taking care of me, the Day-to-day just got really easy and more fun too!

Take time out for YOU….ALWAYS!!




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Aging Is A Gift….

I love aging!

What?!!! Yep! I said it! I do not worry or feel bad about it at all….  Here is why…

With age comes little wrinkles around the eyes that tell a story of one’s life.

Aging brings on wisdom that in itself is beautiful as well.

There is nothing to fear as we age….it is all a part of life and without it…we cease to exist.

So embrace the wrinkles and love who you are every minute of everyday! Aging is a gift that many do not get the opportunity to do.

Live Life. Laugh Lots. Make Memories.


Benefits of Movement

I Used To Wait For The Signs….Now I Live…

I have spent a lot of my life asking for “signs” that things are going to work out for me.  I used to think that this was the way that I would know I was on the right track.  While it is great to look for ways to see that you are headed in the right direction, it is also very positive to head IN A DIRECTION…..even if it turns out to be the wrong one.

Looking back on my life, I can see where there were many years (yes, I said years) that life became stagnant, boring, mundane, because I would just get up in the morning, go to work, come home and watch tv and then go to bed and repeat the cycle in the morning.  I thought this was living and I was scared to step out of it. For a long time this is what I thought “being an adult” was all about.

It wasn’t until I drew a line in the sand (I know there is no sand on the prairies…metaphorically speaking people) and said to myself “my life is going to be exciting!” that I began to challenge the way I thought, take actions I never had (like going back to school…moving away…dating) that I got to see how interesting life really could be.

The beauty in it all was that I made some great choices and some really bad choices.  The good ones I celebrated and the bad ones I began to see what I could learn from them and not make them wrong for having happened.  This gave me a lot of freedom to begin living again.  Surrounding myself with people who I knew/know that are always pulling for me to be great has also made a big difference.

The friends that were “negative Nick and Nancy’s” (this is just a term…my friends who are named Nick and Nancy are actually really awesome!) had to be given their pink slips to take a walk out of my life.  There was no more room for negative people.  Misery loves company and frankly, I didn’t want to be the company or the misery anymore.

Life changes can seem difficult to make, however, like anything in life, we/you/I just need to take the first step in some direction and then the path will begin to open up and its possible to see a destination on the horizon.

The future really can be so bright, you gotta wear shades! 


If you are interested in taking the first step into your new life, send me a note here and let’s being to create!

Benefits of Movement

Use Your Next Class To Support You With Life!

In an effort to stay healthy, it is important to have a healthy mindset.

Daily life comes at us in a variety of ways and many times it occurs not in a good way. This can get you down pretty quick at times.  The important thing is to notice when you get upset and look at how you can transform that upset into something positive.

Fitness is a GREAT outlet for when life comes at you! When you work out and take on your endurance, it releases healthy endorphins throughout your body and honestly, it clears your mind to be able to deal with whatever is in front of you.

Zumba is a great way to let go of all your upsets and lose yourself in the music while releasing healthy endorphins.  At the end of a class, your head will be much clearer to deal with whatever it is that is in front of you.

I can tell you as a student and an instructor that I have used these workouts at times to deal with life issues and find the positive in everything….even when it seems impossible.  I am not always happy, I have my moments like everyone else BUT I release it in class! 🙂

Take on your health through food, fitness and positive thinking and you will benefit 1000%!

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