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Weather and Importance of Movement

I don’t know about you but I am DEEPLY affected by weather conditions. Some people think that is crazy. I am here to tell you that I do not believe it is crazy AT ALL!

This year I have been personally struggling. 

On cold rainy days, I want nothing more than to crawl into my bed and wait it out.  Had I done that though, I would still be hibernating between my sheets and we are halfway through May!

I have always been affected by weather.  It is a REAL THING so please know you are not alone if you have these feelings in your body show up. Symptoms include: pain in low back and neck, pressure headaches, eyes aching, respiratory issues, aching all over, mood swings.

For many of you who know me, you may be thinking this is ridiculous that I am saying this happens to me as I come across as cheerful most of the time…I am not and experience all these symptoms quite regularly with our current weather system.

Honestly, there is really only one true Godsend that I have found that works for me……MOVEMENT and lots of it!

Movement has been imperative to my health and even more so with the long winter we have had this year.

I struggle most days to “want” to get up and move. The good news for me is, it is my career so not really a choice to say “ah, I will go tomorrow.”  There are days I just feel my brain screaming “I do not want to do this today!” and everyday that these internal struggles show up, I know I have to go whether I like it or not and here is the best part….

It’s really juicy….EVERY TIME the music comes on, within 5 seconds of the first beat, everything begins to shift. It’s like coming up from holding your breathe under water for a long time. That first inhale is so refreshing…As the music and dance continues on, I can feel my WHOLE body and mind coming ALIVE as if I had been in a coma prior to that moment.  By the end of 60 minutes, those pains, breathing, headache, mood swings…they are GONE!


The hardest part in all of it is just getting myself to the location of a class. Once there, the whole world shifts.

In all my 42 years I have never found something that holds such a profound impact on not just my physical health but my mental and emotional health as well all at the same time.

I have spoke to many ladies recently who I am clear are dealing with the same thing. Many have commented on “I was going to come but I am just so tired right now.” Or “I was going to come but this weather has got me down.”

I want you to know I get it. I want you to know I experience it too.

I want you to know there is a way past all of that for you to FEEL GREAT even now, with the weather the way it is.

I cannot change Mother Nature, however, I can shift what I am doing to have my life working and positive no matter what Mother Nature decides to do, and YOU CAN TOO!

You are not alone. 

Come out to a class and let’s MOVE together! 🙂

Much love,



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Be Grateful for Everything!

Keeping a healthy mind is just as important as keeping a healthy body.

Body. Mind. Spirit.

Each morning upon waking I take a few moments to lie in bed in the stillness and think of all the things I can be grateful and thankful for in my life. From the super small to the amazing large things that we sometimes consider small….like actually waking up every morning….that is actually really HUGE!

Getting present in the morning to everyone and everything in my life has me, most days, stay present to what is truly important in my life.

To share with you, today, 1. besides waking up this morning (which I am truly grateful for every morning)

2. I am grateful for my family and friends here in Toronto and in Saskatchewan and ALL over this great world. It lets me know I am not alone and there is ALWAYS someone out there that I care about and they care about me!

3. I am grateful for my bamboo sheets on my bed! As silly or materialistic as that may sound I am someone who over-heats at night and bamboo sheets help to keep me at a good temperature to be able to sleep pretty peacefully!

4. I am grateful that I get to wake up beside my husband who is my best friend and forever boyfriend!

5. I am grateful today for my nephew who is fulfilling his dreams and heading to Texas from Saskatchewan to play football this week!

6. I am grateful to be a step mom to 2 of the most beautiful, smart, funny young women in this world!

7. I am grateful that I got to spend the day with my friend Cheryl and laugh and cry and laugh some more!

8. I am grateful to be able to dance every day and go speak in schools and that it’s even COOLER when I get to do both in the SAME DAY!

9. I am forever grateful for the roof over my head and the food that is on my table each day!

10. I am grateful for dreaming and how some time it makes sense and sometimes…I think I am just hungry because I dream about making food! LOL!

What I can say is that by the time my feet hit the ground in the morning, I am present to life and all the gifts that lie within it and no matter how the day may go, good, bad, sad, however it goes, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for…..even the simple things like being blessed enough to open my eyes and greet another day!

