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Smiles Can Turn Your Day Around

In this day and age, I have discovered fewer people look up at each other when walking by.  Many are immersed in their cell phones and totally oblivious to what is happening around them.

Recently, I began ensuring that when I am out walking, I have no phone in hand and my head is up and I am making EYE CONTACT with anyone who looks my way.


I have discovered that when making eye contact AND flashing a smile….in most cases even a “hello!”, “Good morning/afternoon!” seems to alter not only my view of the day but it rearranges the molecules of the person I interact with.  Someone who may look completely down in the dumps can easily shift to a smile and exhibit a sparkle in their eye!

What I believe is that we never know what is going on for another human being. It may be the worst day of their life. It may have been a mediocre start, but as soon as I bring a SMILE or a FRIENDLY GESTURE into the interaction, they light up and so do I.

My request for the remainder of the week is for everyone to put our phones down, raise our eyes to meet others and make it a GREAT WEEK for not only YOU but those whom you interact with!

You never know how that smile of yours can impact others!

Go out and see how powerful you truly are!


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Aging Is A Gift….

I love aging!

What?!!! Yep! I said it! I do not worry or feel bad about it at all….  Here is why…

With age comes little wrinkles around the eyes that tell a story of one’s life.

Aging brings on wisdom that in itself is beautiful as well.

There is nothing to fear as we age….it is all a part of life and without it…we cease to exist.

So embrace the wrinkles and love who you are every minute of everyday! Aging is a gift that many do not get the opportunity to do.

Live Life. Laugh Lots. Make Memories.


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The Struggle of Comparison is Real in Our Minds

The struggle is real. At least it occurs that way for me in the moment it is happening.

Do you ever compare yourself to others success….like “why does it always work out for them and not me?”

Whether it be in relationships, career, fitness, winning the lottery….all of it. There are times when the comparison game is really real and it takes me down a dark tunnel or “I am not good enough”.

As soon as I begin to play the comparison game, I begin to struggle to even be happy for another person succeeding in whatever area it is.  I begin to wonder why it doesn’t work out for me and how long will I stay in this broken condition until something awesome like what happened to Bob (or whatever their name was) will happen to me.

ME ME ME ME ME!  Ever been there?

I have learned it has very little to do with me and it never did.  Yes, all that stressing and comparing is really useless and here is why…. are you ready for it….

NOT ONE of us is made EXACTLY the same…..even identical twins are not EXACTLY identical.  They may look-alike but if you look really close you will notice subtle differences and they make different decisions and choices just like everybody else.

The good news really is that not one of us is exactly the same and therefore comparing ourselves to others is really a crazy practice that our thoughts enjoy doing to us!

The moment that I begin to go down the road of comparing where I am at or my success to another person, I make myself stop and look at all the things I have to be grateful for in my life.  It takes practice.

The even crazier thing is sometimes those who we compare ourselves to are comparing themselves TO US!  As a human this is really a natural phenomenon that we have to train our brain to not get wrapped up in comparing ourselves to others.

I am better, you are better than me, she is better than him, he is better than that guy….blah blah blah blah blah.  At the end of the day that person who “looks” super successful may be the one who goes home and wishes for a different life and is struggling everyday.  Then you see the person living in a tiny apartment working a job YOU think is terrible and they are so happy and are travelling the world meeting new people….. We really just don’t know and if we only look at the surface of people we never really know who a person is.

My husband is very successful at what he does and he loves what he does.  I cannot even for a moment compare myself to him because our fields of work are very different and there are times when my mind says “God, I wish I was as happy as him….” the crazy part is….I AM! It just doesn’t look the same way as him.

I find our brains and thought patterns to be extremely fascinating and mainly because I have been watching my own and others around me for so many years.  The struggle that I create for myself in the moment IS real because I allow my thoughts to say it is and then that is when I get stuck in my life and feel like nothing is happening.

Can anyone relate?

Think about who you compare yourself to and give yourself from freedom today to remind yourself that YOU ARE NOT THEM.  You are unique in your own way and display talents only you possess.  You are individual and that is pretty awesome to discover!  Take a moment to make a list of your talents and all that you have to be grateful for in your life.  Put aside all worry and doubt. LIVE in THIS moment.

Are you ready to talk with someone about what you are dealing with?  Are you committed to having 2016 be your best year yet and have a specific goal you want to go to work on and need someone to hold you accountable?  Are you ready to live YOUR life?  Email me below and let’s talk:


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I Know The Benefit of Fitness First Hand…It Can Change Your Life!

In my last post, I let you in on this area of my life where I struggled.  I don’t even know if I would call it a struggle as much as I would say it occurred like a deep dark tunnel to which I may not get out.

GOOD NEWS….I did get out of it as you can now see!

The issue at the time for me was everything in my life that I was making bad and wrong for having happened and then making myself bad and wrong for having thoughts that it was bad and wrong.

Anyone relate to that?

One of the best things I did and it was for a whole lot of health reasons at the time (mental, emotional and physical), was I turned to fitness.  I had a friend who was a trainer and ran me and while I will most definitely tell you I didn’t enjoy running all that much, I did enjoy the feeling in my body after a good run.  It was euphoric. I felt lighter. I could breathe clearer, think clearer and I found myself smiling more and more.

There is just something about working out when you increase your heart rate and MOVE YOUR BODY instead of curling up in a little ball that pushes all the negativity out! I swear it was like having the upset, angry, depressed me being shot out my finger tips and toes. Day after day of training, I became happier, confident and before I knew it, ready to take on the world!!

This is why I am so lit up about supporting others with fitness. Fitness takes on so many forms from Zumba, running, yoga, LAUGHTER yoga, spinning, swimming, tennis, horseback riding, squash, boot camps, aqua aerobics, weight training, hockey, basketball, football, figure skating and even hoola hooping!!

Exercise is exercise and the point I am making is that you too can have that awesome feeling that fitness provides by finding something to do that lights you up….that you won’t give up on….that is an expression of who you are!

I have fallen in love with teaching many forms of Zumba and laughter yoga for a few very simple reasons:



Music is heavenly to me and any time I can move my body to music and especially teach others how to, I am IN!  Laughter….well seriously….I don’t know anyone that would dispute having a great belly laugh every now and then and how great is it that you can actually get a work out laughing?!?!!!

COME ON!!….That is just all sorts of AWESOME in my books!

Wherever you are at in thinking about fitness….want to start…have to start…just starting…well on your way…a pro…wherever you are at, just know that fitness is an outlet to bringing on the HAPPY in your life and if you are ready to dance and laugh, I am here to support you and your friends and family in meeting ALL your fitness needs!

You don’t have to do it alone!

Zumba with Tammy

Tuesday and Thursdays 7pm

Wednesday and Fridays(w/Cheryl) 930am

2389b St. Clair Ave. West Toronto M6N 1K9

First Class FREE….Please RSVP!