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Self-care Comes FIRST

Seriously, this gets missed A LOT by MANY people!

Speaking from my own experience, I have a tendency to put everyone in my life’s needs before my own & by the end of the day, I am spent with no energy to give back to myself.

Recently, I have been switching it up.

Checking in with myself each MORNING & ensuring what I need from myself for the day, I get.

What this has shown me is that I am still able to be there & support others like I always did (if not even better now) & all my own personal needs are taken care of & I do not waiver from ensuring they are in a timely manner everyday!

So do what you need to do to take care of yourself FIRST & then watch how much easier it is to be there for others!

What is it that you need to take care of YOU?a61fa362e283acb2e12de573d31a6253-at-the-top-the-ojays

Health & Well Being, Personal Stories

The Importance of Self Love…

I have been thinking a lot lately about how I take care of myself and questioning whether or not I really take the time to check in within myself and ask “how am I doing?”

Many of us go about our day ensuring that everyone around us has what “they” need and often times forget to check in and make sure we are taken care of.

Can anyone relate?

Only recently did I notice how not checking in with myself left me with this feeling of being like a hamster on a wheel running like mad to get things done and actually not getting anywhere.  Hamsters actually enjoy this activity, however, I have discovered for sure that I am NOT a hamster and that IS good news!

Here is what I discovered when I took the time to really look….what I needed was personal time to write.

I bet you thought I was going to say dance…Actually that would be second but WRITING…writing comes FIRST!

Writing is something that has always given me great pleasure.

For me, it is not something that I need to share with anyone and that being said, sometimes I choose to share my writing….but for the purpose of taking care of me, I just need time to write at least once a day.

Sometimes I know what I want to write about and sometimes it becomes what I refer to as a “mind dump”….just let it all out and then I can breathe again.

It is important to me that others understand that as successful as you may think I am, I literally am no different from anyone else. I forget to take care of myself sometimes.  I have thoughts that do not empower me all the time. Sometimes I really do not want to work out.

What I know though is that when I honor myself by taking time to write, bring back the positive thoughts and work out whether I “want to” or not, I always always always feel better and am able to support those around that I  love to the fullest!

It is important to discover at least one thing that you can do to take care of your SELF that will light you up and light your soul on fire!  Whatever it is for you, love it, give yourself the time to do it NO MATTER HOW BUSY YOU THINK YOU ARE and know that YOU are the most important person in your life.

Without YOU, there is NO amazing life!



Health & Well Being, Personal Stories

Aging Is A Gift….

I love aging!

What?!!! Yep! I said it! I do not worry or feel bad about it at all….  Here is why…

With age comes little wrinkles around the eyes that tell a story of one’s life.

Aging brings on wisdom that in itself is beautiful as well.

There is nothing to fear as we age….it is all a part of life and without it…we cease to exist.

So embrace the wrinkles and love who you are every minute of everyday! Aging is a gift that many do not get the opportunity to do.

Live Life. Laugh Lots. Make Memories.


Personal Stories

Be Your Own Valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yes, whether you have a “love” or not in your life, you do have one person who you can love and see every day……YOU!

I know I have, in the past, gotten caught up in this day as a sad day because I wasn’t in a relationship and suddenly it occurred like everyone else was.  The truth is, no matter what, you have one person to love 365 days out of the year (this year you get to love them 366 days! How sweet is that?!)….YOURSELF.

Love really begins with you and how you take care of and perceive yourself to be either amazing or a failure.  It comes down to choice.  When we are kind to ourselves, we give ourselves the room to grow in a world that is constantly changing.  If you are mean to yourself and tell yourself you are no good then you have no space to be anything that has possibility attached to it.

I declare that today is YOUR day!

Grab hold of it and make it your own! Take yourself out for lunch. Go get a massage, take a yoga class, go to the gym, dance in your kitchen, draw a nice bubble bath!  One of my favorite things to do when taking care of myself is to either pour a hot bath and set up my bathroom with Netflix and watch a movie from in the tub or just take a book in there and read.  I will then cook myself a great lunch or dinner and accompany it with a nice glass of wine.  I cheers to myself and say “Girl! YOU are pretty awesome! Keep rocking!”

It may sound crazy to some of you however, taking care of yourself FIRST will give room for others to come into your life and join you!  I met my Prince Charming only once I started to honor myself!

Try it out today!

Always remember, YOU are worth it!

Have an AMAZING Valentine’s Day!


Benefits of Movement

It’s All About Fitness!

I can honestly say when I was really young I loved to dance and did so for many years. Then in high school, it all shifted and I could care less about working out.  Thank goodness there was one more shift and I found dance again!