Mindset is everything in living a life you love.

Love you all,





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YOU Are In Every One Of YOUR Relationships…

I have noticed over the years that in all the relationships I have had that were not working with others, I was always in them…..

Coincidence? I think not.  

For the record, I never used to think this way, that is that it had anything to do with me.  I used to have it like there was something wrong with “them” over there…you know the “one” who keeps doing it all wrong or saying things that were so dumb and clearly with no thought first!  I would complain about how what they said was so stupid and how “they” hurt my feelings and didn’t understand me.

Then there was the defining moment in my life when I realized that ALL my relationships kept ending and I was always the one in them.  It was actually kind of funny in the moment I could see it.

People had no hope hanging out with me.  You said something that I “thought” was hurting me and I would run.  I had the best pair of invisible running shoes… wouldn’t even know that I took off running because physically I would still be standing right in front of you but in my mind, I was outta there!  Soon I would stop answering my phone, avoid being in places they were at and eventually own up and end it and then I would be the victim like they had done something to me and that’s why it all went down the way it did.

The truth was, I was a jerk and not responsible.  If everybody got a long in the world that would be awesome and also a tad bit weird.  It is actually okay to not see eye to eye with someone. However, it’s not okay to be a jerk to them, cut them off at the knees and then blame them for how YOUR life is turning out.

Have you done this? Are you doing it now?

Consider, blame, shame and guilt tactics are just a way to avoid taking ownership of your relationships and life.

When I could see how I blamed my ex husband for why our marriage fell apart, I could actually see what a jerk I had been being too.  He didn’t stand a chance for us to end everything amicably until many years later. The poor souls who dated me after that marriage….seriously, you were all amazing and you didn’t stand a chance to get to know the REAL Tammy.  My guard was up 24/7 and anything you did that I didn’t like would just be the check mark I could mentally put beside the list of ways in which “people hurt me”.

I have to say, that was really the hardest way to live and my biggest struggle time in my life.  Literally, it was like the light bulb came on one day and I stopped blaming everyone (even those I didn’t realize I was blaming….until the light bulb came on) for where my life was at and I began to really own all my mistakes and errors. I began to be in communication and apologize to those I hurt along the way  and that began to have me have freedom from the past life I had created.

Over the years I have learned a lot.  I have learned that it really doesn’t matter how people treat me, I have a choice and a say in how I react and act to it.  I get to say how my life goes through “good” times and “bad”.  It is not what someone does or says to me that defines my life, it is who I am being in my life that defines me.

There is no outside source from me that can hurt me, only I can hurt me by what I choose to believe or tell myself about any situation or comment made.

As humans, I find, we get so mixed up with this because we really do have differing opinions and thoughts to how things should go and when others do not agree with us….well this is where the conversation of how will YOU react comes in.  We see people starting physical fights over parking spots even….parking spots people? Really???

I have learned that NOBODY can hurt me when I come from owning my life fully.

Do I have moments where I react like somebody has done something to me and I am hurt?


Then when I am done giving my power away to words of another, I look at how I reacted to what they said and what I told myself about that and then I forgive MYSELF for being so cruel to me.  The lesson here is the only one who can hurt you, is you.  In every relationship you have….YOU are always there.  The place to look so you have power is to look at YOU!

OWN YOUR LIFE and you will never live another day upset/hurt by what others say or do.

Are you ready to take on your life fully in 2016 and OWN your relationships, life, career, health?  Need someone to support you through the process?  Send me an email and let’s get started!


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This Past Summer I Got Married…and Then What?

This past summer I got married to my one true love. I know he is my true love because with him, I can say anything and I have no fear. I can be me and he doesn’t leave and there really are a ton of reason I could go on to share with you why he is but I think you get the point.

We have been together for 8+ years and it was about a year and half ago I  asked him to marry me. From that date we spent just over a year planning and creating the most Crazy Ass wedding possible. If you ask our guests, we pulled that off. It was really awesome….food trucks, hip hop dancers, live band, graffiti artist, guests painting our wall, sand to play with, 2 open bars, the most delicious cakes made by our awesome neighbor and the list goes on…..a couple of days after the wedding we set sail on a fantastic 3 week honeymoon in Italy. Oh, it was magical!

