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Kindness is Contagious!


In a world of busy, it is important to remember whether you are in person OR on-line you have a choice in EVERY moment to show love and kindness.

So many times I see negativity being spread on social media and just the other day, I was at the gas station and witnessed a guy yelling at a woman because in his opinion, she was taking too long at the pump.  Whenever I see this kind of behavior whether on-line or in person, I have to wonder how much energy all that negativity just sucked out of the person dishing it out and how much energy was taken away from the person who it got delivered on.

I know first-hand when I am being kind to someone in either situation, by the end I am lit up and so is the person I supported or spoke kindly to.  It is like a little energy boost without doing a physical work out. It just feels great!

I assert that when we/you/I dump negativity on someone quite the opposite occurs and a loss of energy happens. This leaves us feeling drained, unhappy and many times ready to give up.

That being said, if you want to energize your day, spend the day doing kind deeds or saying kind things to others and see how your energy level boosts!

An attitude of gratitude and sprinkling kindness everywhere you go brings on Good Karma, abundance of energy and an awesome life!


Much love,




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Smiles Can Turn Your Day Around

In this day and age, I have discovered fewer people look up at each other when walking by.  Many are immersed in their cell phones and totally oblivious to what is happening around them.

Recently, I began ensuring that when I am out walking, I have no phone in hand and my head is up and I am making EYE CONTACT with anyone who looks my way.


I have discovered that when making eye contact AND flashing a smile….in most cases even a “hello!”, “Good morning/afternoon!” seems to alter not only my view of the day but it rearranges the molecules of the person I interact with.  Someone who may look completely down in the dumps can easily shift to a smile and exhibit a sparkle in their eye!

What I believe is that we never know what is going on for another human being. It may be the worst day of their life. It may have been a mediocre start, but as soon as I bring a SMILE or a FRIENDLY GESTURE into the interaction, they light up and so do I.

My request for the remainder of the week is for everyone to put our phones down, raise our eyes to meet others and make it a GREAT WEEK for not only YOU but those whom you interact with!

You never know how that smile of yours can impact others!

Go out and see how powerful you truly are!


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Don’t Miss Out…Just Move!

As an instructor of Zumba, I hear from people who say “I have 2 left feet, I can’t dance…” or “It’s too hard, I have no rhythm.”

Understandably, some people seem to have better rhythm or are quicker to catch on than others, however, it is in my opinion that each and EVERY person on this planet CAN dance!

Dancing can look a variety of ways of course but dancing is dancing all the same.

How can I say that?


I have been fortunate to be teaching Zumba classes to people of all abilities. What this means is I teach people in wheelchairs, canes, crutches, mental, physical, emotional issues, epileptic, down syndrome, mute, deaf, Parkinson’s and of course those who say they have no rhythm for many years now.

What I have learned is that at the heart of every human being, there is a rhythm.

There is a basic ability, an innate way of being that has movement to music be present whether we can physically move our body or not. The movement can also occur within our mind while our body does something completely different.

Some people when they dance make it look so easy and fluent that they would be masterful in a dance competition. Others look awkward BUT in actual fact they are moving their body to the rhythm THEY hear and feel and truly are dancing no matter what it may “look like.”

In society, we tend to compare ourselves to one another in many areas, including our dancing skills. If we were just able to, for a moment, step out of comparing, we would all see we ALL have the ABILITY to move our bodies and be lost in music no matter what it looks like.

Therefore, we ALL have the ability to DANCE!

Stop worrying about others will think when you move to music. Give yourself over to the rhythm and in the case of my deaf clients, I teach them dance motion through mimic movements and they light up when they match my movements.

Just imagine for a moment how freeing it would be to just enjoy music for what it is. A beautiful sound journey that ignites your body, mind and spirit. A joyous playful rhythm that ignites your ability to move freely!

Anyone CAN do it and personally, I KNOW YOU CAN TOO!


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Tragedy Gets Us Present To So Much More…

I have had a hard time writing since friday.  I got a message from a friend in the U.S. about a shooting in a saskatchewan school and the fear I had for my niece and friends who are teachers in that province and here in Toronto left me completely paralyzed in my thoughts.

There is so much violence in the world that it has become so common that I saw how I have become numb in a way to what has been going on….

Saturday morning when I heard what happened on friday was one of the first times, I can see in a long time, that I had the experience like all this violence was much too close to home.  I was filled with so much sadness and upset for the world in which we live. For me, it was like that was the one place where that kind of violence could never happen and yet it did.

My heart goes out to those families and the communities all across the province and all the world that are affected by the ongoing violence.

