Benefits of Movement

Are You Happy?

In life, we all have things that come up that can upset us, make us angry, annoyed.

How do you handle? Do you look for others to make it “okay”? Is it others responsibility to make YOU happy?

The answer is NO.

Only YOU can make YOU happy! That is the good news! This can also be the bad news for some people….There is no outside, external force or person that can make you happy. You can look within and find everything you need.

Some ways that you can make YOU happy are simply by taking care of yourself. Join a fitness program that is just for you. Everyone needs time to themselves and what better way to make you happy then by making yourself feel good through the “burn” of a good workout!

Always make sure that you do things for yourself and that make you happy and feel good!

LOL Movement classes are designed to not only support you in your fitness goals but also to provide you with being able to alter your mood, release healthy “happy” endorphins and leave you stress free at the end of 60 minutes.  This is not just zumba, it is an experience!

Join us today by securing your spot here:


Just some of the FUN people you can meet in our classes!!!


Benefits of Movement

Zumba Toning Thursdays….Where Is The Love Button??

YA!! It’s Zumba Toning Night!!

This is one of my favorite classes because not only do you get a great cardio work out, you also get a killer toning workout all in the same hour!

Using 1-2 lbs weights and busting a move on the dance floor you will be sweating, laughing, burning TONS of calories, shaking what your mamma gave you to rhythms from around the world.

Taking this class weekly, you will soon see a toned definition in your arms and abs that will inspire YOU and OTHERS!

Come join us tonight! Do not let snow stop you! We CAN melt the snow!! 🙂

Giuliana Rancic Gets Fit With Zumba Toning

Benefits of Movement

No Prior Dance Experience Required!

Many people mistake coming to a Zumba class for thinking that you must show up already knowing how to dance.

Did you show up at kindergarten knowing how to add and subtract? Or how to spell Supercalifragilisticexpealadocious? (best word ever!)

No, I didn’t think so….

It took time and being coachable to go to school and learn what you didn’t know. Taking a Zumba class or any fitness class for that matter, is the same thing.  In a Live OUT LOUD Movement class you will find people from all walks of life, all ages, cultures and abilities.  The great thing about our zumba programs is we keep it simple. 3-4 moves per song, we laugh lots (together, not at people. Well, you CAN laugh at your instructor…she can be pretty funny!), we sweat together and we have fun with the music together!

There are no mirrors.  You do not need to see in a mirror. Mirrors will distract you from just letting your body move to the music.

Enjoy yourself and you will pick up on the steps in a couple of classes.  You do not need to worry about “getting it right”….we are not worried about that! We want you to move and listen to your body. If you go to do a move and it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. It really is that simple!

Now, we have specials on for the month of December. If you are ready to start now, or want to start in January, please contact us and we can set you up with an AWESOME price and I promise we will support you in what ever your fitness goal is!

Let’s get our Shakira on!cd29a41459c93cfa8d557507f60c851f

Benefits of Movement

I Am Addicted….

I do have an addiction….I admit it….

At first it just started with the radio in my bedroom as a kid….

Then….suddenly I was lip-syncing into a hairbrush singing to spanish music…

I thought I had it under control…..I mean…I thought no body knew….

I couldn’t get enough….it was a daily fix….then I discovered others who were as hooked on it as I was….

The cat was out of the bag….b2230ef19d0671695b60d9976fde3b0e

I love fitness. I love music from around the world…I love to dance..I love Zumba Fitness.

Yes…this is my habit…and this one for sure I am not giving up!  This causes less stress in my life. A healthier and happier me to emerge. THIS is a healthy dose of happiness I can receive in my life! AND YOU CAN EXPERIENCE IT TOO!

Try Zumba Today!

Benefits of Movement

Ramp Up Your Fitness in December!

Now is the time to ramp up your fitness! Yes! I said DO MORE!

Here is why…..

With all the cookies, candy canes, extra office luncheons and drinks you are consuming more carbs and rich foods and if you take your foot off the fitness gas your body will have a tougher time responding to getting fit in january.

In fact, if you keep up with your fitness now or add an extra class, your body may subconsciously be telling you the healthier, less sugary, less rich foods and more juice or water is what it really wants and it will totally keep you on track to win with your 2015 fitness goals.

I am not saying don’t go out and enjoy this holiday, I am saying take care of that awesome vessel of yours by taking an extra class to curb the temptations!

Ps. If you come do ZUMBA you will not only get a GREAT work out but you will pick up some NEW MOVES to take to the office party! Woohoo! WIN  WIN!

Classes are running FIVE DAYS A WEEK!



Benefits of Movement

Are You Really Committed To Living A Healthy Life?

This blog today is intended to let you know that yes I have been there and I get it.  This is intended to have you in an inquiry of what’s important to you and give you an opportunity to be honest with yourself.

For many years I would say that being healthy and active was important to me….but then I would find reasons all the time why I couldn’t go to a class or even go for a run on my own time for that matter….My top reasons included:

  1. I am so tired right now from all the work I had to do today, I just want to relax
  2. It’s cold outside
  3. It’s raining
  4. It’s so hot I just need to sit on the patio
  5. The schedule of the classes doesn’t fit with my schedule
  6. I don’t feel good
  7. I have so many others things I need to do

I could really keep the list going….it wasn’t until I realized I had gained 50 pounds….felt horrible everyday….was unhappy in my own skin that I stopped making excuses.

See, I realized they were all excuses.

Whether I am tired or not I get up and go to work because if I didn’t I wouldn’t get paid.  The weather is always going to be however the weather is and if I allow the weather to dictate what I do everyday….well….I would NEVER get anything done.  My schedule is always going to be busy but there are fitness classes all over the place so I can find one, if I really want it, that would suit what I needed.  I don’t feel good because I am not taking care of myself and doing something for me and last but not least by a long shot…those “other things” that I need to get done will still be there after I take 60 minutes out of my day to take care of me and truth be told, I will have more energy to complete them once I take care of me!

Honestly, it was a horrible feeling that hot day in July when I sat in my car sweating….and sweating from the rolls on my belly…that was it for me….no more excuses. My actions were not correlating to what I said was important to me.

How often do you hear someone say “what’s important to me is by age 30 I have a serious health disease and I eat at McDonald’s every second day!” Have you ever heard anyone say that?

No? Me neither. But the reality is that people say health is important to them and then they don’t do anything about it or they allow their reasons or circumstances to stand in the way.

Where do you draw the line?

Will it take you to become physically ill with a disease before you take time out for yourself?

What other aspects of your life do you sell out on because you always have the “perfectly logical” reason for why you can’t right now?

You are not living when you are living in your reasons and excuses.  Living occurs when you challenge yourself, when you take time to push past the ordinary and grab hold of the extraordinary.  Life happens when you take a chance and leap…and sometimes fall or fail.

Healthy living occurs when you take actions that correlate with healthy living.  There is no magic pill that will come along and have you suddenly living healthy, you have to work for it, or find a way to have FUN working for it!

So tell me, what’s your next action towards living a healthy life if that really IS what you are committed to?

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Have questions? Need Support?

Benefits of Movement

Let A Song Make Your Heart SING!

Wanna smile today?

Dance….for no reason…but to move and feel good!

Music brings joy to the heart and moving your body to it, will bring instant joy to YOU!

Today is a beautiful day and dancing can make it even better!

Go for it!

Don’t want to dance alone?

NEVER FEAR! We are HERE!  Join us 3 nights a week and 2 days a week EVERY week to dance, sing, laugh, sweat!

Hope to see you soon!