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Kindness is Contagious!


In a world of busy, it is important to remember whether you are in person OR on-line you have a choice in EVERY moment to show love and kindness.

So many times I see negativity being spread on social media and just the other day, I was at the gas station and witnessed a guy yelling at a woman because in his opinion, she was taking too long at the pump.  Whenever I see this kind of behavior whether on-line or in person, I have to wonder how much energy all that negativity just sucked out of the person dishing it out and how much energy was taken away from the person who it got delivered on.

I know first-hand when I am being kind to someone in either situation, by the end I am lit up and so is the person I supported or spoke kindly to.  It is like a little energy boost without doing a physical work out. It just feels great!

I assert that when we/you/I dump negativity on someone quite the opposite occurs and a loss of energy happens. This leaves us feeling drained, unhappy and many times ready to give up.

That being said, if you want to energize your day, spend the day doing kind deeds or saying kind things to others and see how your energy level boosts!

An attitude of gratitude and sprinkling kindness everywhere you go brings on Good Karma, abundance of energy and an awesome life!


Much love,




Benefits of Movement

Do You Want To Be Stress-Free?

Recently, as I have been building the Live OUT LOUD Movement I have been very present to the phenomenon of “NOW”.  I want everyone and their dog up and doing Zumba or taking a fitness class “NOW”, not someday, maybe…..seriously “RIGHT NOW!”

I have been actually a bit upset about it not going that way as quick as I think it should and I really had to stop and look at why? (when you/I are upset, it is good to look at why and be responsible for why we are upset….it has nothing to do with others)

Why should anyone take on a fitness routine “NOW”?  What difference does it actually make that would have someone say “Yes, I am doing this now and not later!”

I realized when I read a post from a friend the other day that was something to the effect   “ I let my stress melt away everyday by working out!”

Of course! This is it!

Since the day I took on working out 5 days a week, the level of my stress that was once very high had gone to an all-time low.  I can think clearer, I am more creative and full of energy.

I see my current clients who come to class regularly walking in with any stress they have and within the first 5-10 minutes, it’s like their faces transform and they are smiling and often times laughing.  By the end of class they are relaxed, happy and ready to go home enjoy their families.

I don’t really know any other way to share this than to say I want that experience ALIVE for everyone!  Imagine what our world could look like if people were consistently letting go of daily stresses NOT through taking pills, drinking or hiding under the covers, etc. Actually experiencing how great they REALLY ARE by allowing their bodies to move, their hearts and mind to fill up with music and to experience joy in every step.

YES! This is my vision. This is my world and I want you ALL in it!  Let’s DANCE the stress away.

WE CAN DO IT NOW! Please contact me today by ‘clicking here


Benefits of Movement

Benefits of Physical Fitness: Live Longer and Happier

I know the term ‘working out’ just turns most of you off and just switch the ‘no’ button on. But if you really think of it, you’re working out every day.

When you bring that load of dirty laundry to the laundry room, when you’re picking up that frozen meat for tonight’s dinner, even picking up that remote control. I know, ‘how is that “working out”? Well it’s a very [very] minimal work out; you’re making your body move, that’s how it’s a work out. But if you incorporate more activities you’ll see that it becomes an everyday routine.

Studies show that when active, the body releases endorphin’s which make you feel good and better-just like chocolate; and you’ll lengthen your life span from 5-15 years. I know I’m getting all sciency on you but it’s true. And!!! When you’re active and busy you won’t want to munch- out on everything you see, you’ll also be more willing to do more stuff throughout your day.