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Here We Go 2019!

There is something about starting a New Year that allows for all of what didn’t work the year before to be put behind me.

I begin to think about what it is that I want to accomplish in the New Year and looking at what it will take to do so.

I have made New Year’s resolutions before but quickly they fell out of existence…mainly because they were “great ideas” but I failed to put a plan of action to achieve them in place.

Now, in the first week of the New Year, I fill my calendar with actions. Actions that will propel what I want to accomplish and I do it in 3 month increments. I set out my schedule of what I know I already have to do. ie. Work, homework, accounting, etc. and then I add in my personal workouts (I schedule my fitness like I do work), meetings, phone calls, etc.

Yes. I teach fitness classes, however, I also do some personal fitness goals just for me as well as a mind, body, spirit regime of reading, meditating and more. Honestly, if I do not schedule this stuff in, it doesn’t happen and I had to get really straight with myself about that.

Left to my own devices, I could binge on Netflix or find 1000 other things to do before taking care of me. Yup. I am just as guilty as the next person!

Action plans create just that….ACTION!

Imagine yourself 3 months out from where you currently are and walk back from that point to what you had to do to get there and write it all down. Use a google calendar! Put a calendar app on your phone, or if you like to go ‘old school’ write it on a piece of paper and go to work!

Remember, do not beat yourself up if you miss an action. Just put it back in existence and look towards that future you are creating.

Be kind to yourself and be in action.

Make 2019 your BEST YEAR YET!


Benefits of Movement


Well the world did not end today so that means it’s time to put together your fitness schedule and get ready for the New Year!

Sorry everyone, NO EXCUSES! 😉

It is time to get to work. Not just on any job.  It is time to get to work on you! You can have 2013 be the year that you take on your own health and have fun doing it or you can “say” you will and see by the end of 2013 what got accomplished.

Start today by creating an action plan….AND MAKE IT FUN!!  When you create a routine for yourself that is fun and enjoyable, it makes it a lot easier to stick to it when the “I don’t wanna’s” show up after a long days work!

Begin with 3 days a week trying out different forms of fitness. Take classes, try a personal trainer, go walking, find what you love and then create a weekly schedule of 3-5 sessions a week.  In your plan, set aside a minimum of 60 minutes each time for yourself and no excuses that you don’t have enough time!

When you are willing to give 40+ hours a week to a job, you can most definitely give yourself 3-5 hours a week of your own time AND the benefit is chances are you will become more productive at your job by taking care of you first! Don’t take my word for it….Try it out for yourself!!


  1. Research different types of fitness: zumba, yoga, pilates, trx, basketball, personal trainer, boot camps, running, cycling, aquatics, etc.
  2. Choose 3 different fitnesses and find a class in your area to go try out.
  3. Talk to the different instructors and let them know what you are looking for.  A great instructor will support you!

Three actions, three fitness styles, take it on in three days!

Looking for further information on where to start? Contact me today!

I am here to support you in a healthy 2013!