When we returned home, I went to sleep that night and woke up the next day with one question…

“Now what?”

It was like all the magic we had been working on creating and the celebrating was now done and I was left with a lonely panic feeling.  It was the first time I was really discovering the “woe…I am married….AGAIN….I didn’t do so well the first time….who am I now as a married woman?”  and so began a string of questions I began to ask myself and began to stress about.

I became distant from others….(remember this was an internal conversation although I am sure my actions could have shown you what was going on in my head) until I discovered for myself the thing I had stopped doing after the wedding was quite simple…

I STOPPED creating what was next.  My NOW husband and I used to plan date nights whether it be spontaneous or one we actually put in the calendar. We would go do random things. We would hit the gym together, find a jazz concert, go shopping, spend an afternoon catching a matinée and then hit a pub.  All these things we used to do together, I suddenly stopped doing.

When I could see it, it was like the elephant in the room was standing before me and now I couldn’t see around it.  Suddenly all I could think of was all the stuff I wanted to go do and see with Nino and I began to fall in love with him and our relationship all over again.  I told him about the thoughts I was having and he agreed that we went a bit off track after with who we know ourselves to be.

From that moment, we began to create again.  A saturday afternoon of massages and then chillin watching movies, going out to the movie after a great dinner out, laying in bed and reading beside each other, telling jokes, finding a concert to go to, paint nite, sharing everything.

What I have learned over the years is a relationship doesn’t make it self, I make it. I want it, I go get it. When I own my relationships then I can never play the victim of it and it is such a powerful place to stand.  I have learned that if I count on my relationship being a 50/50 deal…I have given away 50% of the power. If I own it 100%, I create it and how it will go and the other person easily walks into it and often gets right in there are starts creating the fun too!

Life is fun and the relationships we have in life are a way for us to test what we are learning.

Always learn from them!  Be a student of gracious humanity in your life!


Are you currently in a relationship and need a reboot? Do you struggle to keep the magic alive and don’t know why?  Tammy has answers and will take you through an inquiry to an awesome juicy relationship!  Email here:

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Quitting Is NOT An Option….Discover, Be Honest.

Do you ever just want to quit? Quit your job? Quit your relationship? Quit whatever it is that at one time you were lit up about and then it got “hard” and you couldn’t see how to make it work?

If you have never had this thought….you may not be human…

In relationships I have wanted to quit. Give it all up and run away. Call it a day and be by myself again too.  I have, in my thoughts, actually seen me putting on running shoes and lacing them up like if I get the lace all the way done up, that means for sure I have to go!

I have learned that it really is normal to have these kinds of thoughts.  It is what you do with that thought that will either take you out of whatever it is or that will get you so determined that nothing will stand in your way.

To become determined, often times we require a support system. Someone or something that will not allow us to sell out on ourselves.  Whether that be from a friend, family member, stranger or an app, etc. Something or someone that holds you bigger than you know yourself to be.

When I have been at my lowest points and quit or gotten ready to quit, I could pretty much look around and see that I was either all by myself with my thoughts or the people I had in my life at the time were the people who thrived off others failures and were happy to see me crash and burn.

Either way, we always need to be aware of our environment, of what we surround with or who.  If you are not where you want to be in life and you are ready to quit, look around. What does your current environment look like?  Do you need to make adjustments to who you hang out with? Do you need to discover what it is you stand for so that it is clear to you?  Are you on track to meet the goals you wanted and then things got tough?

Look at the BIG picture before you throw yourself out of the game of the life you are creating.

When I have stood back and looked at my life as a whole, with a coach, I have always been able to discover what I couldn’t see before, make the adjustments and keep going.  For instance with changing careers, I loved the people I worked for but I was not enjoying the job.

Why? Because I love to dance, move and motivate people. It is who I am.

What type of job was I doing?

I sat at a desk and on a computer for 8 hours a day.

Can you see the disconnect?

I was miserable.  I really struggled with leaving what I was doing because although I was miserable, I loved the people I worked for and I felt that I would be letting them down.  The truth is, they knew I wasn’t happy and while they loved me too, it just wasn’t a fit for what they were up to or what I was up to.  When I got really honest with myself AND with them, it was just natural for me to leave and I ensured that they had someone in place to take over and that they were trained before I left.

