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Halloween Party for Zumba and a Pint this Wednesday!!

Have you heard?

This Wednesday we will be hosting a HALLOWEEN EDITION of Zumba & a Pint!

6:45pm this Wednesday October 30th High Park Brewery is hosting a SPOOKTACULAR night of halloween themed music, prizes & fun for all!

To be entered to win a prize you MUST come in costume! 🙂

This is will be a really fun night! The brewery has even brewed 4 new beers for you! The Pumpkin Spice is delicious!

Do not miss this event! It will be alot of fun! $20 gets you the class and a pint!

See you Wednesday!!


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The Journey Starts with a Single Step….

Before I became a zumba instructor and speaker, I had been searching for something I loved to do. Like many people, I was walking around going from job to job unfulfilled in my journey.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of really great jobs and worked with a lot of really great people….but none of the work I was doing was filling that void I felt.

I started taking zumba to first find a fitness that I would stick to and enjoy as many other sports/fitness didn’t interest me and also because I found myself getting lost in the music and walking away feeling like that void I kept feeling would disappear.

As time went on, I found myself looking so forward to class and for me, at the time, it wasn’t really about the workout anymore, it was about how it made me feel the moment the music came on and my body began to move. It was like I could feel all of the issues I was having during the day just start to fall right off of me and I would be smiling from ear to ear by the end of class.

The more I did it, the more I wanted others to have this experience.  I realized my love for music and movement is what had been missing in my life. I didn’t even have any intention to become an instructor but then at some point, it just happened.

To this day, I still have days that are stressful but the difference is that everyday, I dance it away with amazing women and we laugh and sweat and leave all our worries at the door.  It doesn’t mean that the worries or stresses don’t come back either. Sometimes they do…..and then, I dance again and reflect on what needs to happen and most times I gain clarity on what I am dealing with while I am busting a move!

Becoming an instructor was one of the greatest gifts I could give to myself.   When I hear people say, “all journey starts with a single step”, I totally get it…and then this journey was followed up by a cha-cha-cha and I am forever grateful.

Let me support you in finding the mental, emotional and physical release you want/need in life. If you love music, you will love zumba. Anyone really CAN do it no matter your shape, mindset, physical disability….when there is a will, there is a way!

Let’s discover it together. I am on your side! 🙂


Benefits of Movement

Thoughts That Keep Us Stuck In Life….

Some days I wake up and I am not in a good mood. I am not very nice with myself and as my own worst critic I start the day with being mean to me.

Can anyone relate?

I have been known to take on the attitude that I am not good enough and the evidence to prove that I am not enough shows up in the way that I would be “more” successful in my career, I would be making “more” money, I would be able to see my family “more”, I would have “more” free time to do what I want to do while balancing everything else….

Notice the word “more” and how much it shows up?

Yes. Sometimes we are the worst with the person we should be loving the most.


Nobody is immune to this way of thinking. If there was a magic pill that could be taken to interrupt this thinking, we probably all would have taken it by now.

There is not.

There is however, the ability for each of us to notice when we are doing it and begin to shift the way we think about ourselves.  There are tools we have as human beings that can have this way of thinking begin to disappear.

Some of the tools I have used and continue to use as I have found them to be very successful are the following:

  • As crazy as it may sound….FITNESS…this is my #1 way to interrupt it. When I begin to work out, no matter how down I am or being hard on myself, I can’t help but feel every molecule in my body come alive with a sense of renewed energy that pumps me up in a positive way!  The happy endorphins that are released when I am moving my body….sends me into a state of euphoria and pleasure that has the rest of my thoughts for the day completely shift to positivity.
  • Being in communication….not from complaining or being a victim of my thoughts….just being in communication with a friend or colleague or physician about what is going on. If you do this, I strongly suggest you pick someone who will not buy into your “oh woe is me” story but someone who can hear it, get it, and either coach you through it or just listen and not judge or pass their opinion on..
  • Journaling…..writing down what is happening in your thoughts is very powerful. Many times when I can see it on paper I can finally see what the disconnect is. I can see how cruel I am being to myself and that what I am saying to myself just doesn’t coincide with who I am in reality.
  • Take time out to be in nature….and BE in the moment. Can you appreciate the beauty of the grass in a park, the tree out your window, the stunning world in which we live in? I call it the “stop and smelling the roses” moment. We have all heard that term but do you ever just take a moment to appreciate life and all the beauty in it?  When I am wrapped up in making myself wrong, I can always bet that I haven’t stopped to see what is physically around me.  The moment I do, is the moment I can breathe again.

These are just a few methods that I use to come back to reality. See, what I have learned is those thoughts we have about ourselves are just that….thoughts…..and thoughts CAN become things if we listen to them like they are the truth.  I am choosing every day to think thoughts that will serve me now and in the future and to interrupt those thoughts that work to tear me apart.

What will you choose?

If you are struggling and need someone to listen, coach, or work with you on creating a fitness or nutrition program that will support you….please reach out. I am here.


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Summer Is On It’s Way!


It seems that summer is here on most days already!  With that being said, now is the time to get outside and walk, run, play and of course DANCE!

