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Our Beloved Zumba Boy Hudson…

Hudson, our dancing Zumba boxer brother/son, crossed over the rainbow bridge last Tuesday surrounded by his loving family, Zoey & the incredible staff Dundas West Animal Hospital. He fought at good fight but in the end we know, he was ready.

Hudson was one of a kind….never barked (once a yearish just so we knew he could if he really wanted to) you knew what he was thinking by his eyes, tail & heavy sighs.❤️

Hudson provided our family daily with unconditional love, laughter, snuggles & play. He helped his Lil’ big sister Zoey overcome losing her mommy & provided her with love & comfort. ❤️🐾🐾❤️

Hudson came home with us on the first day we moved into our new home….every corner of this place reminds me of him. ❤️💔❤️

Hudson also had amazing dancing skills & a lover of music. When he wasn’t with me at Zumba,you could find him at home in the music room chillin with his daddy😍

He went every where with me…when I worked in an office when he was a pup…he would do the 45 minute walk there..take a nap for the day & then walk all the way home❤️ He rode buses & took subways, long car rides & more. He took naps on walks under underpasses 😂🤣…concerning passersby but we always knew…”that’s just our boy!” He worked up in Ninos office (or more just caught sunbeams from a blanket)❤️

Known as “the balcony dog” in the neighborhood in the summer. He would sit for hours on the balcony just watching people walk by.😍🐾🐾❤️

He loved his naps❤️ But as a pup… after a nap came extreme energy & lots of time running, chasing, playing.😍❤️

I would only do certain shopping experiences if I could bring Hudson.❤️

He was the ring bearer at our wedding❤️

Hudson wasn’t just a dog…he was our son, our brother & I am so lucky to have gotten to be his mommy.❤️

Hudson will be missed deeply by his grandparents, aunts, uncles, & all the little people he has loved along the way.❤️❤️

Hudson will be deeply missed by all the Zumba ladies as he came to class often to greet & watch them dance..❤️💃❤️

Hudson will also be missed by all his friends 2legged & 4legged @ckandfriends who he spent time with each week playing & having his own lil life ❤️🐾🐾❤️

He will be deeply deeply missed by his Daddy Nino Ardizzi, sisters Madison ArdizziElise Evaa Ardizzi, Zoey & me….

My heart has forever known a love like no other & I am truly grateful I got to have you in my life. I know this is only goodnight for now.

Wait for me. Our paths will come together again. Gone from the physical but never gone from my heart.❤️❤️❤️


Thank you for letting this lil’ guy dance into your heart too!

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Our NEW Wednesday Home for Zumba!

I am excited to share with you after 2 amazing events at High Park Brewery (839 Runnymede Road), we have found our new Wednesday night 6:45pm Zumba basics class spot!

This space is INCREDIBLE & FUN! AND these are Zumba & a Pint nights! Come for the dancing, stay for a cold brew of Toronto’s finest beer if you like!

$20 gets you a one hour Zumba class & a pint of beer or soft drink.

We will be back at High Park Brewery Wednesday August 14th & moving forward, every Wednesday!


See you next Wednesday!!


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The World Is In Need Of Love…

Waking up this morning into another tragedy in the world and I had a sense of despair.  How can I shift anything that is going on in the world? How can any of us?

I have spent this morning working and watching the news with all that is happening.  At times, I felt pain in my body.  Pain in my heart.  It is like there is this band-aid that is being ripped off around the world and the wound is wide open.

The only problem I can see, is that it really has been a band-aid covering up/trying to heal what’s happening.  I know for myself (and I will not speak for others) I have in some way “ignored” what has been going on by saying “Oh, it’s not here…oh I don’t know anyone fighting in the war”, etc…..but that ignorant attitude has me be no better than those who are causing these major tragedies.

In the quiet time this morning I have realized, for myself, that all of humanity is my family, community and I do have a say in making this world better…healing it like neosporin on a wound rather than just a band-aid.

I have the freedom and ability to love all whom I come in contact with… at a stranger and have that be maybe make their day….to let people know they are heard and that I care.  On what I or you may consider a small level of making a difference, it comes with being peaceful with those I come into contact with every day.  We can see by the news today that we, no matter where we are in the world, are not immune to the devastation that is happening.

Knowing that we are not immune, THAT IS our wake up call.  It is time to set differences aside, stand together and support one another. Rise up past our opinions and fears and set our own anger aside. We can be passionate without anger or hurt each other.  I do not fear what I do not understand. I seek to understand what I do not know and within that, I can love and there is peace.

