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Weather and Importance of Movement

I don’t know about you but I am DEEPLY affected by weather conditions. Some people think that is crazy. I am here to tell you that I do not believe it is crazy AT ALL!

This year I have been personally struggling. 

On cold rainy days, I want nothing more than to crawl into my bed and wait it out.  Had I done that though, I would still be hibernating between my sheets and we are halfway through May!

I have always been affected by weather.  It is a REAL THING so please know you are not alone if you have these feelings in your body show up. Symptoms include: pain in low back and neck, pressure headaches, eyes aching, respiratory issues, aching all over, mood swings.

For many of you who know me, you may be thinking this is ridiculous that I am saying this happens to me as I come across as cheerful most of the time…I am not and experience all these symptoms quite regularly with our current weather system.

Honestly, there is really only one true Godsend that I have found that works for me……MOVEMENT and lots of it!

Movement has been imperative to my health and even more so with the long winter we have had this year.

I struggle most days to “want” to get up and move. The good news for me is, it is my career so not really a choice to say “ah, I will go tomorrow.”  There are days I just feel my brain screaming “I do not want to do this today!” and everyday that these internal struggles show up, I know I have to go whether I like it or not and here is the best part….

It’s really juicy….EVERY TIME the music comes on, within 5 seconds of the first beat, everything begins to shift. It’s like coming up from holding your breathe under water for a long time. That first inhale is so refreshing…As the music and dance continues on, I can feel my WHOLE body and mind coming ALIVE as if I had been in a coma prior to that moment.  By the end of 60 minutes, those pains, breathing, headache, mood swings…they are GONE!


The hardest part in all of it is just getting myself to the location of a class. Once there, the whole world shifts.

In all my 42 years I have never found something that holds such a profound impact on not just my physical health but my mental and emotional health as well all at the same time.

I have spoke to many ladies recently who I am clear are dealing with the same thing. Many have commented on “I was going to come but I am just so tired right now.” Or “I was going to come but this weather has got me down.”

I want you to know I get it. I want you to know I experience it too.

I want you to know there is a way past all of that for you to FEEL GREAT even now, with the weather the way it is.

I cannot change Mother Nature, however, I can shift what I am doing to have my life working and positive no matter what Mother Nature decides to do, and YOU CAN TOO!

You are not alone. 

Come out to a class and let’s MOVE together! 🙂

Much love,



Benefits of Movement

The Plane Of Life…..

I don’t sleep well.

Really ever.

I am lucky if I get a few hours before my mind begins thinking about life and my to do list.  I think this, some nights, is a real pain in the behind….and then I have nights like last one where I feel so grateful to have the quiet time to reflect on my life and everyone in it.

Recently, I have had quite a few friends that have been dealing with some pretty major stuff.  Illness, loss, job problems….a whole diverse group of issues and I have been in the inquiry for myself of how to support them.

I love each and every one of these people.  I really love all people.  (anyone who really knows me, knows that is a statement I may have never made before but I am feeling quite vulnerable this morning…so here we go!)

In my life, I want to jump in and help everyone and make sure they are okay.  What I am realizing is that the best way to do that, is to be an ear to listen and have an open heart full of good juju.  You know, juju, the good energy, positive vibes that can make a real difference.

I keep thinking of this analogy I am going to share with you as advice to ANYONE going through something right now.  Here it goes:

A few years back I was on a plane travelling from California to Toronto and we hit an air pocket where the plane suddenly dropped about 30 feet.  There was no warning, it just happened. Those who did not have their seatbelts on hit the roof of the plane and fell.  It was, to say the least, a wake up call for me and left me with this view on life.

“Life is like a plane ride….there is turbulence, some take off’s, landings, some movies to watch, maybe sometimes you just want to nap….but when the fasten seatbelt sign comes on and turbulence begins….it’s a REALLY BAD idea in that moment to unbuckle and get up to use the bathroom.  The best thing you can do is stay buckled in and listen to your pilot and flight attendants (aka-whoever your guidance is that you look to in your life)  for the information you need to make a safe landing on the other side.