Taking the time for me to actually see what lights me up and what I was committed to gave me the freedom to come clean to my employers in such a way that we all got what we needed. I didn’t just quit (and I had just quit jobs before and that never really goes well) I got honest with myself, my environment and the people in it.

It takes courage to stay in the game and be in communication where you need to however, if you are willing, the rewards of priceless!


Do you need to gain perspective on where you are at and where you want to be? The conversations and assignments on life I provide will get you moving in the direction you want to be in whether it be your career, relationships or health and fitness.  Let’s Talk:

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Relationships: Tammy & Nino…NOT Love at First Sight!


The truth is, Nino and I were NOT a “love at first sight” couple. In fact, quite the opposite.  Nino thought I was stuck up and I thought he was a guy who dated everybody.  While we knew of each other and were taking a course in the same room for 7 months, I had no interest in getting to know him and had no interest in getting to know me.

It wasn’t until one night while our whole class was in new york for a weekend session (literally the month before the course ended) that Nino walked into my friends hotel room on the friday night before class and asked “who wants to go for a martini?”, that I finally spoke up.  Surprisingly, I didn’t want a martini at that time….class was going to start shortly and I was actually offended that he wanted to have a drink before class. (yes, I may have been a little up tight back then….)  I told him that he shouldn’t be going for drinks before class but if he wanted to get one after class, I would join him.  He agreed and so set the events that led to our relationship.

That night we went for a martini after class and talked and talked and talked.  It was like two people who knew nothing about each other just picking random topics to ask the other about.  Neither of us were looking for a relationship.  It wasn’t even a date or anything. Just two people talking.  The first night we closed the bar down talking. We agreed to have a drink again the next night and keep talking, and we did.

By sunday, Nino came to me during the day and said “I am really not looking for anything however, when get back to Toronto, I would like to keep hanging out with you. Are you up for that?”  I thought to myself there is no harm in that and I am not looking for anything either. “Sure.”

When we came back to Toronto, the adventure continued and as we grew closer and more intimate and our coaches (from the program we were taking) found out about our relationship and they asked us to take the coaching and not have an intimate relationship for 60 days. To take 60 days and just get to know each other intellectually and if at the end of 60 days we still felt there was something there then we could go for it.  We lasted ALMOST 45 days (sorry guys…we didn’t make it 60 days!), I think it was, when we knew we both were really attracted to one another both mentally and physically.  It was some of the BEST coaching I have ever taken!

We were related to one another on a much more intimate level than just physical.  We had become great friends, listeners and understood how each other worked and thought.

At about a year together we sat down and agreed we should have the “deal-breaker” talk. What this was for us was that in relationships often times there are things for each us of that if the other person does it or doesn’t want it, it is what gets in the way of the relationship working and will slowly have it all unravel and fall apart so we decided to lay all the “deal-breakers” out on the table at one year together so if it was a big enough breaker then we could walk away then or work it out and no one gets hurt.

Some things that were deal-breakers were about kids. Nino didn’t want anymore.  Good news, I can’t have them so that wasn’t a big deal for me. Cheating on each other/swinging completely a deal -breaker for both of us so that was cool.  Where would we live IF we lived together….needed to be near his daughters, that worked for me (loved those girls from the moment I met them!)…..marriage was not an option either of us wanted to take on again (funny how 8 years passes and here we are married) everything that you can think of that could potentially split a couple up….we laid it on the line over a beer and some wings and saw that there wasn’t any deal-breakers we couldn’t overcome.

I have to tell you, as our relationship continued to develop and things continued to move forward we still didn’t say we were “in” a relationship.  With no titles spoken we were just hanging out, seeing where things went and knew that if we to wanted to leave we just needed to talk to one another.

We gave up all the dating pretenses of what titles need to be there, the happily ever after story, the “it has to look a certain way” and just began to enjoy each others company and craziness.  It was really no different when we decided to move in together.  We just adjusted to seeing each other everyday instead of the weekend relationship we were having.