When you are moving your body, whether it be to dance, in boot camp, running, swimming you are releasing the HAPPY healthy endorphins through your body.  I cannot say this enough times how great this is.

I was talking with a client just the other day and we were talking about how good we feel after class.  I was telling her how some days I have the thought that I would rather not have to go to class that day.

NOTE: Yes, your instructors have this thought too. Do not think that we are immune to that!

Of course I do go and after every class….actually the moment the first person arrives my energy begins to shift and as soon as the first note of the song comes pumping out of my stereo, I am energized and the healthy endorphins begin to flow.

It does not matter at what age you are currently at, what level of fitness you are at, everyone can work out.  Some may need to modify the moves and that is totally do-able! Get up today and get moving and go into your weekend feeling amazing!

Are you interested in being stress-free and feeling great in 2016?  Email me to find out about LOL Movement classes!!


This guy on stilts even did my class one day at a street festival….if he can do it in stilts, what is your excuse? 😉


Personal Stories

Lessons Learned in Relationships & Loving Myself First!

I discovered after many relationships, that I did not need to lose my own identity to be with someone.  I used to have it like when I was in a relationship whatever the other person needed was more important than my needs.  Every relationship that I was in that went this way and soon I became one of feeling neglected and used constantly.  It took me a long time to see that it was not THEM that were making me feel this way. It was my own actions and who I was being in the relationship that had these emotions coming on.

It was so easy when starting a new relationship to blame others for how I was “feeling”….like they were doing something to me that I couldn’t stop.

In truth, I was trying to “fit the mold” that I thought they wanted so that I would be more lovable to them. Isn’t it crazy what we do as humans? I cannot be the only one who has done this!  We really do train people how to treat us!

When I stopped caring so much about what the other person thought or needed all the time and began to concentrate on what it was I needed or thought I became a strong woman who made her own choices.  I was no longer stopped by what they may think.  It is not even that I stopped caring all together or became selfish, I still cared.  There is a fine line between being there for another human being and being there for YOURSELF.

I learned that when I value myself and my opinions and take care of me first then it is so much easier to be there for someone else.  This even rang true with regards to my fitness.  As soon as I began to take care of myself physically by creating a workout plan AND sticking to it, I began to grown strong mentally and physically and no longer depended on the thoughts or opinions of others.  I became very independent.

For some, it is hard to see how fitness can really be so important in that.  Think of it this way, when you are happy in your body… know when you put that NEW dress on and it just slides over your body and you didn’t have to “tuck” anything in. It just fits perfect….or that moment when you do your hair and every curl falls exactly where you wanted it….or you do your makeup and you know you look hot?   It is a sensation of being on top of the world….like nobody can knock you down.  Fitness provides that to your body without needing to “fix up” your hair or makeup. It is not completely outer body need. Fitness supports you both inside and out!  You can’t put a bandaid on how you feel on the inside like you can with makeup and curling irons.  That stuff just hides the REAL YOU.

With working out, you can look like a sweaty mess BUT your confidence in that moment of having completed a class or lifting a certain amount of weights you have never done before or running that extra mile when you thought you may not be able to……THAT is the moment that your confidence and who you are soars!

I am often a sweaty mess.  Living in my workout gear. I can tell you one thing though….through fitness, I know who I am, what I stand for and exactly what I want in my relationships. What I will compromise for and what I won’t because at the end of the day I know I am worth it.

Loving yourself first and knowing who you are will give you the confidence and determination to find the right relationship for you. Never settle for anything less.  Fitness is freedom in relationships and in your life.

I can help you find the plan that works for you! Let me.


Tammy has mad skills in supporting women (and men) in discovering who they are and what they want out of life.  If you are ready to take your love life and your love of yourself life to the next level, write to her now. First consultation call is free.

Benefits of Movement

Never Give Up!

In everyone’s life, at some point, we are faced with something that will have us wanting to throw in the towel or call it quits.

In those moments of feeling defeated is when we need to strap on our dance shoes (or runners) and get back up!

See, what I have learned over the years is that things are going to happen that are completely out of my control, however, how I respond to what is happening is 100% my choice!  I have found the one tool I can use in my tool box that always lights me up, is hitting the dance floor and rocking out to a great beat.

How does that solve the problem? You may be thinking…..

It doesn’t solve it.  This action takes care of me and how I relate to what is happening. By releasing healthy endorphins through my body by dancing, I shift the stress out.  This is my way of meditating, I guess you could say.  I am able to come up with solutions and/or just be able to manage my emotions about what is going on in a much more positive and productive way.

Try it out for yourself and never give up! You owe it to yourself!

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!quote-19-wipe-the-sweat-off-your-face