If we all hang in there, look for what we need to know to come out on the other side of whatever it is we are dealing with, it is possible to make a safe (and sometimes still bumpy) landing.” ~Tammy Gunn

Whenever I feel faced with something that I know I just want to get out and run away from because it’s uncomfortable or challenging, I now have this thought that has me stay buckled in no matter how bumpy the ride gets.

I wish I could take everyone’s hurt away and through it off a cliff, including my own.

Life just doesn’t work that way.

What we can do though, is be there for one another. Support each other in this journey and ensure that our seatbelts stay securely fastened until the plane of life lands safely at its gate.

Much love to you all,

Have a memorable Sunday!

If you are struggling with something and are looking for guidance or to be in the inquiry of what will have your plane of life land safely at the gate….contact me here: 


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Finding Joy In Your Life

Believe it or not before I found dance again in my life, I was quite an unhappy person.

The discovery of zumba fitness, for me, was like the opportunity to go around the world in 60 minutes without having to pay for an “around the world” trip!  The music takes us to places you may never have visited but always wanted to.  The steps are easy to follow so I was not trying to be a part of the National Ballet or anything in competition.

I could move, get lost in the music and what I didn’t realize at the time was how healthy that would be for my mind.  I had it like I was doing this because I wanted to get into shape. What I came out of it with was a smile on my face every time and not one that I had to push myself to do. I was just naturally happier than I had ever been!

I was researching today some of the benefits to dancing and found this on the site about a study that was conducted:

Swedish researchers, writing in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, studied 112 teenage girls who were struggling with problems including neck and back pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. Half of the girls attended weekly dance classes, while the other half didn’t. The results? The girls who took the dance classes improved their mental health and reported a boost in mood—positive effects that lasted up to eight months after the classes ended.

“According to these results, despite problems such as stress and other potential challenges in being an adolescent girl, dance can result in high adherence and a positive experience for the participants,” says lead study author Anna Dubert, of Sweden’s Center for Health Care Sciences, in a press release. “[This] might contribute to sustained new healthy habits.”  (taken from site)

This is the result that was shown in teens.  Now imagine, you as an adult, the results that it can produce.

Dancing is not only about movement but the music can literally have your mind clear which can be one of the biggest parts of the battle when you are grumpy or upset about something.

If you are having a bad day I request you do not go home and indulge in it….get yourself to a fitness class STAT! Do not listen to the negative thoughts you are having.

No matter how terrible you are feeling in the moment….put on your work out clothes, strap on your shoes and get yourself to the nearest class.  If you are still struggling to get yourself out of the house, take an emergency dance break in your house….crank up the radio, your ipod with your favorite song and dance like nobody is watching! It’s like calling 9-1-1 for your soul!

Your body and mind will thank you for it.



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Thursday is THE Day…..

Do you ever think about what is your favorite day of the week? For me, I think EVERYDAY is my favorite day of the week. I know that may sound corny but it is true.

Here is why…..

I used to get up and be in bad mood everyday….the only day I was happy was friday because then it was the weekend….This shifted for me a while ago.

I began to realize the importance of any day I was able to get up and get out of bed as being the best day ever.

But Why?

I began to realize that I was taking my life for granted.  I had it like everyone else’s life was better than mine and began being really stingy with being happy.

In my family, it has been constant to hear or read something from the obituaries. It is not that we are a morbid family….we just happen to be present to the obituaries.  I began thinking about those I knew (or didn’t) who lost their lives at a young age and began to become very present to the life I have everyday.

I noticed that I was taking it for granted that the next day would “just be there”…like I am sure some of those who lost their lives did when there was no sign that the next day they would no longer be with us.  When I began to get myself present to this, I began to see my life in a whole new way.