Growing up on the prairies was such a gift that my parents gave me.  The community and love that you find in saskatchewan is like no other.  There is a closeness.  A genuine love for each other and caring in my experience.

What I continue to learn daily is that staying positive, being kind to others, looking for the silver lining is not only a way of life for me but it is my job to ensure others are able to look at their lives and deal powerfully with whatever shows up and create a life they love too.  This may be a small piece that I can give back to the world and it is something I will work at everyday to ensure those around me have freedom.

They say by positively impacting one child the reach of that child can be as great as 10,000 people….I can only hope that by giving that to people of all ages the reach can expand to hundreds of thousands of people.

The message for today: Be kind to one another. Do something that lights up your soul, has someone else smile, that brings joy to those around you.

If you are having a tough day, be in communication with someone who can support you and/or get to a fitness class and sweat out some HAPPY endorphins so you can think clearly.  You are never alone in this world.

I love you all.




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Best Advice I Ever Got in Two Words….

Some of the best advice I have received in my life came from two words…. “Get Out!”

These two words may be two of the hardest words you hear depending on the situation in which they are used. In my first marriage they were used by someone very very close to the situation and I could not be more grateful.  They were used with love and at the time were very hard to hear. I knew the relationship was over very early on but I kept thinking “if I just do more”, “if I just hang in there, things will get better”…..Can anyone relate to this?

After 5 years and many heart breaks in this relationship later a very close relative had the courage to tell me to “get out”.  The truth was we were both living in an unhealthy relationship and making each other miserable because after 5 years, it is really all we knew how to do.

It took courage for this person to stand up and say something and their courage gave me courage to do it and I got out.  It is never easy to walk away from a relationship. There are emotions attached to the situation.  The thing that I learned was I needed to go to work on myself after this all happened.  I needed to find my outlet for the upset I was feeling.  That is where fitness came into my life.  You know, I was never really all that fit beforehand, just naturally thin until I got married the first time and then packed on the weight.  It took something to gain back my own self confidence AND to not live like leaving my marriage or being told to get out was a failure on my part.

We often put a negative spin on hearing something like this and take it personally.  It is true that in some cases it may be however if you look at whatever situation you are being told to “Get Out ” of, chances are you and whoever is involved will end up being in better shape because you got out.

In the depths of our despair in relationships or situations we come into, when we can look at the big picture and not make things personal to us, we can see what is healthy and what is not.  Life is not all sunshine and rainbows and honestly, I think we would get bored if it was.  Upsets, tough situations, loss, relationships, they are all a part of life and the act of living.  These are the opportunities to grow and learn and these are the things we do not get taught in school.

No matter what your situation, there is light, there is a silver lining…no matter how dark it may seem as times be in communication with a professional, talk to a good friend, do not live inside your head making yourself wrong. The silver lining IS there, you may just need to go in search of it.

I did. It really does exist. Don’t give up.


This is kind of how it feels when life feels like nothing can go right….a “head crusher moment”.  If you have something happening in your life that you need to discover the “silver lining” so you can move past it and back into action in your life, email me. Let’s talk:





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Lose Yourself In Music and Find Your Passion

Music is like the world and all its happiness and sadness speaking to you.  I love music and I never really realized how much until I began Zumba fitness.  Whether I know the language or not, I find myself lost in the words and beats and loving the feeling the different instruments take me to.

Music is a universal language.  You can feel what an artist is expressing through the passion that comes through in sound.  On days when I feel down and need a “pick me up”, I always hit my playlist to all the happy tunes that bring back happy memories or thoughts of future memories I look forward to having.

Latin music, in my view, moves the soul and spirit.

A beat with steel drums can quickly have me tapping my toes and smiling.  I guitar wailing out in a flamenco or ramba will stir passions in me I didn’t even know were present.

When I realized that I had this connection with music, I just couldn’t get enough of it.  I listen to everything from Tony Bennett, Imagine Dragons, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Daddy Yankee, Kumbia Kings to good ol’ Garth Brooks and so many more and it really doesn’t matter which genre it is….I LOVE IT!

What I love even more about Zumba fitness is the love, passion, laughter and fun that happens in a Zumba class. Whether you can do all the moves or not, it really makes no difference to getting the desired end result which is an amazing sweat on and stress reliever.  My love for music makes each class its own entity. What do I mean? Many of my classes will have totally different music and themes to it to keep in interesting and fun.  I am not teaching you choreography so you can hit the Broadway stage, I am teaching you simple moves to keep you out of your head and on the dance floor!  To let you let go with passion and self-expression in a safe environment.

I couldn’t imagine my life without music!

Life is much too short….DANCE!

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