In the spirit of summer it is always great to keep the body moving and stay active!  Taking regular zumba classes will support you in staying active and full of energy!

In a regular zumba class you can burn calories, drop inches, make new friends, smile more than you have all week and dance away anything that has you stressed or worried.  Classes are fun and it is not a typical workout experience.

Bring a Friend Deal
This time of year is always great to bring that friend who has always been wanting to come out and “try” a class.
In addition to your friend receiving a FREE first class, you will too!  If your friend chooses to sign up for regular classes, they will receive 10% off (for ie. a 10 class pass which is $90, would be $81) whichever pass they choose to buy and YOU will receive the same discount when you purchase your next pass as a Thank You from Me To You for bringing your friends/family and/or co-workers to experience the FUN and FITNESS of a Zumba experience!
The 5 class pass.
Good for 5 weeks from the time you use the first class.
I want you to save some money and dance the summer away!  Get your moves all ready for the next pool party you go to! 🙂
Come check us out! All classes are ON for the month of June!
RSVP today to hold you AND your friends spot!

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This is a BIG year for me! This is my last year in my 30’s and I could not be more excited! Many times people get upset when they are moving into a new decade….I think….LET’S MAKE THE MOST OF IT!

As your friendly neighborhood Zumba instructor (and that is literally if you live in the Runnymede/St. Clair area) I want to celebrate with ALL of you this month!

Come on out for a FREE first class!  Passes will be ON SALE for the month of May and I promise we will SWEAT, LAUGH, SHAKE IT, BURN CALORIES and have the INCHES SLIDE RIGHT OFF!

For more information on class times, please click on the ZUMBA PARTY SCHEDULE tab to the left of this message….come on….go for it…check it out now…YOU CAN DO IT! 🙂

Contact me directly by filling in the fields below! SEE YOU SOON!


Personal Stories

Let It Move You!

When I was a kid my parents put me in dance classes. Not into one specific genre but a whole bunch…tap, jazz, ballet, streamer dancing, baton twirling, fan dancing and I am sure there were others but these really stuck out for me.

I started quite young…I think around 4 years old. Maybe 5. My first recital all I remember was looking for and waving at my Grandpa the whole time I was on stage.

As I got older, I don’t think I truly appreciated how awesome dance was. Around age 12, I developed an issue with my ankles where the tendons were not growing with the rest of my foot and it was making it painful to dance.  Soon after this, I quit dancing all together. It became this “thing” I once did.

After dance, I discovered band at school and went on to play clarinet, drums and a bit of violin. Only really getting good at clarinet.  I guess music has always been a part of my life whether I was dancing or playing an instrument or singing (I am really not a good singer but when I am rockin out…like to think I am!)

When I discovered dance again as an adult…(in my 30’s), I had no idea the role that dance would play in my life again.  From being a student of zumba over 8+ years ago to now teaching the program for the past 6 years, everything in my life has altered emotionally, mentally, physically and of course, career-wise.

When I first started taking classes I noticed that by the end of 60 minutes, I felt all of the stress I would normally take home at the end of a work day was no longer there.  I would go home either with more energy to be with my friends and family or I would be so played out I could go to sleep…and ACTUALLY sleep! (That is for another blog….sleep is an issue on its own!)

Mentally I began to picture steps, movements and from learning counting and movement again I became better at work projects. I can’t really explain this one too much but its like problem solving became much easier in life.

Emotionally I was all around a happier person. I noticed that I wasn’t as anxious about everything in life as I was before.

Physically was pretty clear…my clothes began to hang in places on my body I never thought possible. I had more energy, focus, and my strength was growing off the charts.  I found myself even taking on challenges to run half marathons, do Spartan Races…things I never thought I would take on….ever.

Dance is such a huge part of life and if you think about it music and movement of all sorts play a huge role in all our lives.  I want to teach people to dance and move for the rest of my life.  There is no greater gift that I see I can give to people than that of them discovering their own musical movement and self-expression to be happy, healthy confident people of all ages, races, religions.

The way I see it….music and dance are a gift to the world and it really is the gift that keeps on giving. Allow yourself to discover your passions and play full-out! We only get this one chance in life to love every minute of it!

For more information on my classes, please contact me below. I am happy to support you in your musical journey!


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An EXCITING Week Of Classes Starts NOW!

After being away for a few days, I seriously cannot wait to PARTY with you all!!

All Zumba Classes are ON this week!  Come join us for an awesome week of some NEW music, your all time favorites, dance laugh, sweat and ENJOY every moment!

Can’t wait to see you all!!

Mondays 4:00pm  Zumba BASICS King Edward Public School (112 Lippincott)

Tuesdays 4:30pm  Zumba CORE  TCDSB (80 Sheppard Avenue East)

Tuesdays 7:00pm  Zumba CORE  La-Paz Co-operators (1 Oscar Romero Place)

Wednesdays 6:45pm Zumba BASICS La-Paz Co-operators (1 Oscar Romero Place)

Thursdays 4:30pm  Zumba TONING/SENTAO  TCDSB (80 Sheppard Avenue East)

Thursdays 7:00pm Zumba TONING  La-Paz Co-operators (1 Oscar Romero Place)

Fridays  9:30am  Zumba CORE  La-Paz Co-operators (1 Oscar Romero Place)

So much to choose from!!