Everyday became awesome and I could discover reasons why everyday of the week really IS awesome!  Here is my theory on the week, take it or leave it or CREATE YOUR OWN:

  1. NO MATTER WHAT everyday is a gift when I can open my eyes and take a deep breathe.
  2. Mondays: Amazing because for me Mondays get the whole week moving! I use it as my planning day in between teaching 3 classes. I like to call them MUSIC MONDAYS. Many times Mondays are when I pick a few new songs to incorporate into the week.
  3. Tuesdays: This day ROCKS because whatever I did on monday, tends to play out here! New music means NEW choreo and I get to take it into class on Tuesdays! It is also a day that I do alot of coaching and I love getting to talk with people!  This is my dog’s favorite day because he goes to Doggy Daycare while I work and plays with all his friends! 🙂
  4. Wednesdays: Come on! Everyone knows why this day ROCKS….IT’S HUMP DAY! WOOHOO! Middle of the week day is always awesome!  I typically have it be a day that I get groceries and clean so I enjoy the time I spend working on making my house a home.
  5. Thursdays: This day is magnificent! My step-daughter (s) come to stay with us on this day so we have so much fun cooking and doing our nails and watching movies together!
  6. Fridays: Funday! That is what it really should be called!  This day really ties up everything that happened during the week. I make a point to respond to emails, look to see what is incomplete that I may need to schedule for the next week and then I do date night with my one and only usually!
  7. Saturdays: I start the day teaching at 9am….there is no better way to kick start the weekend than an aqua zumba class! Workout is done by 945am and I have the whole day to clean, go to a gallery, go shopping, listen to music or just chill!
  8. Sundays: RELAXATION day. Or at least I try! This is the only day of the week that I do NO fitness.  Gotta give the body a wee break from time to time.

Everyday I go to work (except sundays), teach classes, coach and every day continues to have ups and downs and I usually start each day with working by 7am or 8am and finish about 930pm and I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!


To go right back to my point #1, no matter what is happening in my life, no matter how busy, how challenging….Everyday is a great day when I can open my eyes and take a deep breathe.

Not everyone gets that opportunity everyday so my request to you…..



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Commit…It’s Not That Scary!

I was catching up with a friend over the phone yesterday and we were asking one another about how life was going and what we were up to these days.

My friend asked me “So, how is the life and relationship coaching and zumba going?”

I said “Good, lots of interest but only a few really commit to the program.” As the words spilled out of my mouth it was like an “a-ha!” moment for both of us and we began to laugh.

Relationship and life coaching….my fitness programs….all the things that we “say” are important to us really take a level of commitment that a good amount of people say they want but never really take the steps to commit to and then wonder why it never works out for them.

I talk to people who say to me “Tammy, I really want to have an amazing relationship with my partner”, or “Tammy I really want to get trim and fit this year!” I personally think it is awesome and then there are only a few people that really do the work or take the program on as designed to have that.

What is missing for most people IS commitment.

When I commit to something, I know that even if there are a few bumps in the road, I will succeed because I committed to doing it! I draw the line in the sand and say “this shall be” and nothing will stop me from it.

Webster’s dictionary for the word Commit is:

: to say that (someone or something) will definitely do something : to make (someone or something) obligated to do something

(The other definition is To Do and then its says something illegal or harmful which is not at all what I am talking about! We do not commit that way in my programs…just so you know!)

It’s really that simple.  When you commit to something or someone then you will definitely do it.  In relationships, life and fitness that may be scary to commit to something, however, I am here to tell you NO ONE has EVER produced miraculous results hanging out in their comfort zone.  You got to get a little uncomfortable to have the extraordinary life you say you are committed to!

What I can tell you all with certainty is those people who have committed to our relationship, life and fitness programs and have their plan/goals in place and are working them and with me….they are SEEING the results of happy awesome relationships, living big lives and looking super fabulous and feeling great from working out!

That being said, it’s back in your court….Are you ready to commit to your goals and dreams? 🙂

I am here to support you! Live big! Take Risks! SMILE MORE! Contact me today!



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Life Gets Better After 30!

30 is the new 20….or so people say…..

My 20’s were an interesting time, as I think many people experience.  My twenties were filled with mistakes, do-overs, close friends, sadness, struggle and triumph’s.

My 30’s have been an interesting time as well… My thirties so far have been filled with mistakes, do-overs, close friends, sadness, struggle and triumph’s.  Really the only difference has been in how I deal with it now versus then.

In my twenties, I would freak out when something would happen and go first to blaming others and then make myself wrong for blaming them or for blaming myself.  I was very reactionary to dealing with whatever was happening.