What I can tell you from what I have learned is that to have a successful relationship I had to be myself, be totally in communication even when I wanted to with-hold my thoughts, be honest to myself and to him AND NEVER STOP CREATING. Everyday is a creation, even to this day. In our relationship, in our careers, in everything! (we do make jokes about each other to one another ALL THE TIME, the difference is we do not take them personally)

We create fun, play, adventures, dinners and when we stop doing that, it gets boring and we start to drift until one of us says “hey! This sucks right now! Let’s have fun again!” and then we get back to being full partners, lovers, best friends and the world is balanced again.

Relationships are a two-way street and the opportunity is to find the person for you that is willing to and up for the challenge of having an adventure filled juicy life AND shares it all in communication with you so the two of you can work anything out.

You have to be willing to stand up for what you want AND to not make others wrong for not wanting what you want. There is a fine line to having it all.  My recommendation is to not get caught up thinking you “know” what you want either….if I had stayed hooked in my first thoughts about Nino, I never would have met him for that martini and we wouldn’t be where we are now!

If you are with someone now and that person you are with is not open to talking, really doesn’t want what you want, you have a choice to either stay with them and be happy as is or to set them free and in a way that honors them and you.  If they are the man or woman of your dreams, continue to create. I highly recommend the “deal-breaker” conversation, it saves a lot of time and heartache!

I want people to know that what Nino and I have is not something special or different from anyone else.  There is just willingness on both sides to create, listen and honor one another everyday.


Relationship Coaching is available through the Live OUT LOUD Movement. If you are in a relationship OR want to be in a relationship and looking to create a plan/structure to have a successful, happy, loving, juicy relationship, let’s talk!

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You Are Not Alone….I Am With You

As I continue to expand and build the Live OUT LOUD Movement I am so present to the platform this business stands on and for.

A place for people to realize they are not alone. Telling one on myself at times for you to be freed up from your own thoughts and things that you hide away from.  A place for people to be coached, lifted up and to discover how to move forward towards your own goals and dreams.

I have met and continue to meet people who silently suffer with their health, their thoughts, thinking they are a bad person because they either are unable to get fit or for something that has happened from years ago that they make themselves wrong for and do not allow themselves the freedom to really live again.  For some, they have created a jail cell around them and they can’t see anymore that they live in a free world.

The mission is simple….take each and every person out of the their head/thoughts and have them Living OUT LOUD in their lives! Abundance, Love, Play.

Learning from mistakes and losses, celebrating the wins and happy moments. I use fitness and health as the platform to create a life of abundance and happiness. Gone are the stress-filled days you once walked through and present are the days of having the skills to deal with anything!

This has been a personal mission I have been on for the last 30+ years on to how to deal with what life throws at me and learning how to not make myself wrong for where I am at or what is happening.

Fitness and forward thinking and planning has moved my own life from one of complete despair to true joy.  I have seen my clients overcome some big obstacles with their health, how they feel about themselves and come out from hiding in their lives.  The joy that they have now, I want everyone to experience.

I know this program can work for you too.  Why? Not only have I seen some of my own clients succeed, I have done it myself. I have walked my own life through this system.

I have total compassion for what you are dealing with and ruthless determination to walk every step with you to meet your goals and dreams.

Life is truly abundant, when you can see it. I am here to take you on that journey, guide you and have YOU Live OUT LOUD!

YOU are NOT alone.


Are you ready to walk through the door to your joy-filled life? If you are, I am here! Please write to me and let me know where you are at, what is happening, and lets look together.  Everyone deserves to Live OUT LOUD, let me show you how!


Personal Stories

A Woman’s Confession….

Men, you should read this if you have ever said to yourself in your head (or to your lady out loud, which I highly recommend you do not) “What is up with you??”

Women, you should just read it so you know you are not alone….

Here we go…..No I am not a “Cyclist”

Periods….seriously, I know the Eve and the apple story but was this a part of a lifelong punishment for all of us ladies?  I am thinking it is time to put the past in the past, don’t you agree?