My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones today and all days in any tragedy that has occurred around the world.

We are all one. Let love guide the way.


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Discover Your Passion and Make it Your Purpose!

Before creating the LOL Movement, I used to work many different jobs….for years I worked behind a desk as an office manager. Before that in ophthalmology and prior to that managing gyms and offices.  I would go from job to job thinking “this will be THE ONE!”

Does this sound familiar?

Excited at first. Delighted with the tasks I had in front of me and then at some point….I would lose my passion or drive for it.  It became a J-O-B….just something I did to pay the bills. While I continue to do it well, in my heart I always would know when the passion for it had left.

Upon discovering Zumba it was like my whole body came alive. I never saw it as a career or something I would be passionate about. It was just that class I took on Thursdays that allowed me to stop thinking or worrying for an hour.  When my instructor approached me one day and said I should teach this, I thought she had lost it….but later that night I began to think about it and weeks later, I found a training and threw my hat over the wall and went for it.

Best decision I ever made!

I started out small….teaching one class a week for about 6 months….then two classes for about another 6 months….then four a week….then (rearranging my day job to accommodate more classes) six classes a week…..then it just got out of control!

I realized that what I was doing for fun and what I loved were colliding together and it was awesome. I was suddenly consumed by choreographing…dancing on the subway to make up new routines…figuring out how I could do more classes and who else could benefit from this!

My passion became my purpose.  Now, nearly 2 years later on my own building this, I continue to live my passion and know that my purpose is to have people see how AMAZING they truly are and what they CAN accomplish.

Are there struggles? Yes.

Do I always win? No.

Do I get back up and keep going? Yes.

Will I ever give up on anyone? No.

Everyday is a gift. The moment your eyes open, you have been given another day to make the most of. Do not play small. Go for your dreams. Create visions. Dance like nobody is watching…..LIVE!

I want to me you. Come dance with us! Check out the schedule and take the LEAP onto the dance floor!


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Let A Song Make Your Heart SING!

Wanna smile today?

Dance….for no reason…but to move and feel good!

Music brings joy to the heart and moving your body to it, will bring instant joy to YOU!

Today is a beautiful day and dancing can make it even better!

Go for it!

Don’t want to dance alone?

NEVER FEAR! We are HERE!  Join us 3 nights a week and 2 days a week EVERY week to dance, sing, laugh, sweat!

Hope to see you soon!



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Your Background Has NOTHING To Do With Whether You Can Dance or Not!

I have many people say to me, ” You are awesome, I could NEVER dance like that!”


Here is what you need to know……I am Scottish Norwegian background AND from SASKATCHEWAN!!!

Please tell me where latin rhythms were coursing through my veins so I can dance the way I dance??

I didn’t grow up in an environment or background that ever had latin music playing….my only find at age 8 was the tape (yes, tape!) of La Bomba!  Now I can sing it word for word but I have no clue what it means! HAHA! (Used to drive my brothers nuts singing it!)

I want you to know that you will always be comfortable in my classes….you will NEVER get it wrong UNLESS you stop moving your feet. Dance however you dance! It IS perfect!

YAY!! That is good news right?! AND I promise to teach you moves that you will be like “Oh ya! I can rock the dance floor!”

Come join my classes at the Palace 2389B St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto to find out how YOU TOO, no matter what your background is, can groove out and dance your heart out to latin rhythms and rhythms from around the world!

Have your workout work for YOU by being fun and playful!




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Building Community Through Zumba

REASON #11: Make NEW friends, be part of a community!

At the Live OUTLOUD Movement, we believe strongly in building a community of great people around us!

This supports not only in knowing you are not alone in this crazy big world but being able to lift each others spirits, be able to say hi to people in your neighborhood, laugh and share together.

At the Children’s Palace location (Adult classes) we are committed that the experience of taking a zumba class with us leaves you sweating from an awesome fun workout and made new friends and acquaintances along the way.

Know your neighbors, support one another and find fun and freedom through fitness and community!

If you are someone who wants to be a part of a growing community, come join us!

We are waiting to meet you!




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downloadAs the weather(FINALLY) starts to warm up, it’s time to get out of your house and END hibernation!!

To be honest with you, there have been days this winter, where if I wasn’t the instructor, I would have opted to stay at home on the couch with a good movie and homemade soup!

Let’s face it….it’s been a LONG winter!