Now in my thirties, when something happens I am able to step back, take a look and evaluate what happened and then I own it.  Not from making myself or others wrong just simply I own it.  If I am 100% responsible for everything then I am able to do something about it.  I can have a conversation with someone to see where they were looking to get their point of view rather than make them wrong.  I can give up my seat on the subway, I can own my relationship with Nino like I am the one to make it awesome, I can listen to my clients and be responsible for their experiences and what they want out of class or in a coaching call.  I get to say how it all goes and that is the only shift that has happened between my 20’s and 30’s.

Living is all these different scenarios/situations that come up that we have to learn to deal with or work through. As I age, I think besides a few extra lines in my face (which I totally embrace as a life worth lived) I have learned how to be powerful with my thoughts and emotions and that life is going to go on whether I like it or not so find the most positive way to deal with whatever is in front of me at any given time.

I am now preparing to go into my 40’s in about a year and a half now and I can only imagine that my 40’s will be filled with mistakes, do-overs, close friends, sadness, struggle and triumph’s and that will be pretty awesome to see with age and wisdom how life will be then! I can’t wait!  I will not dread my 40’s, I will embrace them!

If you are not living a life you love, it may be time to evaluate what is not working, see if it or someone needs to be taken out of your big picture and set yourself up to win.  Life is too short to play it small. Live a big life and be happy! Make every moment count!

Send me an email if you are ready to break through whatever is holding you back from living a life you love! Let’s Talk!




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The Struggle of Comparison is Real in Our Minds

The struggle is real. At least it occurs that way for me in the moment it is happening.

Do you ever compare yourself to others success….like “why does it always work out for them and not me?”

Whether it be in relationships, career, fitness, winning the lottery….all of it. There are times when the comparison game is really real and it takes me down a dark tunnel or “I am not good enough”.

As soon as I begin to play the comparison game, I begin to struggle to even be happy for another person succeeding in whatever area it is.  I begin to wonder why it doesn’t work out for me and how long will I stay in this broken condition until something awesome like what happened to Bob (or whatever their name was) will happen to me.

ME ME ME ME ME!  Ever been there?

I have learned it has very little to do with me and it never did.  Yes, all that stressing and comparing is really useless and here is why…. are you ready for it….

NOT ONE of us is made EXACTLY the same…..even identical twins are not EXACTLY identical.  They may look-alike but if you look really close you will notice subtle differences and they make different decisions and choices just like everybody else.

The good news really is that not one of us is exactly the same and therefore comparing ourselves to others is really a crazy practice that our thoughts enjoy doing to us!

The moment that I begin to go down the road of comparing where I am at or my success to another person, I make myself stop and look at all the things I have to be grateful for in my life.  It takes practice.

The even crazier thing is sometimes those who we compare ourselves to are comparing themselves TO US!  As a human this is really a natural phenomenon that we have to train our brain to not get wrapped up in comparing ourselves to others.

I am better, you are better than me, she is better than him, he is better than that guy….blah blah blah blah blah.  At the end of the day that person who “looks” super successful may be the one who goes home and wishes for a different life and is struggling everyday.  Then you see the person living in a tiny apartment working a job YOU think is terrible and they are so happy and are travelling the world meeting new people….. We really just don’t know and if we only look at the surface of people we never really know who a person is.

My husband is very successful at what he does and he loves what he does.  I cannot even for a moment compare myself to him because our fields of work are very different and there are times when my mind says “God, I wish I was as happy as him….” the crazy part is….I AM! It just doesn’t look the same way as him.

I find our brains and thought patterns to be extremely fascinating and mainly because I have been watching my own and others around me for so many years.  The struggle that I create for myself in the moment IS real because I allow my thoughts to say it is and then that is when I get stuck in my life and feel like nothing is happening.

Can anyone relate?

Think about who you compare yourself to and give yourself from freedom today to remind yourself that YOU ARE NOT THEM.  You are unique in your own way and display talents only you possess.  You are individual and that is pretty awesome to discover!  Take a moment to make a list of your talents and all that you have to be grateful for in your life.  Put aside all worry and doubt. LIVE in THIS moment.

Are you ready to talk with someone about what you are dealing with?  Are you committed to having 2016 be your best year yet and have a specific goal you want to go to work on and need someone to hold you accountable?  Are you ready to live YOUR life?  Email me below and let’s talk: