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Anyone CAN Do It!

Recently I was in a conversation with someone who shared with me that they could not dance.  This statement always makes me wonder at what point in their life did they “make up” that they couldn’t?

Did someone tell them they couldn’t?

Did they try and felt foolish?

Do people ACTUALLY have 2 left feet? I have never seen that but for sure would love to sometime!

I often think that the judgements of not being able to do something is just simply put, a thought we have that we give power to.

I believe this when it comes to many things.

For me, dance is just a natural state. I often do not even realize when I walk across the floor that I will begin to “glide” (as my husband says)..I cannot help but move in a fluid motion, it has become natural.

I have recently taken on learning about finance and real estate. Why I bring this up is because when I started to learn, I had the thought “I cannot do this…this is hard”…and then I brought myself back to when someone tells me they cannot dance and my belief that everyone can…(even if it is to their own drum..they are STILL dancing).

Taking on that anyone CAN learn and do new things has opened me up to see that I am actually very capable of learning in the world of finance and real estate!

I do prefer to dance. I am more comfortable dancing, however, I am learning to not be limited!

Dancing teaching us flow. Flow through life, problems, happiness, sadness, breakthroughs and breakdowns.

Whether you dance to your own beat or in a class, I promise you…LIFE is just better when you DANCE! 🙂 11709645_10153211210138551_7110724180411041881_n

Benefits of Movement

Rock Your Summer Body Now!

With the weather warming up and summer fast approaching, are you doing all you can to get ready for shorts and swimsuit weather? I mean seriously…do you want to feel comfortable in your summer gear and look great this year?

If your answer is YES….read on!

Now is the time to prep your body for the upcoming warm weather.  When I was 25 years old, I will never for get that hot summer afternoon when I felt so awkward and uncomfortable and out of shape that I really drew a line in the sand and said to myself ” yep…this is my
 year! I am getting fit!”

Do not wait for the hot sweaty days of summer to feel that moment….do it now and do something about it!  When you are working out, your body begins to crave healthy foods such as veggies and fruit.  The more you work out, typically the more good foods you choose to put in your body. Do not worry about scales and are you over or under on weight. Go by how you are feeling. Are you feeling uncomfortable? Are you tired? Are you bloated after you eat?

Your body really will tell you what it needs if you listen to it.

Be happy, Be healthy and ROCK YOUR SUMMER BODY by starting TODAY!

Zumba is a GREAT way to dance yourself into the figure you always wanted! Join us today for a FREE class!36695a0a5ba73e5dac92bcc22c71a50a

Benefits of Movement

Do You Sing In Your Car?

Are you someone who cranks your music in the car and sings at the top of your lungs?

I commend you!

As long as you are not causing any car accidents while belting out your version of Shake it Off, it is perfectly healthy to let go at the end of the day(or to start it!) with some good old fashion car karaoke!

This starts the healthy endorphins flowing AND to REALLY take your natural healthy release to a whole new level…pack that car with your workout clothes and sing your way right over to Zumba Class!

Once you arrive and get changed, the music in the studio will begin pumping and (at least in my classes) you can sing away while you dance to some of your favorite songs! (whether you know the words or language, just sing it baby!)

See, singing in your car just gets all the juices flowing then when you take it to the next level and on to the dance floor….LOOK OUT!!! HOT MOMMA COMING THROUGH! 🙂

Just saying…may as well complete your day by shakin’ what your momma gave you to a merengue or a reggaetone or some soca! Woot Woot!

Come try a class on me!

Fill in below to RSVP!


Benefits of Movement

Zumba Class Prep For Holiday Parties!

Holiday parties are being booked by you as I write this….you can almost taste the delicious foods and drinks as you say YES to another party!

Now it’s time to plan your fitness for the season!

No, it doesn’t have to be an “in order to” experience, like “in order to eat all those holiday treats, I need to work out X number of times a week…”  Why not have your workout routine be FUN and teach you some NEW moves to take you out on the dance floor at all the upcoming parties you will be attending?

Yes! Did you know?  You really CAN have a great time working out and picking up some new steps along the way that will impress your friends! In my Zumba classes I will teach you moves from around the world so you can heat up a holiday party in minutes!  You will learn anything from salsa, cumbia, Bollywood, hip hop….oh ya and you can merengue across the room like no one’s business and MORE….your friends and colleagues will be cheering you on, letting you know you look amazing and your moves are off the charts!

Take on your practice during the week with me in Zumba class and then take on shaking it on the weekends with your family and friends this season!  Your body will stay in amazing shape and you will be a step ahead of your New Year’s Resolution!

It really IS a win win!

Come join my classes and you will not be disappointed! First class is FREE….you have nothing to lose…except a grinchy mood (if you have one! 🙂 )

For more information, please contact me here: 


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A Tribute to All Musicians

Do you secretly dance in your room with the door locked? Possibly singing into a hairbrush to your favorite song?  Maybe you are reviving a little Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch…..Good vibration…..or your kickin‘ it to Suavemente while those latin rhythms make you feel like you own the floor……or your Raising Your Glass to a lil‘ P!nk and the list can go on and on! I admit it….I DO! 🙂

I honestly don’t know one person who doesn’t like music….of some sort.  Music tells a story, whether there are words or not it takes us on a journey in our imagination.  

Music lifts our spirits and in some cases the songs we listen to are “exactly what we are dealing with”.  Have you ever listened to a song over and over again and thought, “wow, this is so my life right now!”  My brother once played me the song “the middle” by Jimmy Eat World when I was going through a rough time in my life….I swear that song, cranked up, gave me strength I didn’t know was possible.

I listen to EVERYTHING all the time! Latin, country, rock, pop, hip hop, classical, jazz, contemporary, folk, blue grass, beats from around the world.  I am personally a music “junkie”.  

Music is moving and for that I tip my hat to the artists who create all of these wonderful words and beats and challenge themselves and us to think outside of the box to bring us some of the best toe tapping, booty shakin’, smiling and spirit lifting beats!

Without you I cannot do what I love to do which is dance and teach others to dance, love music and be stress-FREE.

A big THANK YOU from me to YOU!

Never stop making us move and lifting our spirits! 


Benefits of Movement


Well the world did not end today so that means it’s time to put together your fitness schedule and get ready for the New Year!

Sorry everyone, NO EXCUSES! 😉

It is time to get to work. Not just on any job.  It is time to get to work on you! You can have 2013 be the year that you take on your own health and have fun doing it or you can “say” you will and see by the end of 2013 what got accomplished.

Start today by creating an action plan….AND MAKE IT FUN!!  When you create a routine for yourself that is fun and enjoyable, it makes it a lot easier to stick to it when the “I don’t wanna’s” show up after a long days work!

Begin with 3 days a week trying out different forms of fitness. Take classes, try a personal trainer, go walking, find what you love and then create a weekly schedule of 3-5 sessions a week.  In your plan, set aside a minimum of 60 minutes each time for yourself and no excuses that you don’t have enough time!

When you are willing to give 40+ hours a week to a job, you can most definitely give yourself 3-5 hours a week of your own time AND the benefit is chances are you will become more productive at your job by taking care of you first! Don’t take my word for it….Try it out for yourself!!


  1. Research different types of fitness: zumba, yoga, pilates, trx, basketball, personal trainer, boot camps, running, cycling, aquatics, etc.
  2. Choose 3 different fitnesses and find a class in your area to go try out.
  3. Talk to the different instructors and let them know what you are looking for.  A great instructor will support you!

Three actions, three fitness styles, take it on in three days!

Looking for further information on where to start? Contact me today!

I am here to support you in a healthy 2013!


Benefits of Movement

Taking on The Four F’s!

When preparing for a New Year there a certain areas of our lives that many of us begin to look at….

  1. Fitness
  2. Family
  3. Friends
  4. Finances

These 4 F’s play major factors in our lives.  When any of these F’s are out of balance, so are we!  Tis the season to examine all of what is important to us and to create a plan for the coming year to support and balance these areas of our lives.

With friends and family it may just be as simple as picking up the phone and setting a time to connect.  If you don’t put it in existence, another year may go by with having had limited time with both.

Fitness and finances really go hand in hand.  When you take care of yourself and work out, your body is able to release healthy endorphins thus causing stress relief thus making you more productive in your work and for the most part supporting you in increasing your income and or at least your relationship for yourself to your current income.

