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Self-care Comes FIRST

Seriously, this gets missed A LOT by MANY people!

Speaking from my own experience, I have a tendency to put everyone in my life’s needs before my own & by the end of the day, I am spent with no energy to give back to myself.

Recently, I have been switching it up.

Checking in with myself each MORNING & ensuring what I need from myself for the day, I get.

What this has shown me is that I am still able to be there & support others like I always did (if not even better now) & all my own personal needs are taken care of & I do not waiver from ensuring they are in a timely manner everyday!

So do what you need to do to take care of yourself FIRST & then watch how much easier it is to be there for others!

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Health & Well Being, Personal Stories

The Importance of Self Love…

I have been thinking a lot lately about how I take care of myself and questioning whether or not I really take the time to check in within myself and ask “how am I doing?”

Many of us go about our day ensuring that everyone around us has what “they” need and often times forget to check in and make sure we are taken care of.

Can anyone relate?

Only recently did I notice how not checking in with myself left me with this feeling of being like a hamster on a wheel running like mad to get things done and actually not getting anywhere.  Hamsters actually enjoy this activity, however, I have discovered for sure that I am NOT a hamster and that IS good news!

Here is what I discovered when I took the time to really look….what I needed was personal time to write.

I bet you thought I was going to say dance…Actually that would be second but WRITING…writing comes FIRST!

Writing is something that has always given me great pleasure.

For me, it is not something that I need to share with anyone and that being said, sometimes I choose to share my writing….but for the purpose of taking care of me, I just need time to write at least once a day.

Sometimes I know what I want to write about and sometimes it becomes what I refer to as a “mind dump”….just let it all out and then I can breathe again.

It is important to me that others understand that as successful as you may think I am, I literally am no different from anyone else. I forget to take care of myself sometimes.  I have thoughts that do not empower me all the time. Sometimes I really do not want to work out.

What I know though is that when I honor myself by taking time to write, bring back the positive thoughts and work out whether I “want to” or not, I always always always feel better and am able to support those around that I  love to the fullest!

It is important to discover at least one thing that you can do to take care of your SELF that will light you up and light your soul on fire!  Whatever it is for you, love it, give yourself the time to do it NO MATTER HOW BUSY YOU THINK YOU ARE and know that YOU are the most important person in your life.

Without YOU, there is NO amazing life!



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The 10 Day “TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF” Challenge!

Yes, I made this up! Out of a conversation with a great friend yesterday and then a phone call I had this morning with an awesome lady I talk to every morning.

I recently have been waking up in the middle of the night with what I refer to as “panic attacks”. Have you ever been jolted from your bed, unable to breathe, sweating and consumed by thoughts?

If you have, please read on. If no, look to see what your version in life could possibly be, and then read on! 🙂

The past few weeks this has been my experience…not every night but often enough now that I am going to do something about it! It is a terrifying sensation… can take hours to fall back asleep and often I never go back to a deep sleep, therefore waking up tired.

After talking with a great friend yesterday about our energy and body healing and then out of a call this morning regarding shifting the way we see things, I made up a challenge to myself.  I challenge myself to 10 days of “taking care of me”.

What does that look like?

Well, I already work out a lot so I am not worried about releasing healthy endorphins to manage stress, however, it is time to take time out for me.  Read a book, have a cup of tea, have a reiki session, reflexology, massage, meditate and begin to “breathe” again.

I see how we all become affected in our own way with the “business” of life and often times we forget to stop and just “smell the roses” for a little bit.  For the next 10 days, I challenge myself to organize my days, do my regular physical activities and then schedule time that is just for me, away from electronics, away from stimulants like coffee and just take time to relax.

The end goal in 10 days is to adapt what I need to into my life on a regular basis that will provide balance in all areas.

Begin by writing out all the things/people/situations that keep you up at night or restless.  Vow to keep technology to a minimum and at only certain times of the day.  From there set yourself up to win with your calendar INCLUDING time for yourself.

Are you up for taking this challenge on too?  If yes, please write to me and we will go through it together. AND DO FOR SURE CONTINUE YOUR FITNESS DURING THIS!