I mean every month since I was 12 years old (somewhere around there) I, and many others of my fellow ladies, have had to deal with the dreaded monthly cycle.  If you are a woman and think this is an awesome experience to have, you should probably stop reading because this blog is not for you….unless you want to really understand what your soul sisters are dealing with but feel they can’t talk to you about because for some odd reason you enjoy this experience…

Since entering the 30+ club especially, it all starts with the week BEFORE it comes. I need to eat everything in front of me and not even what’s in front of me but what I can find at my local gas station or convenience store.  I swear all the little mom and pop convenience stores stay in business because women have periods!  I am talking everything and usually all at once. I am talking salt and vinegar chips and dark chocolate at the same time or moments apart OR just a jar of olives (only one jar….jeez…I am not an animal) and when I am done polishing that off…..gelato is next on my hit list!

By the time I have become a bloated mess and my zipper won’t stay up I am thinking to myself “what did I just do?”… dawns on me in THAT moment that I am about to get my period….of course, it doesn’t hit me while I am licking the bottom of the salty chip bag…noooo, that moment seems quite normal at the time.  So here I am, bloated, thirsty from all the salt, uncomfortable, just wanting to take a nap and then my cranky, emotional, “Aunt Flo” begins her descent into the world of Tammy.


No kidding the hot flashes and cramping that alert her impending arrival 2-3 days before she even comes is like the Queen sending out security to check out the neighborhood and prepare for her visit. (Uncomfortable and threatening)

It’s after the day of her arrival that I go from the tropical Bahamas to Oymyakon, Russia (coldest place on earth…look it up! This blog today is super educational), I swear I get so cold that I can see my breath as I whisper “I see dead people…” that I realize that my period will arrive within the hour. The Ice Queen is on her way.

Once the Ice Queen (aka: also known as my cycle, period, pain in the….) makes her arrival the next 4-5 days are filled with high maintenance requests and then in the middle of the night around the 5th-6th day she sneaks away leaving a note on the night stand to remind me not to worry, she WILL be back….in 21-24 days.

Ya great…..21-24 days again to enjoy my femininity and then she will come claim her land (my body) and mess with my emotions, body temperature, eating habits all again and for what?

To be a women. Eve, you seriously owe us all big time and men, I hope you read this and got some insight into why you should not ask silly questions and to be thankful you do not have to go through this experience AND why flowers, chocolate and warm blankets can be a nice treat for any lady!

I am really clear that women were given periods and birthing because there is no way men could handle it.  Nothing personal guys.

Men, if you ever get the chance to have a period (not even sure how that would work, however anything really does seem possible nowadays), you should go through it so you have a new love for women!

To learn more on how to deal with your cycle and its impending arrival through nutrition, you can contact me, I do have some pretty awesome new tips to beat the pain and suffering.

I will always tell it like it is and be real. Working with me to create an empowered and awesome you will be fun, challenging and revolutionary! Contact me for more information. I would love to hear from you!

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Another Reason to Take on Zumba!

If you need a reason to take on your fitness this year….maybe this is one….


Yes! We have a good sense of humor at the LOL Movement! 🙂

That being said, this could be your time to protect yourself from zombies and learn a few moves along the way!

Come join us and get started in 2015! Zumba classes burn 800-1000 calories, teach you new dance steps to take to any wedding or party you are invited to and each week you get to move, laugh, sweat and feel great with an amazing community of women!

Check out our schedule and RSVP when you would like to join us! Your first class is complimentary and class pass sales run until the end of January!

Benefits of Movement

Dr. Gunn Is In Da House!!

Dr. Gunn….your zumba instructor specialist…. hmmm…….I am not a “real” Dr. but I do know a great prescription you CAN fill anytime you feel tired, low, bummed out…really ANY mood!

ZUMBA!  Yep! I said it and I know you are super surprised! 😉

I don’t just “tell” people that they should follow this…I DO IT MYSELF! I am not always happy. I have my moments and honestly the moment I am unhappy, tired, low, bummed out, I start to zumba. Pretty much wherever I am and my mood picks up immediately!

Zumba, no matter how you are feeling! Just get your body through the door to your local class and you will instantly feel happier! There is always a HAPPY instructor waiting to greet you! Well, for sure at our classes!

Zumba music is so catchy, so rhythmic, so playful…you can’t help but want to get moving the moment the stereo comes on!

Don’t believe me? Come join us for a FREE class on me! Fill this out to receive your free class!

Prepare yourself for BEFORE and AFTER the holidays in style! ZUMBA your way into 2015!!