NO MORE EXCUSES THOUGH! The excuses of “I don’t feel like it….it’s too cold”…whatever it has been for you….DELETE IT FROM YOUR MEMORY!!! 😉 Put it to rest!

It is time to HAVE FUN, GET SWEATY, LAUGH LOTS, BURN CALORIES! Your weekly workout doesn’t even need to feel like a workout! I PROMISE!!!

Did you know you can dance and laugh your way to an AWESOME body?

My clients do!

Come join us for a FREE (look at that! You don’t even have to pay to check it out!) class! We have a lot of fun and work out! It is a GREAT COMBINATION!

If you quote this post and come and choose to sign up to 10 classes ($85, pass good for 3 months), I will give it to you for $78.00)


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My Clients Inspire Me Everyday!

I am writing today about my clients and a few of them (out of many)who have touched me deeply through my journey as a Zumba instructor and owner of my own fitness company.

January 2013 was a monumental moment for me where I took myself out of an office environment and into teaching different forms of Zumba full-time.  It was scary as I pulled the net of a regular income out from underneath me but it was exactly what I had always wanted and dreamed of doing.

Through the last 11 months of this journey, there have been highs, lows and literally everything in between and when I look at it the one thing that consistently keeps me going are the people who have come into my life.

I have had the opportunity to meet some really amazing people…teachers, engineers, moms, dads, daycare workers, accountants, delivery people, retirees, social workers, special needs people, technicians, people on a journey through Toronto that has had them end up in my class and many many more.

Every day I get to go and laugh and play with people. That is a privilege that many people do not get in their day.  Sometimes people come in and you can tell they have been faced with many challenges in their day.  It is my honour to be the one to bring happiness back to their day.  While I am clear I cannot make anyone happy, my “job” is to assist them with turning their frown upside down!  Honestly, it is my pleasure to do so.

I have the most amazing clients.  Once class is done, it is hard for many of us to want to leave as we stand around laughing and joking and telling stories.  A workout is not just about getting in and getting out all the time. There is a human aspect that I so appreciate having with my clients.  These are the people who touch my life and give me strength every day to know I am living my dreams!

Last night, one of my regular clients was dancing and I could completely see her whole body transformation and how much her emotional well-being had shifted.  It was phenomenal!  She said that she even cranks up the music at home and keeps dancing every day! I love that!!

I received an email from the most amazing young woman I had met on her journey through Toronto to England and who comes from South Africa, thanking me for inspiring her and all I can think is how much she has inspired me!  I have clients who are teachers that have a commitment to their students taking classes and so they are figuring out how to have the children join their after school classes.

I have student classes that now the teachers have seen and want to figure out how to have their own classes….It just inspires me every day to be surrounded by such upbeat, positive people out to cause community fun and play every where in their lives!

In this past year, this is the life I live.  These are the people I meet.  This is the life that when I think about it, I am moved to tears with joy that each and every person in my fitness journey has come into my life and I share my life with all of them.

It is an honour to be a fitness instructor and to share my life with all of you.  Words truly cannot even express how honoured I am to have you all in my life.

Thank you thank you thank you!


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A Tribute to All Musicians

Do you secretly dance in your room with the door locked? Possibly singing into a hairbrush to your favorite song?  Maybe you are reviving a little Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch…..Good vibration…..or your kickin‘ it to Suavemente while those latin rhythms make you feel like you own the floor……or your Raising Your Glass to a lil‘ P!nk and the list can go on and on! I admit it….I DO! 🙂

I honestly don’t know one person who doesn’t like music….of some sort.  Music tells a story, whether there are words or not it takes us on a journey in our imagination.  

Music lifts our spirits and in some cases the songs we listen to are “exactly what we are dealing with”.  Have you ever listened to a song over and over again and thought, “wow, this is so my life right now!”  My brother once played me the song “the middle” by Jimmy Eat World when I was going through a rough time in my life….I swear that song, cranked up, gave me strength I didn’t know was possible.

I listen to EVERYTHING all the time! Latin, country, rock, pop, hip hop, classical, jazz, contemporary, folk, blue grass, beats from around the world.  I am personally a music “junkie”.  

Music is moving and for that I tip my hat to the artists who create all of these wonderful words and beats and challenge themselves and us to think outside of the box to bring us some of the best toe tapping, booty shakin’, smiling and spirit lifting beats!

Without you I cannot do what I love to do which is dance and teach others to dance, love music and be stress-FREE.

A big THANK YOU from me to YOU!

Never stop making us move and lifting our spirits!