Whether you realize it or not, fitness and creating a healthy living lifestyle can really support you in meeting your financial needs and happiness.  While getting fit doesn’t make money grow on trees, it can definitely clear the cob webs out from between your ears to create some pretty amazing things to happen.

This year, take on all your four F’s and why not a fifth…..FUN!


If you are ready to get fit, have fun, and potentially increase your finances, contact us today!



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Music Makes the Heart Grow Fonder….

Have you ever just had a favorite song that as soon as it came on you couldn’t help but tap your toe to the beat or your fingers begin to dance across the steering wheel while you drive?  Or if you are lucky enough to see someone in their car, windows up, but you can see they are belting out every word to the song on the radio and they are having a blast doing it?

I love those people!  Letting go and allowing the music to take you over can provide such a relief from a  busy stressful day.  Music and rhythm provide more than just something cool to listen to.  Music provides a physical, mental and emotional release.  Music can interrupt negative thought patterns. Music can make you get up and move!

Given we have the sense to hear, I feel it is important in everyone’s life who can hear to put on music and find the type that inspires you into action in your life! So the next time you hear Gloria Estefan telling you to “Come on baby do that Conga”, jump out of your chair and go for it!

Why not dance through life?? It’s a lot more fun than trudging through it!

If you want to know more about how you can dance through life and feel the beat, contact me today!

Benefits of Movement

FUN Ways to Get Fit!

Are you someone who struggles to make it to the gym because it occurs like more “work” than fun?

Trust me, you are not alone! Many people find that the gym is another form of work. It probably doesn’t help that we call it “working out!” I advise you to not give up though in finding a fitness program that you enjoy!

There are so many different forms of fitness out there today. It’s no wonder that Can Fit Pro can run a multi-day conference and pack the place each day!

Here are my TOP 10 most FUN fitness programs:

10. Boot camp: Yes! It CAN be fun! You are with a community of others committed to working it!

9.   Hula Hooping: This is really fun and will bring you back to your childhood! FABULOUS core workout!

8.   Running: If you don’t like to run on your own blasting the tunes, join a Running Room

7.   Get a personal trainer: Many personal trainers know how to push you and have fun!

6.   Cardio Kick boxing: How much FUN is it to know you could kick somebodies A$$ if you had to! 🙂

5.   GROOVE method: Basically just move to the music like you’re in a club! Yep! Its Fitness!

4.   Spartan Race/Tough Mudder/Urban Warrior: So much fun to play in the MUD!

3.   Zumba Toning: Dance and play while using morracca’s to tone those arms!

2.   Aqua Zumba: Use the resistance of the water to dance and move your whole body!

1.  ZUMBA:  Nothing better than moving and grooving and 60 minutes just flying by!

Okay, so I am a little bias when it comes to zumba! Although I did warn you, this was “MY” Top 10 Fun Fitness programs!  Never give up on looking for the program that works for you.  Fitness programs not only work the body but support your well-being mentally and emotionally as well.  Take time out to take care of you!

If you are interested in finding out more about Live OUTLOUD Movements programs, please contact us today!


We Were Born to MOVE!!!

Last week was National Dance Week…. I do hope you took the opportunity to get down and groove with your bad self! 😉

Whether you were embraced in a tango or hip hoppin’ it up or doing your best to recreate Swan Lake, dance provides an endorphin release that just has you “feelin’ good!”

Long gone are the days that phys- ed classes consist of only sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball or dodge ball (I was never good at these). More often than not I am approached to come teach dance in schools, hospitals and businesses alike! It is pretty cool to see people from all age groups and walks of life, getting up and groovin’ to the music that MOVES them! The importance of movement is vital in staying healthy and active in your life. It is important to find the form of movement that is yourself expression and that you want to take part in on a regular basis!
You don’t have to excel at dancing to love it! The rhythm is within YOU and you set the tone for how much or how little you will move! When was the last time you heard someone say “I hate ALL types of music!!” ?? I don’t know about you but I am going to bet that no matter how old or young you are there is a music out there that will get you tapping your toes and before you know it your whole body is moving to the rhythm!
Whether you are dancing in the kitchen while you cook dinner or swinging your hips while you dry dishes or doing the two step to take out your garbage….dance will lift your spirits!

Don’t try to fight it…..WE WERE ALL BORN TO MOVE! 