Come 1, 2, 3,OR MORE classes a week to SHAKE WHAT YOUR MAMMA GAVE YOU! WOOHOO!




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Soreness From A Workout Happens….Keep Going!!

Do you ever do a work out and then the next day you are so sore you feel like you can’t move?

This is what commonly happens to people and puts them off from doing any work out right after.

DON’T STOP(and some things you can do), HERE IS WHY!

This week I have been changing up a bunch of songs in my zumba playlist.  I teach many forms of zumba….from in a chair (sentao) which is a killer core ab work out, to with 1-2lbs weights to tone up the body and then just good old-fashioned cardio that includes dancing.

When I start to change-up the playlists, I notice even as the instructor, that I get really sore ….like this week actually!  My muscles are yelling at me right now, even as I write this!

There are times when I get really sore that I think it would be great to take a day off but being the instructor, I don’t.  What I do though is I make sure to stretch lots in class and between classes and then I refuel my body with healthy muscle recovery shakes.

What I have found is that it is harder to get back into my workout when I take time off from it because I think I do not want to feel sore again.  That soreness though can be really good for you! It is waking up muscles that may not have been used in some time.  The more I continue on with my routine and work through the soreness, the less sore I am and the stronger I begin to feel all over.

It may sound counter-intuitive to be sore and continue on with your workout but if you really listen to your body, most times, your body does want you to work through it because on the other side is a healthier, more fit YOU!

If you are really sore, be sure to stretch lots. Take 20 minutes at minimum a day to just stretch out your body.  Stretching is extremely important especially when you do high intense cardio workouts.

With all this being said, you do need to take recovery days from your workouts and allow your body to relax BUT do not take too many days off or you have to start right back at the beginning again….and we all know what THAT feels like!


For more information on how you can participate in my zumba classes, email me below! Let’s DANCE together!


Here is one of my newest videos to get you UP AND MOVING!


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Do Not Let Weather Stop You!

In this chilly weather I am so clear how hard it can be to get motivated to get out of the house and get to a fitness class.  There are times when I don’t want to come out of the house myself but if I didn’t show then there would be no instructor so no matter what my thoughts are about it….I go.

I know I have wrote about this topic before, however, in the cold of winter it is always a good reminder that the hardest part of getting to anything you need or should get to…is simply getting yourself OUT OF THE HOUSE.

Once I am in motion to get somewhere, everything becomes simple.  There has never been a moment when I have gotten in the door to whatever event or class it was that I have regretted going once I have gotten there.

A few tips I have to support anyone coming out:

  1. Bundle up! Layer your clothing so that once you have completed your work out you can keep warm on your way home. OR change before you leave class.
  2. Come a few minutes early if you can to get settled in and warmed up.
  3. DO NOT stay home just because it is cold. If you do, you will find a reason to not show up often and before you know it you have no routine for your fitness.
  4. If you are sick, this is the only time to stay home and rest. Your body needs to be taken care of and if you are sick, give yourself the space to just be sick and rest.
  5. Do it for YOU! You are worth it.  Cold weather or not. Do not be stopped by environment…unless there is a huge ice storm or the news is actually saying to stay home.
  6. Drink lots of water. Sometimes in colder weather we do not drink as much water because we are not over heating…drink it like you normally do. Stay hydrated!
  7. Take the 60 minutes of class to get lost in the music, have some fun and de-stress by taking yourself to a tropical place in your mind!

Be the leader of your life and not stopped by environment or your thoughts! Live and play full out! We only got this one life so let’s live it!

Zumba classes are happening!! Check out our Zumba Party Schedule and come join the fun!



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Choices In Life Are Everywhere

When the new year begins for me there is always a certain period of time that I feel anxious, excited, stressed, exhilarated, worried about how this next year will go.  When speaking with a friend this morning I got present to the fact that while it is the end of the year, it is nothing more than the next day and the only significance is what I put on it.

I can choose March to be when I take on a new course rather than at the beginning of the year.  I can choose to take on my fitness and commit to it in February instead of January 1.  Do you get my point?

We often get hooked by if it doesn’t happen for me in the first month of the year or school year then the rest of the year is no good and this just isn’t the truth.  The truth is we can make anything happen at any time and often just need to set the plan and timeline to make it happen.  That is all it really is.

When I get hooked in my life by anything other than that then I go into a state of worry, fretting, wondering how it will all work out, if ever.

Life and everything we do in it is a choice. It may not seem like it in the moment but no matter what is happening in our life we have to choose something.  We can choose to worry, we can choose to be happy, even when there is only one option in front of us, it is still an opportunity to choose it.

That’s actually pretty cool when you can understand that.

Take a moment today and look to see what you are really choosing.  Are you choosing to be in panic or are you choosing to be happy and content? Are you choosing that career that you are currently in or are you choosing to resist it?

Look at the big picture of your life, journal some about it all and see what you see.  It may move you into some serious action or have you see how great things really are.

Are you looking to take on your life in action?  Do you need support? Contact me for a free consultation:

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